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  1. More nonsense from Bojczuk, who simply repeats the same talking point over and over. Nature abhors a vacuum, and Bojczuk is incapable of offering an explanation for the overwhelming evidence that there were two men concurrently in the Marines named Lee Harvey Oswald. One of the two men attempted a false defection during the Cold War. I concur with Sandy that there is no point in writing answers to his questions. His only purpose on this forum is to sow discord.
  2. John, The best analysis of Titovets that I have read is that of the outstanding writer-researcher Millicent Cranor. Her article is entitled "Is US Effort to Block Oswald Friend and His ‘Revelations’ Another Deception?”, Who.What.Why: https://whowhatwhy.org/2013/08/27/is-us-effort-to-block-oswald-friend-and-his-revelations-itself-a-further-deception/ James P.S. While it is true that numerous individuals were asked by the KGB to keep tabs on Oswald during his stay in Minsk, it does not necessarily follow that the snitches were were KGB agents. A case in point is the engineer Stanisla
  3. I have listened to these tapes many times, and I do not believe they are fake. The context here is that the two friends are clowning around recording different voices of dramatic characters, such as those from Shakespeare's Othello. So, of course, Oswald sounds different depending on the character interpretation in these amateur dramatic readings. The more important question for me is why Oswald never speaks in Russian in the recordings. According to Titovets, the goal of the recordings was to improve Titovets' English language skills; yet his English is clearly competent as apparent
  4. Strongly disagree. This is what is known as creating a legend. The role that Oswald was playing was in laying a trail of evidence that would make the "defection" seem plausible to the Soviets. One individual who recognized the legend immediately was Oswald's fellow Marine in Santa Ana, James Botelho, who knew that his buddy was not a genuine Marxist. In an interview given to Mark Lane, Botelho observed that “Oswald was not a Communist or a Marxist. If he was I would have taken violent action against him and so would many of the other Marines in the unit.” After Oswald’s defectio
  5. Joe, Thank you for your insights into the process of learning a foreign language. You really get to the heart of the matter when you raise the following questions: "Oswald didn't study the Russian language as a child did he? He never went to a language school did he? Did Oswald listen to Russian language training and study records?" When it comes to the evidence, the answer to all three questions is a resounding "no." Someone playing devil's advocate might argue that certain individuals are uniquely gifted in acquiring a new language. To that assertion, I would respond that if Os
  6. Karl, Thanks very much for posting the link to the interviews with Shushkevich. Also, I found the video filled with fascinating insights from those who knew Oswald in Minsk. For Shushkevich, the best that he can say about Oswald's spoken Russian was that it was "pretty decent" or "passable." That does not square with the Oswald who allegedly read long and complex works by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Turgenev or who dazzled Monterey Institute graduate Dennis Ofstein with his command of spoken Russian. As you observe above, all three of the acquaintances appearing on camera believed that Os
  7. You haven't done your homework, Tracy. Multiple Marines witnessed Oswald reading Russian-language materials. Rosaleen Quinn, the aunt of one of Oswald's Marine buddies, was teaching herself Russian through the Berlitz language system and was interested in conversing with Oswald. In her Warren Commission deposition, Quinn asserted that “Oswald spoke Russian well.” The meeting of Oswald and Quinn occurred in 1959. Also, prior to leaving for the Soviet Union, Oswald was administered an Army exam in Russian proficiency and answered the majority of the questions correctly. Your statement a
  8. Steve, You raise an important question about how Oswald was able to take his notes out of the Soviet Union without them being confiscated. One of the most interesting facets of this story is what he did with the notes upon returning to the United States. On June 13, 1962, Oswald, Marina, and Baby Junie arrive in Hoboken, New Jersey aboard the SS Maasdam. Without detention by the federal authorities for arguably being a traitor to his country, Oswald spends the night with his wife and daughter safely ensconced at the Times Square Hotel in New York. The next day, the Oswalds fly out of
  9. There is eyewitness testimony that challenges Myra DaRouse's recall on the matter of the accent. Ed Collier was one of the classmates of Oswald and apparently in the same homeroom of DaRouse. Collier recalled that "we called him Yank because he had a Yankee accent." Marilyn Murret, Oswald's cousin recalled that "it seems he was from the North, and so they ridiculed him in school....he was riding the streetcar one day, I believe, and he sat next to some Negroes. Well, when he got out of the streetcar or bus, or whatever it was, these boys ganged up on him, and hit him in the mouth." This t
  10. Mathias, The following is the extent of what we know about the Warren Commission's inquiry into the possibility that Oswald studied Russian at the foreign language institute in Monterey. In a closed-door meeting of the Warren Commission, general counsel J. Lee Rankin stated that, “we are trying to find out what [Oswald] studied at the Monterey School of the Army in the way of languages.” Of course, Rankin's inquiry produced no documented results and no conclusions about where Oswald learned Russian. And in the Marine records of Oswald, there is no placement of Oswald in Monterey,
  11. You have missed something, Tony. It is a mistake to be assuming that Harvey Oswald came from Hungary when we have no hard evidence about his place of birth. And no one knows Harvey's birth date. I was attempting to show that my friend, who was in the same generation as Oswald and born in the mid- to late-1930s, learned both Polish and Russian at home around the same time. When I wrote "the exact age of Oswald," I was referring to the exact age of the American-born Oswald. We do not know either the precise age of the refugee or his birthplace. It is therefore a non-starter to engaging in
  12. Mathias, Three follow-up points: (1) Nelson Delgado's Warren Commission testimony about Oswald's proficiency in Russian is so garbled that it surprises me that you are basing your argument that Oswald may have received formal training in the Russian language on anything Delgado recalls. Just listen to how hopelessly confused Delgado becomes, as he is clueless as to what language he even heard Oswald speaking, then concludes about the words he heard Oswald speak: "Where he picked them up, I don't know."!!! Mr. LIEBELER - Did you hear him speak Russian? Mr. DELGADO - Well, like I
  13. Mathias, I am certain that Jim Hargrove will respond to your post, as he knows the context of your earlier interchange. In the meantime, here are my perspectives in response to your questions: (1) In the postwar years, there was an influx of more than 200,00 refugees to America coming from Eastern Europe. We cannot say for certain that Harvey Oswald was a refugee from Hungary. He could have come from any one of the newly formed Eastern Bloc nations. I would not rule out Hungary as a possibility. According to historian Agnes Vamos, the teaching of Russian language became compulsor
  14. Jim, Another good example of Oswald's exceptional Russian language skills is apparent in the Warren Commission testimony of Dennis Offstein, one of Oswald's co-workers at Jaggars, Chiles, Stovall (JCS). Offstein was a technician who had studied Russian language for a full year at the famed Monterey institute, yet Oswald ran circles around him in language skills. In his testimony, Offstein recalled that after a full-year of immersion in Russian language, he still struggled, while for Oswald, speaking Russian seemed second nature. If Oswald had a special aptitude for learning a foreign lan
  15. John, Thank you for your insightful analysis. While I concur with you that there is inevitably conjecture and speculation involved, the points that you raise about Dulles are certainly not far-fetched. The so-called Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was a branch of the CIA coming into its own in the late 1940s. Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner were running this operation with the intent of recruiting ex-Nazis and assets from Eastern Europe. As noted by David Talbot in his book The Devil's Chessboard--Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government (New York: HarperColl
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