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  1. Many witnesses stated that the last shot [the fatal one] was a pa-pow sound. I believe that JFK was hit twice in the head simultaneously. One shot in back of the head with a forward motion............. and instantly, a shot from behind that fence on the grassy knoll.
  2. Was it ever reported exactly which model she had? The Series 40 covered several models around 1958 on. I had a Polaroid [wished I could have hung on to it] The original would eject a picture that one peeled of the backing after allowing as mentioned 10 seconds for a B&W to process. Then one needed to allow some drying time before handling or damage may occur. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Polaroid_instant_cameras
  3. Don't beat yourself up...There are those that claim they are researchers that have studied the case for 40 years [or so] and are absolutely convinced that Oswald did it...all alone for no apparent reason that they can offer...[did it for his love of Castro etc] As far as the shots---No one will ever know [in this life]---How many and when. The search links are really hairy. What did that Dictabelt recording ever offer?
  4. Dallas police...'Secret Service protects the president'--- Secret Service... we had assurance from the Dallas police and the Sheriff's dept to secure the Dallas streets----Dallas County sheriff...'Wasn't our job to protect the president, that was Dallas police responsibility'
  5. "Let them see what they've done".... was an interesting choice of words.
  6. Yes sir but it was also "commonly accepted" that Oswald did the deed..all by himself..for no apparent reason at all. The statement below [from Chapt 2 Warren Report 'the Assassination] is contradicted by several sources.... It was Johnson's super desire to get 'the hell out of Dodge'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_inauguration_of_Lyndon_B._Johnson#cite_note-Warren-2
  7. There are other links probably------------------------------ Lyndon B. Johnson demanded to be sworn in alongside Jackie Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson insisted that JFK’s wife Jackie Kennedy accompany him back to Washington hours after her husband's assassination on November 22, 1963. IrishCentral Staff @IrishCentral Nov 17, 2020 Jackie Kennedy stood beside Lyndon B. Johnson as he was inaugurated on Air Force One just hours after President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Lyndon B. Johnson insisted that JFK’s wife Jackie Kenned
  8. I have read the Fred Litwan stuff and saw no reason to dig up and ridicule the Garrison inquiry over and over again accomplishing nothing but unproductive mockery. Everybody stay warm...... Karl
  9. I saw that program... and the irony is that Tucker advocates all this disdain for the bias and misleading fabrications of the main stream media . I would like to ask him if he is aware that there is absolutely nothing new about fake news. I don't think that I am all that "right-wing" but I am a conservative guy and can see clearly that someone had to take the fall to placate the general public. The main media folks are not and have never have been interested at all in 'defending Oswald'.
  10. I do wish to amend the above that Pete Mellor is correct in saying that register and ledger are commonly used interchangeably. I was simply referring to the dictionary definition.
  11. Apologies if this was mentioned already..... When LBJ was sworn in...Jackie was present by his side in AF1. She did not wish to personally leave her presence beside her husband's casket but submitted to Johnson's wishes to attend. Why LBJ wanted or even insisted that she be there is anyone's guess.
  12. Yes...Room 0 was originally a dinky storage room. Jail cells in Mexico are bigger than Room 0. Here at the house we keep a record of our deposits and withdrawals in a ledger. When we went to a hotel or sometimes at a wedding or funeral we sign a register... this is a record of attendance. Gladys Johnson was [not so clearly] describing something that she apparently didn't [if ever] had. Her words [" I couldn't tell you exactly"] indicates this. I don't think that Exhibit A originally said "Moved Out". Oswald did not move out...or I guess the Dallas Police moved him out one could
  13. One more thing can be said about this Exhibit A....It appears to me that in addition to being a copy of the original...it seems to me that there was some alteration. It looks like there was a [something] OUT [something] and possibly writing underneath that also received a block-out. And again..Why was it ever filed as Top Secret? What national security could have been conceived?
  14. From that same link .... http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/m_j_russ/worrell.htm Couldn't find Mr James Richard Worrell Jr's Affidavit to the FBI 11/23/63 It has vanished from the mcadams link.
  15. Staff Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations U.S. House of Representatives Ninety-fifth Congress Second Session March 1979 http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/jfkinfo4/jfk12/hscawtns.htm#tsbd
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