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  1. Blood stains? This was a logical and sensible reason? There was a legal and prudent reason to file a report as written and left with a records keeper.
  2. A 'crap salesman' = implied kook--- Why is the case for CE 399 still referred to as "The Single Bullet THEORY"? I keep asking this. Check out the final report of the 1968 Clark Panel.... http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-1968-clark-panel-report.html There were no torso x-rays of JFK that were submitted into the Warren Report or anywhere that I have seen. I cannot claim that none were taken.
  3. And so an artist drew what Petty described---- Diagram of bullet's path from HSCA report. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-bullet_theory Instead of accurately observing JFK's position in the film--- At frame 203 [microseconds within the "suggested" hit in the back] JFK is not bent forward [unlike the cartoon shown above]
  4. David...You have already commented that you believe the statements of one of the country's [possibly the world's] foremost forensic pathologists is that of a buffoon..a kook...and a loon---so what would what I think matter? If there were upper torso X-rays of JFK please link to this as I am not aware.
  5. That proves nothing. That proves nothing. Something that is not looked for... will not be found------- Yawn and ho-hum. That argument is so redundant---- An opinion.... not a fact---which again proves nothing. Best stated--shot at approximately the same time and proven that it couldn't be that 6th floor rifle by the ballistics experts.
  6. What wasn't highlighted------ So no matter how you slice it...the [CE399 was found on some random stretcher] story meant that it was just planted "evidence" and had nothing at all to do with the governor's wounds.
  7. Crock-ola. Quite the opposite. So ...the Parkland Drs were just told about the hole in the back of the neck. The Warren Report has been demonstrated as being false doctrine...a phony gospel...and hardly biblical creed and more like dogma crap. Why is it [the SBT] still called the single bullet theory after 60 years if it is indeed factual canon?
  8. Hello David....my wife [of 22 years now] still speaks English with a Russian accent and she always will. People that don't know that she is from the former Soviet Union [Ukraine] can tell that she has a foreign accent but still have to ask her just exactly where she is from. On the other hand...my Russian is terrible and she reminds me that I still have a Texas drawl no matter how hard I try to conceal it. My Spanish is mediocre but still, I have this American accent and always will. Point being that the natural tendency is to retain your native accent. It is possible I guess, to learn how to disguise it but why bother? Anyway about Marina...she was very young and impressionable I gather, when she got married and came to Texas.
  9. I was especially interested in his writing in Russian script. As in his writing English words... many Russian ones are misspelled leading some to think that whoever wrote this note was not very well versed in the Russian language. For example ---key [ключ]...kluch or drugstore [аптека]..apteka. Still a much better job than I [who can only print the Cyrillic alphabet] and this note appeared to be written in a hurry---- Oswald spoke English in what I believe is an accent typical of speakers from New Orleans.
  10. The old folks are perhaps these at 2:58 ------- They are actually walking east on the north side of MAIN ST...oblivious to the pandemonium surrounding them [not the least bit curious?] If they are to be investigated we must hurry as they are probably around 140 years old by now 😆 About the power outage---the conspiracy deniers also deny this [or just ignore it] but a deputy sheriff confirms that there was indeed a power outage... Deputy Luke Mooney had been in the Dallas County sheriff's department since 1958 [over 5 years] and he was not sure these "plainclothes officers" were sheriffs deputies or not? Why were these guys coming down the stairs from apparently unoccupied floors? What were they doing up there in the first place? Why was that not investigated? Any ideas?
  11. Mr. BALL - Did he [Oswald] come in with anybody? Mr. DOUGHERTY - No. Mr. BALL - He was alone? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes; he was alone. Mr. BALL - Do you recall him having anything in his hand? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I didn't see anything, if he did. Mr. BALL - Did you pay enough attention to him, you think, that you would remember whether he did or didn't? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I believe I can---yes, sir---I'll put it this way; I didn't see anything in his hands at the time. Mr. BALL - In other words, your memory is definite on that is it? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes, sir. Mr. BALL - In other words, you would say positively he had nothing in his hands? Mr. DOUGHERTY - I would say that---yes, sir. Mr. BALL - Or, are you guessing? Mr. DOUGHERTY - I don't think so. Mr. BALL - You saw him come in the door? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes. Mr. BALL - The back door on the first floor? Mr. DOUGHERTY - It was in the back door. Mr. BALL - Now, that back door is the door that opens onto what? That back door would be the first floor? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes. Mr. BALL - And it opens where? Mr. DOUGHERTY - On the back deck--on the back dock side over there. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10:30 A.M.-1:10 P.M. Interrogation, Capt. Will Fritz's Office---- https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/LHO.html
  12. About the glasses.... The lady in the earlier photos didn't wear them obviously and she certainly does look a lot taller. One predictable response to that is [of course] --she didn't require them at that time. Some of us wear or have worn corrective lenses. I was diagnosed near sighted at the age of around 10. In recent years I had corrective surgery implants but still need reading glasses. The point is that the 1963 pictures indicate bifocals. A jump from no glasses at all to being a 6 eyes is unusual. Also it appears that the pre-1963 lady had shrunk and no one has yet addressed that observation.
  13. That certainly must not have been clear to Mr Reitzes and all the other Oliver Stone critics.
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