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  1. Did the same person who penned the convoluted ramblings of the Oswald Diary also actually write this letter?---https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=7986&search=%252525252525252522Harvey_Lee%252525252525252BOswald%252525252525252522#relPageId=120&search="Harvey_Lee+Oswald" Or this one?--- https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=7986&search=%252525252525252525252522Harvey_Lee%252525252525252525252BOswald%252525252525252525252522#relPageId=121&search="Harvey_Lee+Oswald" Or this well composed.. almost business quality correspondence?--- https://www.maryfe
  2. There was a letter from John McVickar [who was in the State Dept Moscow field office late '50s] He wrote that "it seemed [to him] a possibility that Oswald was following a pattern of behavior in which he had been tutored by person or persons unknown" https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=7986&search=%2525252525252522Harvey_Lee%2525252525252BOswald%2525252525252522#relPageId=115
  3. Firstly...Who writes like that?-- "Finds the approach of winter". Summer months of green beauty; pine forest very deep--- Really? Next, Upon reading that Epstein text---"comrade" Shrapof was not even mayor of Minsk in 1959 [it was a couple of years later] Even if he was, why would he wish to 'welcome' defector Oswald to Minsk? Many if not all passages of the diary [I believe] were not originally written by an American. I think it was written in Russian and then transposed. Americans would write 'apartment' they wouldn't say 'flat'' [a European word] In the Cyrillic [Russian, Ukra
  4. On Saturday, June 27, 1964, the Dallas Morning News ran a front-page article written by/accredited to Hugh Aynesworth under the heading caption, “Secret Diary – Oswald’s Thoughts Bared.” This was supplemented with a full page copyrighted article captioned, “The Lee Harvey Oswald Diary – October 16, 1959: I Want Russian Citizenship.” The article thereafter received (understandably) wide dissemination, not to mention notoriety, including synopsised versions in the various Washington, D. C. newspapers on the following day, Sunday, June 28th. The FBI’s original memorandum constructed in conjunctio
  5. I came to the conclusion that the only way someone could not think that the Oswald Diary was a fraud is to just simply not ever try to read it. If Oswald was inclined to keep a diary...why start with his [presumed] travel to the Soviet Union? Also, why end it with his [presumed] return to the USA? Why didn't he chronicle his daily life in the Marine Corps? Who has ever read this rambling journal in its entirety? Much of the writing reads like Pollyanna in the 5th grade. Printing here...scripting there. I was concerned with its purpose and where it came from. Was Hugh Aynesworth involved with t
  6. I am too. Where is a recording of Oswald speaking in Russian? His writing in Russian as well as English is poor at best.
  7. Sirhan was stabbed some time ago [an assassination attempt?] If he isn't pardoned...Gascon will just say that it was up to the parole board.
  8. Sure. If the father's first name is Nicolai...the daughter's middle name would become Nikolayevna.
  9. Like a lot of other evidence...all that evidence disappeared.
  10. Many witnesses stated that the last shot [the fatal one] was a pa-pow sound. I believe that JFK was hit twice in the head simultaneously. One shot in back of the head with a forward motion............. and instantly, a shot from behind that fence on the grassy knoll.
  11. Was it ever reported exactly which model she had? The Series 40 covered several models around 1958 on. I had a Polaroid [wished I could have hung on to it] The original would eject a picture that one peeled of the backing after allowing as mentioned 10 seconds for a B&W to process. Then one needed to allow some drying time before handling or damage may occur. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Polaroid_instant_cameras
  12. Don't beat yourself up...There are those that claim they are researchers that have studied the case for 40 years [or so] and are absolutely convinced that Oswald did it...all alone for no apparent reason that they can offer...[did it for his love of Castro etc] As far as the shots---No one will ever know [in this life]---How many and when. The search links are really hairy. What did that Dictabelt recording ever offer?
  13. Dallas police...'Secret Service protects the president'--- Secret Service... we had assurance from the Dallas police and the Sheriff's dept to secure the Dallas streets----Dallas County sheriff...'Wasn't our job to protect the president, that was Dallas police responsibility'
  14. "Let them see what they've done".... was an interesting choice of words.
  15. Yes sir but it was also "commonly accepted" that Oswald did the deed..all by himself..for no apparent reason at all. The statement below [from Chapt 2 Warren Report 'the Assassination] is contradicted by several sources.... It was Johnson's super desire to get 'the hell out of Dodge'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_inauguration_of_Lyndon_B._Johnson#cite_note-Warren-2
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