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  1. Great post, Joe. Losing 17-16...yikes. I loved watching Mays and McCovey and his big, looping swing. Mac sure hit some shots off of Drysdale. As to your vodka misstep, at least the announcers were gracious and you had a good time 🍹
  2. I have some recollection of that year, but 1963 is etched a bit more in my memory with the Dodgers/Yankees World Series etc. I remember Bo Belinsky with the Angels, his no hitter & relationship with Mamie Van Doren, Ted Klewszuski, Leon Wagner, Albie Pearson, the Gene Mauch disappointment years later, etc etc... Too bad they could never win a World Series for the singing cowboy Gene Autry....
  3. This Parkland doctors were in on it theory originated, I believe, from a Texas doctor who was 90ish living in Texas and that Lifton somehow found and interviewed. Apparently that doctor knew some of those doctors. I am trying to remember if Lifton actually said it could have been doctors from the Methodist hospital that was also nearby and that JFK could have been taken to as well. Then we have Lifton's claim that Oswald would have survived, but air was intentionally injected into his vein which actually caused his death. I was looking forward to Final Charade.
  4. Geez, Kirk, I sure didn't recognize Tommy Lasorda. I believe he had a restaurant in the South Pasadena area where I used to work. I absolutely, positively remember the Drysdale Dietz incident. I had never seen it called and don't think I've seen it called since. Dietz was just tight on the plate and didn't make an effort to get out of the way. Even if he had, it might still have hit him. Hit batter...go to first, except in this particular game. It was a bad call and I was a Dodger and Drysdale fan. Speaking of horrible calls, the worst one ever was the safe call on the last out of Armando Galarraga no hitter. Everyone in the stadium, except the guy that counts, saw the runner was out. Umpire Jim Joyce admitted the blown call and apologized.... How interesting you had a radio show and spoke with Dietz. He was part of an unforgettable moment in baseball history.
  5. I have seen this before and it is damning. These agents are very credible imo. If there was foreknowledge and/or involvement by some within the Secret Service, it might certainly have partly involved their revulsion regarding JFK's reckless extramarital behavior. We can also get into the Dr Max Jacobson/Dr Feelgood aspect as well that some in the Secret Service must have been aware of. JFK had many enemies for many reasons....
  6. Yes, Jack Kent Cooke and the Fabulous Forum. You win as I had to look up Wrigley Field 😵‍💫 Never attended a game there as I was a little kiddo. BTW, that was an interesting story about Sirhan and Altadena. I lived in El Sereno near Cal State LA for many years.....
  7. Not sure about that, Kirk. I loved listening to Vin and did so for many years. It was also quite the experience to go to a game at Dodger stadium and listen to Vin there as so many of the fans brought radios to the game. Watching the games at Candlestick on TV was always a treat with the wind blowing. No such thing as an easy catch on a windy day. I remember the Danny Kaye song well.... RIP to the "say hey kid"....
  8. Thanks for the change of pace. I lived in LA growing up and the Dodgers/Giants rivalry was classic. Mays, McCovey, Marichal, Koufax, Drysdale....
  9. Many years ago, I recall seeing some articles by Al Maddox and likely in the National Enquirer. Very interesting information, but I discarded those materials over twenty years ago.
  10. Ben, I think your standards are way too high in this specific area. We have countries like Russia and North Korea that likely have/had programs in place and other free world countries like the US, Canada and Israel. I would never expect to get materials from Russia or North Korea. These are top secret and very guarded programs that are compartmentalized. In my opinion, the loyalty of the individuals who run these programs in the free world is first to their organization/department and secondarily to the country they work for as administrations change over time and might be unfavorable to these programs.
  11. I am curious what you would require as verifiable proof. In a way, that's a bit like asking for the original Z film to prove that what we have now has been tampered with. No more re-investigations either. Enough with the likes of the Clark Panel and HSCA. The fix will always be in by the powers that be who pick the experts who will see things your way. Those experts will always be available for hire. I was in the insurance field for years and high powered attorneys and insurance companies often kept shopping for experts until they found ones whose conclusions they liked. The polka dot girl knew Kennedy had been shot and announced it to Sandy Serrano. Speaking of Serrano, I'm amazed those audio tapes weren't destroyed.
  12. Interesting as to the family issue. Years ago, I heard just a couple of minutes of an interview with a witness who claimed it was Sirhan's brother who fired the shots. I can't recall the name of the radio show nor the name of the witness and whether he was shown photos or how the brother was specifically identified.
  13. I am undecided on umbrella man, but think it indeed might be Witt. Other than Rich DellaRosa, is there a witness of "the other film" who really describes the umbrella being pumped up and down? Beyond that, there is a fascinating photo that I believe was taken in 1964, that shows a group of Cubans? holding umbrellas. We can speculate that might tie into the umbrella man in Dealey Plaza. But if so, I would think it very unlikely they would be referring to Louis Witt holding it.
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