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  1. I think he is clearly saying that the package could not have contained the rifle-- it was too small. He has said that for a long, long time, if I am right.
  2. Robert, I would be very interested. I have looked into Dinkin. Others have gone deep. Never have seen any record of those names. If they came only in the 1970s it would make me suspicious that he was embelishing. But please post a llink. -Stu
  3. Just tellling you why-- not advocating-- but I believe the issue with Delphine Roberts is two-fold for some: 1) She ultimately was not, if I recall, the most cooperative witness for Garrison. 2) She was associated with radical right wing groups like the National States Rights Party. -Stu
  4. So Chris: does that mean you are skeptical of that the dictabelt is a recording from a police motorcycle?
  5. Also: what is the source for McClain saying he stopped at the headshot?
  6. Chris- very interesting, So: how confident are you it is a Harley engine you are hearing, McClain's or not? Am I right in saying that, whosever vehicle it is, you believe it was in motion when it was recording? Did McClain give the name for his suspected whistler?
  7. Hi folks, Could be completely out of the loop or forgetting something here, so help me out. This is not a new document. https://ncisahistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/OSWALD-Lee-H-FBI-Source-reporting-on-Oswalds-contact-with-Soviets-in-Mexico-City-and-Washngton-OCT-181963.pdf But I look at the date--- November 19, 1963. Help me out: I thought the "Comrade Kostin" material was supposed to have emerged exclusively from the letter Ruth Paine "discovered" and submitted *after* the assassination. No? -Stu
  8. I could be wrong, but I also believe this document might be new: https://ncisahistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/OSWALD-Lee-H-Investigation-of-Shooting-Incident-in-Barracks-Oct-27-1957.pdf Not sure the significance.
  9. So what is kind of interesting to me: you find this same document in the FBI's Oswald's FBI Mexico file. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=56971&relPageId=60&search="little_rock" AND paine Now, this gets to one of the most interesting and (as far I know) still underdeveloped leads that Newman exposed years ago-- at the same time these things are happening, the FBI is actually investigating Oswald in Mexico *IN MEXICO.* http://www.jfklancer.com/backes/newman/newman_4.html [QUOTE[ "It is important to see. I want you to see this because they have the
  10. It is my understanding that there are two people leafletting with Oswald. One is Charles Steele. He is the "anglo." I looked into it and he does not appear to be the Alpha 66 guy. The other is unknown. He is he one with the tie. He is not Rafael Cruz. I have some thoughts as to who it might be but a better still of the guy who be helpful if a comparison becomes possible.
  11. Yeah, I am kind of hoping-- perhaps with too much faith-- that we could get a good sharp picture but larger.
  12. This should be an easy one. Can anyone post enlarged and enhanced versions of the unidentified individual in the tie passing out leaflets with Oswald? (the guy who Is NOT Rafael Cruz but was alleged to be) http://www.prayer-man.com/lee-oswald-leafleting-in-new-orleans/
  13. So I am not doing this to brag about my prescience, but I was interested in Leonov as of 2011 and, beyond that, about his possible impersonation as far back as 2015. I dug up emails I sent to Larry H, Bill S and Jeff M today. It included some of the documents referenced in this thread. The major addition for the past year or so are the Mexi photos which clearly show Leonov going into the Cuban consulate. The reason I bring this up is the WHY I was interested in Leonov. Here is what I wrote someone in 2011... "Hi,I have mentioned this to Larry, if for no other reason that on my last ar
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