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Bugliosi on Posner

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Vincnet Bugliosi on Posner.

From Reclaiming History (p. xxxvi-v )

"Finally, there is another need for this book. Amid the blizzard of defective and misleading anti-Warren Commission and pro-conspiracy books, there have been only two books of prominence on the other side in the last twenty years: first, Conspiracy of One by Jim Moore in 1991, and the much more well-known Case Closed by Gerald Posner in 1993. Both books (particularly Case Closed, which was well received by the mainstream press) have been valuable contributions to JFK assassination literature, and I agree with their two principal conclusions, namely, that Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone. (I disagree 100 percent with Posner's conclusion that organized crime may have intended to kill Kennedy, but Oswald 'beat the Mafia to it.'). But what a disappointment it was to me when, after years of pro-conspiracy books, these two books finally came out on the other side and I saw the authors engaging in many of the same unfortunate tactics as the Warren Commission critics."

"Just a very few examples among many to illustrate the often misleading writing of Moore and Posner. Earlene Roberts was the manager of the rooming house Oswald lived in at the time of the assassination. In his book Moore refers to her testimony that Oswald arrived back at the rooming house shortly after the assassination, in a big hurry, and left minutes thereafter. But Moore, who reasons well in his book, completely ignores the most potentially important part of her testimony, that she heard the honk of a car, glanced out the window, and saw, she claims, a Dallas police car in front of the rooming house just before Oswald left – information which, if true, clearly goes in the direction of conspiracy. If you're being fair and objective, and the issue is whether Oswald was involved with anyone in the assassination, how is it possible to omit information like this?....Let's take Sylvia Odio….and Moore, remarkably, writes off Odio, a very important witness, with just one sentence…..Posner is even worse, writing what can only be characterized as a distortion and misrepresentation of Odio's testimony….and hence, the unsuspecting reader can merrily proceed to the next page, not troubled at all by a very, very troubling witness (Odio)."

"….One of the favorites of conspiracy theorists is Rose Cherami. In fact, Oliver Stone started his movie JFK with her story…..two days before the assassination…she reportedly told the attending physician that President Kennedy was going to be killed during his forthcoming visit to Dallas. Now let's go to Posner. Dismissing Cherami, he writes, …..Cherami 'made up her story' not just after the assassination, but 'after Ruby had shot Oswald.' But when we look at Posner's own citation for this (HSCA Vol. 10, p. 200), we find something quite different:….'Dr. Bowers allegedly told Weiss that the patient, Rose Cherami, had stated before the assassination that President Kennedy was going to be killed.' So, directly contrary to what Posner suggested to his readers,….Cherami had indeed said before the assassination that Kennedy was going to be killed. Cherami can be responsibly delt with, but certainly not in the way it is done in Case Closed."

"…The problem with the writings of Posner and the conspiracy theorists is…..how can one possibly know whether what they are reading is true, half-rue, or false?.....But it is a shame that Posner….engaged too often in the tactics of the conspiracy theorists, because despite his omissions and distortions he managed to write an impressive work. If his book had been more comprehensive, particularly in the vast area of conspiracy, and, more importantly, had more credibility, the enormous conspiracy community would not have had the ammunition that they have used against him."

"I can assure the conspiracy theorists who have very effectively savaged Posner in their books that they're gong to have a much, much more difficult time with me. As a trial lawyer in front of a jury and an author of true-crime books, credibility has always meant everything to me. My only master and my only mistress are the facts and objectivity. I have no others….."

[bK: Choke, cough ]

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"My only master and my only mistress are the facts and objectivity. I have no others….."

Except $$$$ of course.

This level of disinformation goes way beyond the (human) desire for money. This is pure evil.


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"My only master and my only mistress are the facts and objectivity. I have no others….."

Except $$$$ of course.


"Except $$$$ of course."

Oink! Oink!


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