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Bugliosi: from RFK and JFK

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Hi I am reposting this General Buliosi question after misposting it in a firefight.

General Bugliosi question: hope this is the right place.

I am currently reading the fascinating and very hard to put down Turner and Christian book on the Assassination of RFK. It sure does make you wonder why there is not more research into the RFK assassination. And why there have not been more books written recently. Larry Hancocks next book could really do well if it follows up on the unbelievably loose ends left hanging all these years.

Of all the loose ends, this character Jerry Owen is almost cartoon like. He and the wacky CIA hypnotist William J. Bryan are characters that seem like they have been boiling in a pot at the end of Gravity's Rainbow. The way they combine comical quirkyness with deep structural intrigue makes it stunning that so little has been written. Larry Hancock would seem to have open field running here, and I think for a surprisinglly large market, given that the last serious book was published in 1991.

Meanwhile, I cannot recommend the Turner and Christian book highly enough.

How does this relate to Bugliosi?

Well, to my surprise I learned that Bugliosi was a leading lawyer in the effort to show that there was a conspiracy in the RFK murder. Or at least it seems that way so far in the book.

Did Buliosi change his mind on the RFK assassination? If so when, and what were his reasons? Does he mention anything about his RFK work in his new book? Might his role as a "former believer" at least as far as the RFK assassination, have played a role in his publishing arrangement and publicity for his new book. I realize that Bugiosi was already famous for his Helter Skelter prosecutions. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the history of his views on both the JFK and RFK assassinations.


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