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I tell you what I object to, yet another thread whose only purpose is to act as a lightning rod for Ad homs. I am going off line soon, if it hasnt taken a turn for the better by the time I return, I shall lock it, with another mods approval.

I second the locking of the thread. Jack made his objection and we are dealing with it. The thread will only become another personal battle ground. Take it to the relvant thread.


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John Simkin's reply to a Forum member, while almost three years old, is still relevant:

No, this is my first forum and while I find it to be extremely interesting, again all the personal infighting is hard to follow.. You need a roadmap. And I am personally not interested in peoples' infighting. Having known members of the research community now since the early 70's I am VERY TIRED of all the infighting I have seen over these long years. I want to see progress on the case and unity in this small world of "critical research". But sadly there are some with a personal agenda, so one has to be most careful. That is one of the main reasons I have not ever gone on forums.

With that said, I do believe that there is much valuable work being done on this forum. So I try to just skin thru the garbage.

Dawn Meredith made this post on the thread about the JFK Lancer Conference. I believe it is one of the most important postings made on this forum. Hopefully, people will take note of what Dawn is saying. I fear that will not be the case.

I am fairly new to the investigation on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Although I have been interested in the case since it happened, I only began serious research about a year ago. This involved me joining two forums on the subject: JFK Lancer and JFKresearch. It did not take me long to be upset by the terrible in-fighting that took place on these forums. This is in no way a criticism of the two people who run these two forums: Debra Conway and Richard J. DellaRosa. In fact, they make sterling efforts to keep their members from insulting each other. But it is an impossible job when you have certain individuals who appear to be determined to abuse others....

However, we do have a small minority of members who are very quick to make attacks on people they disagree with....

I now feel that we have got to the stage where I have to take action. My primary concern is to retain the membership of the important researchers. If this means I will have to lose the membership of those who appear to be playing a negative role on this forum, so be it. Therefore, if members continue to make abusive comments about other members, I will delete these posts and ban them from the forum.....

The contributors, like all academic researchers, have differing views of the topic. I expect all those posting in these threads to act like people do in a university seminar. Hopefully we will get healthy debate. But be warned. I will not tolerate abusive comments aimed at individuals. At all times you must concentrate on the evidence, not on the motivation or personality of the poster. If you do not abide by this rule, you will have your posts deleted and your membership suspended.

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