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Myers 3D Graphics?

Guest Eugene B. Connolly

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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

Reference Myers' 3D( ?) Graphics accuracy:

Can anyone explain the accuracy and perspective in this

image by Dale Myers.

This image can be viewed at:


....where other fine examples of Myers' "accurate" 3D graphic images can also be



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I do not understand any usefulness to such inaccurate computer graphics.

For instance, he left out the pyracantha bush beside the Z pedestal...a

crucial presence in the Zfilm. Garbage in, garbage out.


I agree with Jack. To give rough visuals of the plaza, then there may be some usefulness is such graphics, but for fine detail and alignments, Myers work is not accurate IMO. One of the first captions that was posted of Dales in this thread shows the Hudson tree to be about 1/3 of the way down the fence line when in fact that tree was almost straight out from the corner of the fence near the walkway in the real world. The overhanging tree foliage, which would have obstructed Bowers view is not present in Dale's graphic, as well.

A few years ago I took some Zframe graphic images of Dale's and overlaid them onto the actual correlating Zapruder frames. I discovered that Dale's graphics were not accurate. For instance, If I lined Connally up to scale, then JFK could not be scaled accordingly. The same with the limo. Dale was trying to show how a line of sight through both men could have accounted for the SBT to work, but if the occupants were stretched out of their real world scaling to one another, then is graphics were meaningless as far as I was concerned.

Bill Miller

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