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Answers to Bugliosi

Tim Gratz

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I finally popped and bought the VB book a few days ago. Obviously I have not completed it but have been reading selected chapters.

I would be interested in members' responses to two of the points he makes (more will probably follow).

1. If Connally was not hit by a bullet that passed through JFK, how was he hit?

2. If JR was on a mission to silence LHO, why did he not do so at the earliest opportunity? VB argues JR was in a position to kill LHO Friday night.

VB puts a sinister twist on the fact that LHO returned to his rooming house and got his pistol after the assassination. I think exactly the opposite point can be made. If LHO went to the TSBD with his rifle to kill JFK, why would he not have taken his pistol with him? I think the actions of LHO after the assassination are consistent with his realization that he is going to be made the patsy for the murder of the president. "Flight" might often be indicative of guilt, but if indeed LHO was being framed, and he suddenly realized that, his "flight" would not be indicative of guilt at all. I think an innocent LHO could have even killed Tippitt out of fear and desperation (although the description of the Tippitt murder admittedly does not sound that way).

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Given that there were other shooters in Dealey Plaza, my guess is that someone on the GK or in the western end of the TSBD might have misshot and hit Connally, as he turned around after looking backwards.

Jack Ruby probably figured he could sneak through practically any time he wanted to given his police connections so he wasn't initially in a hurry to hit LHO, the first incident was simply to prove that to himself and give LHO a clear visual warning to keep it zipped. He had a few things to deal with before returning with a gun, knowing he would be captured and jailed.

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Hemming on why the guv was hit: "He didn't bid high enough."

Hey, I don't write 'em, I just report 'em.

As for Ruby: He was using a pistol and needed to be up close and personal to effect a kill shot -- and to avoid hitting anyone else, which would have put a serious damper on the chances of a judge and/or jury going along with a temporary insanity defense.


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