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A challenge for my detractors

Len Colby

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You always seem to miss the point ... I personally never thought it was what you say that's the problem , but rather the way you say it .

No Duane you miss the point. I know that you guys keep saying that but your inability to cite any examples indicates otherwise.

I can't speak for what Charles believes about you , but I do agree with him that this type of discussion is pointless and a complete waste of time .

So I agree with you that this thread should be locked , as it should have never been started to begin with


I never should have had to begin it, funny that you guys didn’t raise similar objections with Peter and Jack for starting threads on the exact same topic. Unless someone “meets” my challenge I done with this thread and I’m done with this topic if everyone else gives it a rest too.

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On the Wellstone book thread Peter wrote:

Shall I list on a new thread the repeated harm you tried and did cause me off forum and tried on?

To which I replied:

Go right ahead, I even started a thread for my detractors to cite example of the atrocious behavior they claim I engage in but no one responded. While you're at it you can justify the following on that thread as well "A hypocrite and character assassin if I EVER saw one and likely 'more' [less] IMHO"

No need for a new thread, Peter one already exists

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LOL – Just as a year and a half ago my detractors were unable to back up their claims that I had done all the horrible thing they claimed I did (despite starting various threads on the topic) Peter now falls silent when asked to back up his paranoid charges.

On a similar note two weeks ago on another forum (where such thing are permitted) Fetzer called me xxxx and later when pressed for examples said “As for proving you a xxxx, that should not require an excess of effort” but he never got around to citing examples of me lying.

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