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VIDEO - WBAP: "Police found a British .303 Rifle"

Gil Jesus

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WBAP newsman Tom Whelan reports that police found a "British 303"

rifle in the TSBD.

The amazing thing about this broadcast is that all of the minor

details are noted with impeccable accuracy and yet the major detail,

the type of rifle found, appears to have been in error.

Or was it ?


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Once again I am reminded of Wesley Frazier being arrested and his .303 enfield w/ box of ammo being entered into evidence as part of the investigation of the JFK assassination.

Hoover mentioned to Johnson that the assassin kept his rifle at the home of his mother.

This is precisely where Frazier kept his weapon.

Now why in the world would Frazier claim it was LHO who had carried that package to work?

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