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Joe Molina's connections to gun-runners

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  • 1 year later...
Joe Molina went to Crozier Tech High School, did time in the navy during

WWII, came back, got married and went to business college. This lasted 5

months before he had to quit and get a job due to his wife becoming

pregnant. The job he landed in was at the TSBD.

Having at least a basic education, and landing a job that did not involve

back-breaking work for $60.00 a month made Molina one of the luckier men

of Mexican extraction at that time, in that place: Dallas Tx, February,


The blatant injustices of the era (where, for instance, signs saying "no

dogs, no Mexicans allowed" were commonly seen in shop fronts and public

amenities), led Dr Hector Garcia to form the American GI Forum in 1948.

From its beginnings in a tiny Corpus Christi school room, it soon spread


On 20jul64 Molina was visited at his new place of employment, having been

shown the door at the TSBD soon after the assassination, due, he was

informed, to "automaation".

His new employer was The Neuhoff Brothers Packers Credit Union, a job

secured through his friendship with Martin Redmond, Vice President of the


After telling the FBI about his early morning (of 23nov63) questioning by

Gannaway and Revill, he described the search of his home.

In the words of CE 2036, "The officers never did say what they where

searching for, but they spent from thirty to forty minutes searching his

home. To the best of his knowledge, the only thing they found which

appeared to interest them, and which they carried away, was a list of

names his wife had been given by the Holy Trinity's Mothers' Club of

women to be contacted to help serve dinner at the Trade Mart."

No mention of this was made during his testimony before the WC.

Turning to page three of this document we find: "...For instance, he was

asked [by Revill] if he was acquainted with John Stafford, a state

official of the Communist Party. He said he was not acquainted with

Stafford. He was asked to write a statement as to the political sympathies

of the various members of the American GI Forum, which he declined to do,

stating he had no first-hand knowledge as to which of them, if any, were

Communist Party members or had Communist Party sympathies."

Stafford was under investigation by local, state and federal authorities.

However, RFK requested that Texas and Bexar County leave him

alone until after federal proceedings before the Subversive Activities

Control Board. This was completed on 23sep63. One of those who

testified against him was none other than fellow founder of the Dallas

chapter of the GI Forum, William (Bill) Lowery. Lowery, testified that

he had infiltrated this - and other groups on behalf of the FBI. the FBI

quickly went to press denying the the allegation, instead claiming

Lowery had acted on behalf of the Communist Party.

Molina, Lowery and Felix Botello were all founding members of the Dallas

branch of the GI Forum.

Notice the mention below of a Felix G. Botello being a former FBI security

informant in 1963.


RECORD NUMBER: 124-10321-10038


AGENCY FILE NUMBER: 100-439412-5

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (100-439412) DATE: 1/8/63

FROM: SAC, DALLAS (105-1475) (P)





ReBulet to Dallas, 12/13/62

ASHLAND F. BURCHWELL was interviewed on 12/17/62 and

reinterviewed on 12/26/62. Results of these interviews are sent

to the Bureau in the case captioned "DESEGREGATION OF UNIVERSITY


The following information was obtained during these


The members of this organization, in addition to other

security precautions, use code names and not their true names

when attending meetings, and exercise extreme security precautions.

>From the interviews of BURCHWELL, VANCE BEAUDREAU and FELIX G.

BOTELLO (former DL-18-S), who have been identified as members,

it appears that individuals in this organization appear to be

extremely fearful that the United States is in imminent danger

of a communist take-over either directly or through surrender of

the United States surrendering its armed forces to the United

Nations. These fears appear to be based upon information being

put out by the American Eagle Publishing Company of Dallas, owned

by former General EDWIN A. WALKER and based upon the State

Department document "Freedom from War." All of these individuals

insist that they have no intention of overthrowing the United

States Government at any time, however, admit that if this

organization came under the control of an unreliable person it

could become a possible danger to the United States. It was

noted that in recent interviews with these individuals they appeared

to be somewhat relieved by the strong action taken by the present

administration in Cuba and are no longer as firmly convinced

that the present administration is preparing to betray this country.

The individuals in this organization appear to be extremely right

wing in their political outlook.

It was admitted by BOTELLO and BURCHWELL that this

orgainzation at one time was affiliated with the "Minutemen,"

Bufile 62-107261; however, they are no longer connected with

this organization but are acting independently in the Dallas

since they are not satisfied with the leadership of ROBERT


It would not appear that this organization is racial in

nature in view of their decision not to become involved at Oxford,

Mississippi; but this orgainzation would appear to be a "anti-

communist" organization with strong right wing tendencies since it

is similar in scope to the "Minutemen."

It is recommended to the Bureau that this organization

be handled in a similar manner as the "Minutemen." From all

appearances it appears that VANCE J. BEAUDREAU is the leader of

this group in the Dallas area.

ASHLAND F. BURCHWELL indicated that if charges against

him were dismissed he intended to leave the Dallas area and

reenlist in the U.S. Army.

The following is the recommendation of the Dallas office

regarding this matter:

That the Dallas office continue to maintain contact

with former DL-18-S to follow the activities of this organization

and develop additional information on the aims and purposes of

the organization.


In view of the possible political ramifications of this

case, extreme caution will be used and the Bureau kept advised.

No controversial persons will be interviewed by the Dallas office

without advising the Bureau.


When Molina, Lowery and Bartello, along with 3 others, formed the Dallas Gi

Forum, Lowery nominated Molina as Chairman, and himself as Sargeant-At-

Arms. They won those respective positions.

According to Richard Helms, to "monitor" a group was merely to attend its

public meetings and hear what any citizen present would hear; to

"infiltrate" a group was to join it as a member and appear to support its

purposes in general; to "penetrate" a group was to gain a leadership

position, and influence or direct its policies and actions.

It seems this was a "penetration" then, in which Molina was an active and

knowing participant. Why else would an FBI informant nominate him as


Molina was known to the DPD. The GI Forum was on their subversive list. The

owner of the TSBD had a long relationship with the FBI. How the hell did a

"suspect" character like Molina keep a job there?

Well, he DID work in the credit department - a perfect place for obtaining

sensitive information on people.

This next document explains why these three became involved in the GI Forum


RECORD NUMBER: 124-10321-10034


AGENCY FILE NUMBER: 100-439412-1

Date 10/4/1962




FROM: SAC, DALLAS (105-new)






RECORD NUMBER: 124-10321-10034


AGENCY FILE NUMBER: 100-439412-1

Date 10/4/1962




FROM: SAC, DALLAS (105-new)





Enclosed to the Bureau are seven copies of a letter-

heard memorandum and thirty-six Autostats of records. One copy

of letterhead memorandum being furnished to Memphis and New

Orleans, who are being furnished copies because of their interest

in the integration of the University of Mississippi matters and


Dallas T-1 in the enclosed letterhead memorandum is

former DL-18-S, who furnished information orally to SAs JAMES

P. HOSTY, JR., and W. HARLAN BROWN. A seperate communication will

be directed to the Bureau concerning this former informant in

his informant file. It should be further noted that ASHLAND F.

BURCHWELL is presently in federal custody, the subject of a switch-

blade knife act violation. During interrogation of BURCHWELL

by SAs JAMES P. HOSTY, JR., and W. HARLAN BROWN prior to his

obtaining an attorney, BURCHWELL admitted having served under

former GENERAL EDWIN A. WALKER in his Psychological Warfare

Section in Germany and also serving as a civilian employee of

WALKER in Dallas.

BURCHWELL has stated that he and another friend were

definitely going to Mississippi to join GENERAL WALKER on 9/30/62,

despite urging by the former informant not to. The

enclosed Autostats are copies made of the records seized from

BURCHWELL, presently in Dallas PD custody, one copy each for the

Bureau was made of every record which had any writing. It should

be noted that the back of the membership cards are self-explanatory,

check marks being made for the equipment that the individuals apparently

had in their possession. The lower three quarters of the front

side is believed to be self-explanatory, showing initiation fees,

dues, etc. The upper left corner of each membership card

shows a pattern of two letters - three numbers - 1 number -

2 letters - 1 number. It should be noted in each instance the

letters are the telephone call letters of Dallas telephone exchanges,

such as EX for EXPress, FL for FLeetwood. There appears to be a

common pattern in most of these membership cards either ending up

with EX 1 or BL 1. It should be noted that the telephone number of

former DL-18-S is EX 1. It is felt that he could possibly be a

team captain and those ending in EX 1 would be assigned to his team.

It would appear others in this group are assigned to a captain

living in the BLackburn exchange. It should be further noted that

BURCHWELL at the time of his arrest had an address book in his

pocket bearing the following names:


VANCE BORDREAUX, BL 4-0181 & BL 5-4259



MRS. EDMONDSON, TA 7-7062 & WE 7-1979

DR. MEDFORD EVANS, 207 Pine Street, Natihitoches [sic], La


JOE GRINNAN, FLeetwood 1-5424 & RIverside 7-9209





Radio Station KPCN, EM 3-3173 and ANdrews 4-2250





DAN SMOOT, TA 1-2303 & DA 7-6744


DALLAS THEATER CENTER, LA 6-0107, Ticket Office LA 6-8857




To further assist the Bureau it should be noted the

membership cards show ANN MUNCHRATH signed a receipt for code name

FE-722-2-EX 1. MRS. MUNCHRATH, wife of D. W. MUNCHRATH of 3026

June Drive, Dallas, Texas, has telephone number FE 1-0557.

The following information is known about the above


The AMERICAN BOOK STORE is a known distributor of

right wing literature in the Dallas area.


and is reported to have attended the meeting of this group on

9/30/62, and is therefore a member.

MRS. EDMONDSON is former GENERAL WALKER'S secretary.

JOE GRINNAN is a known organizer for the JOHN BIRCH

SOCIETY and has been reported to keep arms in his automobile.

BOB SURRAY is a known dedicated follower of former

GENERAL WALKER and he reportedly did go to Mississippi.

Radio Station KPCN is noted for its extreme right wing

editorial philosophy.

RAY'S HARDWARE is where BURCHWELL purchased much of his

ammunition and several of his pistols.

DAN SMOOT is a former Bureau agent who had been connected

with many right wing organizations.

An individual, first name DEL, was reportedly at the

meeting on 9/30/62. This could be identical with DELBERT RAY.

An individual named DAN was also reported to have

attended this meeting. This may have been VAN for VANCE BORDREAUX,

who was reported from another source to have been at the meeting,

or it could conceivably be DAN SMOOT.

BUREAU is requested through the CRYPTANALYSIS SECTION

to attempt to identify as many members of possible with the data

furnished by the Dallas office.

DALLAS will attempt through available sources to identify

as many members as possible. The individuals listed above will not

be interviewed by the Dallas Office at this time until more

information on this organization is known, as it appears this may

be a group of fanatics.


[LHM follows:]

Dallas, Texas

October 4, 1962



On October 1, 1962, Lieutenant E. L. CUNNINGHAM,

Forgery, Dallas Police Department, Dallas, Texas, advised

SA JAMES P. HOSTY, JR., that at 6:32 A.M. on September 30,

1962, ASHLAND F. BURCHWELL, 1527 Annex, Dallas, Texas, was

arrested for speeding by Dallas Police Officers CHARLES R.

GALYOU and MERLE J. LAWSON. At the time BURCHWELL was arrested

Officer GALYOU noticed a .357 Smith & Wesson magnum pistol, No.

185221, in a holster under the driver's seat. A switchblade

knife was removed from the pocket of BURCHWELL and when they

opened the trunk of the car driven by BURCHWELL they found a

.303 Enfield Rifle loaded and three .22 caliber Strum-Ruger

automatic pistols. There were 2000 rounds of 30.06 rifle

ammunition, 1000 rounds of .22 caliber cartridges and twenty

rounds of .303 rifle ammunition. There was an army pack con-

taining blankets and a change of clothes. BURCHWELL told the

arresting officers he was going to Mississippi to stand beside

former Army General EDWIN A. WALKER and try to prevent federal

encroachment upon the states rights of Mississippi. Also found

in the automobile when BURCHWELL was arrested was a pasteboard

box about one foot square which contained possibly 200 or 300

cards bearing data on the front and back. It appeared to be some

type of a record with places to show months of the year and the

years 1963 through 1970, and a place for initiation fee, dues and

assessments. One the reverse side appeared a mimeographed list

of such items as a person in the army might carry on active duty.

The items listed were rifles, pistols and various items of camping

equipment. Several cards had writing on them which appeared to be

a code of some type.

On September 30, 1962, Dallas Confidential Informant T-1,

who has furnished reliable information in the past, advised that

BURCHWELL had attended a meeting in a private home in the Pleasant

Grove area of Dallas, which began around midnight, September 30,

1962. There were seven persons present, including BURCHWELL,

who left the meeting at around 6:30 A.M. The purpose of the meeting

was to convince various members that they should not

go to Mississippi to assist former GENERAL WALKER. Dallas T-1

advised that it was understood that when BURCHWELL left this

meeting he was not going to Mississippi.

On October 3, 1962, Dallas Confidential Informant T-1

identified one of the membership type cards found in possession of

BURCHWELL as the membership cards of an organization in Dallas,

Texas. According to Dallas T-1, this organization has no name.

It at one time had a name but it was decided that if the organization

had no name it could not be cited, and its members if asked if they

belonged to an organization, they could deny membership in the

organization since it had no name and, therefore, could not be

identified as such. Dallas T-1 stated this was strictly a Dallas

organization and was not connected with the MINUTEMEN or any

similar type organization, although this Dallas organization did

have contact with persons in similar type groups in other cities.

Dallas T-1 further stated that the members referred to each other

as "PATRIOTS" in much the same manner that Communist Party members

used to refer to each other as "COMRADE." Dallas T-1 would not

state the number or names of persons affiliated with the organization

other than ASHLAND F. BURCHWELL. This organization was formed in

Dallas over two years ago. Its aims and purposes are to prepare

for the day that the communists occupy the United States. Dallas T-1

noted that all of the members are convinced that the United States

will either surrender directly to the communists or through the

United Nations and permit communist nations to occupy this country.

The members of this organization are then prepared to commence

guerilla resistance to such communist occupation. The organization

is divided into groups with a captain heading each group and the

captain makes the decisions for the area covered by his group. The

various group captains then form a board which directs the overall

activities of the unnamed organization.

Dallas T-1 stated that the members of this unnamed

organization are all to obtain the equipment noted on the reverse

of the membership cards and are to retain arms and ammunition in

their possession. They participate in firearms training, and

other methods of guerilla warfare, and they have base camps for

such training. Dallas T-1 stated that all members of the

organization are sworn to secrecy and that there would be a death

sentence to anyone in the organization who violated this.

According to Dallas T-1, most of the members of the organization

are opposed to most American politicians and they don't feel that

we have had a good president since CALVIN COOLIDGE. All of these

persons are strongly opposed to PRESIDENT KENNEDY and his brother,

ATTORNEY GENERAL ROBERT F. KENNEDY, but for that matter they are

also strongly opposed to former PRESIDENT EISENHOWER and his

brother, DR. MILTON EISENHOWER. Dallas T-1 denied that there was

any connection by this group and former Army Major General EDWIN A.

WALKER, and denied that H. L. HUNT is a member, although stated he

is a good patriot. Dallas T-1 stated this organization is not

connected with the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, but noted that most of its

members are present or former members of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY.

Dallas T-1 futher stated that all members of the organization must

be Christians and there is no racial aspect to the organziation.

Dallas T-1 noted that MAJOR H. C. KNICKERBOCKER, JR., of the Texas

Air National Guard, the individual who caused the formation of the

NATIONAL INDIGNATION COMMITTEE over the training of Yugoslav pilots

in the United States, was proposed for membership but he was turned

down when it was learned that he was an atheist. Dallas T-1

futher advised that one-third of the membership of that organi-

zation are instructed to join "liberal" organizations, such as the

AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, and establish a reputation as

"liberals," and thus be in a position to remain behind when and if

the communists take over and pose as friends of the communists and

thus be able to assist the other two-thirds of the members who

join guerilla bands.

Dallas T-1 declined to identify any members or give the

number of members in Dallas.


Molina probably gave Ball heart palpitations at the end of his


Mr. MOLINA. I know there's a fella that I talk with that belongs to the or

had worked with the FBI that knows my position in this thing.

Mr. BALL. I never heard anybody accuse you of any wrongdoing in connection

with this matter.

Mr. MOLINA. In fact, Bill Lowery worked with the FBI.

Mr. BALL. You don't have to worry about that; no one is accusing you of


Mr. MOLINA. Except the local people here.

What, I wonder, was the FBI's real role in all of this infiltrating?

Has Joe Molina ever been interviewed by a JFK Researcher? If not he should be, as anything which establishes a link of any kind between the 'workers' in the TSBD an Gen Edwin Walker even indirectly should warrant serious investigation.

Edited by Robert Howard
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Is it possible to establish the occupations of Felix Botello, Margarita Landin and Ruth Lowery?

A cursory look (which is all I have time for right now) failed to find anything.

Why the interest in their occupations?


Simply because it looks like many of the CP USA and GI FORUM members were informers.


DL T-2 was MARGARITA LANDIN (Her husband Joe Landin was also an active informant of the Dallas FBI Office)

DL T-3 and DL 6-S are concealed but I'd hazard a guess that Joe Molina/William Lowery/Joe Landin could be one of them


I'd be interested in their occupations and what else they were possibly informing on and whether anything related to Oswald was passed on from T-1, T-2 or T-4. I haven't the time to look right now but I'll certainly have a stab at it over the next few days.

Mr. MOLINA. I know there’s a fella that I talk with that belongs to the or had worked with the FBI that knows my position in this thing


Thanks, Lee.

Yes - that Molina quote is telling, imo.

And any real investigation would have at very least - sought clarification on what that "position" was - and why an FBI informant would know about it.

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I find it quite strange that proceedings against Stanford took place a few months before the assassination, Greg. By all accounts Bill Lowery had been informing on him for years. The fact that Stanford was represented by John Abt in September is also interesting, IMO.

Lee, where did you get Abt from?

I tried to find verification, but couldn't. Then I tried Joe Forer and got a hit. Forer was with the National Lawyers Guild and did work at times with Abt. Maybe Abt helped on this?


I once concluded that Forer himself was an FBI informant.

What I find intriguing is Walker claiming that LHO had been arrested in April for the attempt on his life, and that RFK had ordered him released. Remarkably similar circumstances to those surrounding Stafford.

Edited by Greg Parker
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Bump for those interested in Joseph Rodriguez Molina.


It is within the record that Molina contacted William Lowery in the days subsequent to the assassination. He had definitely been in contact with him by November 30.

Don't you find Molina getting in touch with Lowery a bit strange? BL outs himself as an informer for the FBI in September, 1963, the whole world and I'm certain the whole of Dallas knows about it, including Joe Molina. From what I have read in the documents related to Lowery, it would appear that the FBI had every CPUSA member informing on each other. Same was probably true of the GIForum.

I suspect Molina was possibly on the FBI payroll as well?

Thanks for bumping this excellent thread.

I have been going through the Baylor archives as time permits, concerning Lowery and Molina.

One big item that leaps out is the FBI Informer Lowery outing himself in the Dallas Morning News Article of September 26, less than 60 days before the assassination. To my knowledge, FBI informants do not usually call Press Conferences or give interviews to describe their activities. Motive? Was this a pre-emptive action to disassociate himself from an organization (G.I. Forum) that might come under suspicion in November? If so, that would indicate advance knowledge of the plot by a man who was a very close associate of Joe Molina, who also happened to be employed in the same building as Lee Oswald.

So Molina is a person of high interest. The FBI thought so, as did the DPD.

I am going to reread The Spider's Web. I know it centered more on Bergin, but the author also considered Molina as an active Intelligence asset.

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In addition to Molina very quickly contacting Bill Lowery after the assassination there was an interview conducted on November 23, with Virgie Mae Rackley by members of the Dallas Police Vice section that was sent to Captain Gannaway.

During the interview Ms. Rackley was asked if she had "any suspicions of any of the employees she worked with. She stated "no". After a few moments she stated "It may sound silly and I shouldn't say anything at all, but my boss, Joe Molina, has had a number of strange telephone conversations. I never have listened to the conversations, but recently I heard him say something about he was going to help somebody 'do it'"

You and I have had many conversations about how November 22, 1963 was a day of many "unusual occurrences". Here is another "unusual occurrence". November 22 was the first time that Joe Molina ate his lunch with other employees. He ate his lunch for the first time with Virgie Rackley and two other TSBD employees. According to Rackley he usually ate lunch by himself.

Another "Loner" at the TSBD? Other employees indicated that LHO often ate lunch by himself.

A little speculation on a random thought that just passed through my mind:

Oswald and Molina are both suspected of being involved in (or doing surveillance on) a gun-running operation to Cuban exiles that very likely included Jack Ruby. Did LHO and Molina both make an effort to avoid being seen together publicly? Did they eat alone to avoid a possible chance encounter that would place the two of them together in the minds of other observers?

Regarding Ms. Rackley's comment about Molina eating lunch with his co-workers for the first time on Nov. 22, 1963, I cannot believe that was coincidental.

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Did they? Did Molina?

Where's the list?

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Interesting letter from Shirley Martin to Harold Weisberg, 7/8/67 (Weisberg Archives)

(Quoting Shirley)

Joe Molina claims to be the man in suit standing next to Lovelady-Oswald figure in Altgens photo. My inclination is that Molina was lying about this. He was a frightened man when I spoke to him; I have always felt he had someone in the house the night I interviewed him, and that he had notified someone ahead of time that I was coming. He was in the process of buying a new home when I last talked to him. However, this could have been only an inference. I have no way to be positive. At any rate, he was leaving Brown Street. I do not know where he is now.

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Guest Tom Scully

On November 11, 1964, Joe and Soledad Molina sold a property on Brown Street to:


Dallas builder/developer dies

Dallas Business Journal

Date: Monday, January 22, 2007, 11:55am CST - Last Modified: Monday, January 22, 2007,

Harvey K. Huie Jr., a well-known Dallas builder/developer and member of the North Texas Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame, died Jan. 19.

He was 86.

Huie's company, Huie Construction/Properties, built, owned and managed about 3,300 apartment units, 600,000 square feet of office space, 200,000 square feet of retail space and nine hotels.

Huie built the first of those hotels, called the Harvey Hotel, in North Dallas in 1981.

Other Harvey hotels were built in places including Addison, Plano and Houston before Huie's Harvey Hotel Co. was sold in 1995 and renamed Bristol Hotel Co.

Born in San Antonio, Huie served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and survived beach landings on both Saipan and Okinawa, Japan.

He later attended St. Mary's University in San Antonio and graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1950.

He was inducted into the Real Estate Hall of Fame in 2000.

In late December, 1964, Molina and his wife Soledad purchased a property from this man and his wife.:


.....Sylvester Cyril Trial entered into Eternal Rest on March 21, 2012, after a sudden illness.....

....He was a member of the St. Boniface Catholic Church of Hobson, TX. He will be fondly remembered and missed by family and many friends. After having been away for thirty eight years, he retired to Hobson, his place of birth and childhood. Here he shared his faith and service by his active participation in his church community. He had served as president on the Pastoral Council and Finance Committees; as teacher and Director of the Religious Education program; and as a member of the San Antonio Archdiocesan Pastoral Council. He served the church as Extraordinary Lay Minister of the Holy Eucharist, as Lector and as Collection Tabulator. He was instrumental in inaugurating a decade of renovation to the parish church and facilities. Sylvester was administrator of the Hobson Catholic Cemetery Association for more than a decade. He was a member of the Third Degree Knights of Columbus, Past Faithful Navigator of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus and a past member of the Order of the Alhambra.

Sylvester graduated from Karnes City High School and served his country in WWII, having served in the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater of War. He received his B.S. Degree with honors in Industrial Engineering from St. Mary's University by taking a full curriculum while working full time in the San Antonio, TX post office. During this time he and Mary Louise were rearing a family of five children. On April 15, 1961 she presented him with their sixth child, in time for his graduation on May 28, 1961, which incidentally was also Sylvester's 35th birthday. He was employed as a Supervisor in the San Antonio Post Office for 10 years; by Texas Instruments Dallas as a Manufacturing Engineer for 3 years; and by B.D. Holt Co. & Affiliates in various executive positions for 24 years before retiring to his ranch in Hobson. Here he enjoyed the serenity, solitude and beauty of nature around him and where he resided at the time of his passing. He and Mary Louise were the proud parents of six beautiful children all of whom survive them:

Molina was recently listed in a household in Carrollton, TX with a person in the household named Soledad.(972) 245- etc.....

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Being aware of the following document is essential to having an accurate perception of some of the parties

Molina was associated with re the American G.I. Forum.


It is also essential to remember that in the aftermath of the assassination, one of the allegations made about Lee Oswald was that he had been in contact with two known subversives, if Molina wasn't one of them, I would be shocked, but the amount of times I have been shocked in relation to all the sordid details of the JFK assassination,....I've basically lost count.

I've never seen the list but will keep an eye out.

It is also important to remember that the very last thing Molina mentioned at his Warren Commission deposition was William Lowery being an FBI informant, ostensibly the Dallas Police Department believed Lowery was a communist [prior to] the assassination, [if I am not mistaken] and then later it was discovered that he was indeed an FBI informant.....Oscar Rodriguez Molina is listed in Oswald's 201 file, he was a Cuban who left Havana went to Mexico and then came to the United States, obviously Molina is a fairly common surname,

but I at least felt it was worth a mention, for hopefully, fairly obvious reasons.

Edited by Robert Howard
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