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Question for Paul Hoven

Greg Parker

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The following is an excerpt from an article on L Robert Castorr.

Nothing more is known of Castorr's "extracurricular" activities until 1983. In that year, he was "persuaded" to become a partner in a company called Impex Aalamin by an Iranian exile named Habib Moallem, and Robert Sensi. Both were keen to see Ayatollah Khomeini driven from power, and for the Soviets to be kept out of Iran. Impex - ostensibly an import-export business, was in reality, a front for recruiting spies. To help achieve their ends, they had hired Castorr to introduce them to America's top intelligence officials, having chosen him because he was a former military officer now in Public Relations who moved in Washington's conservative circles. Moallem and Sensi would later become involved in the arms-for-hostages negotiations with Iran.

I was wondering if you could shed any further light on Castorr, or the events described? Any help deeply appreciated.

Full article here.


Thanks for asking this!

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