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Reynol Gonzalez

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Something that Gerry Gerry Hemming wrote on 3/2/2005 in the Education Forum got me thinking if the MC Mystery Man might be Reynol Gonzalez:

“Mario Tauler Sague's name appeared on the list of assassins and assassination attempts given to Senator McGovern by Fidel. Mario/Saul figured prominently in the repeated hit attempts generated by Sylvia Odio's parents before they were imprisoned.”

But it looks like Gonzalez was arrested in October, 1961 and not released until 1977, so it couldn't be a picture of him taken outside the embassies in 1963.





Subject: Three Phases of Assassination

by Debra Conway

Oct 5, '61 - Castro assassination attempt planned by Veciana and CIA 's "Bishop" is discovered by Castro and Veciana is forced to flee Cuba; Reynol Gonzalez, one of Veciana 's co-conspirators, is later arrested hiding on the estate of Amador Odio, a wealthy industrialist and father of Silvia Odio. Gonzales, the elder Odio and his wife are arrested. (Fonzi Chronology p 416)


Gaeton Fonzi. The Last Investigation:


“In his research, Hoch had discovered that Silvia Odio's parents had been arrested by Castro because they had harbored a fugitive named Reynol Gonzalez who was wanted for plotting to kill named Castro in October, 1961. The plotters planned to use a bazooka fired from an apartment near the Presidential Palace when Castro was making one of his marathon speeches. The apartment had been rented by the mother-in-law of the principal plotter, Antonio Veciana.”

“I was, however, intrigued by another possibility which Paul Hoch raised in a separate memorandum to Schweiker. In a long and impressively detailed analysis of one of the early released Church committee reports on assassination plots against foreign leaders, Hoch wondered why the 1961 Veciana attempt against Castro was not mentioned. He pointed out that although the CIA claimed its admitted series of plots with the Mafia where allegedly suspended at that time, Hoch noted that there was still in effect an earlier directive -- called NSAM 100 -- which ordered a contingency plan drawn up for Castro's "removal." Wrote Hoch: "The hypothesis that NSAN 100 and subsequent events were directly related to the Veciana plot deserves careful consideration. This would be the case even if there were no possible link to the Kennedy assassination through the people involved in the Odio incident. ...It is possible that Veciana was under the direct control of the CIA." The significance of Hoch's shrewd speculation was much deeper than it appeared on the surface. He was contending, in effect, that since the Veciana plot did not appear in the Church report, it was one the CIA was trying to hide.”

Table ronde « Qui sont les vrais terroristes ? », studios de la Télévison cubaine, 22 mai 2002.

(Round Table, Who Are the True Terrorists?)


Reynol González (agent de la CIA). Oui, nous avons mis le feu à l’Encanto, aux Ten Cents, aux quais, à une des tours des quais, à la manufacture de cigares, à la papeterie de Puentes Grandes, à une manufacture de tabac du coin à La Havane et à plusieurs autres endroits que je ne me rappelle pas.

Mais, vrai, les Américains se sont joués de nous sur certains points. Ils nous utilisent pour maintenir l’état d’agitation interne et d’inquiétude par le sabotage par ceci ou par cela, pour pouvoir faire leurs plans. Autrement dit, on leur sert de couverture, tout simplement, après ça ils font leurs propres plans. C’est la réalité. Et ceux qui meurent ici et qui sont prisonniers ici, c’est nous, les Cubains.

Yes, we set fire to the encanto, to the Ten Cents, to the quays, to one of the turns of the quays, to the cigar factory, to the papeterie of Big Puentes, to a corner tobacco factory, to The Havana and to several other places that I do not remember. But, true, the Americans played themselves us on certain points. They use us to maintain the internal state of agitation and worry of sabatoge to be able to do their plans. They use us as cover and after that they do their own plans. This is the reality. And those that die here and that are prisoners here, this is we, the Cubans.



Cuba (Case No. 283)

The International Federation of Christian Trade Unions (I.F.C.T.U.)


Report No. 60

(Vol. XLV, 1962, No. 2 S I)

Interim Report

Table of content



- Introduction

12. The I.F.C.T.U addressed to the Director-General on 9 February 1962 a telegram containing a request for urgent intervention by the I.L.O on the ground that a Cuban trade union leader, Mr. Reynol González, was in imminent danger of execution. The Director-General brought the contents of this telegram to the notice of the Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cuba by two telegrams dated 9 February 1962. 13. By a letter dated 22 February 1962 the Director-General transmitted the complaint to the Government of Cuba in accordance with the normal procedure for the examination of complaints of alleged infringements of trade union rights. In his letter he explained to the Government that, as matters involving human life were raised in the complaint, the case fell within the category of cases regarded by the Governing Body as urgent, in accordance with the decision taken by the Governing Body at its 140th Session (November 1958), and, for this reason, requested the Government to furnish as speedy a reply as possible. 14. No reply to any of the aforesaid communications has been received from the Government.

- Recommendations

15. In these circumstances the Committee recommends the Governing Body to request the Government of Cuba to furnish its observations on the complaint as a matter of urgency.

In a Cia Document, Reynol Gonzalez was identified as a JMWAVE Station asset.. Says he was released in 1977.


Does anyone know more about Reynol Gonzalez?

Steve Thomas

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His full name was Antonio Reynol Gonzalez y Gonzalez.

His cryptonym was - AMCALL-1

His agency file was - 201-275949

Reynol was born in 1932 in Cuba, received his education via scholarships from the Catholic Church and before becoming politically motivated was employed by the Banco Continental.

Physically he was 5' 6" and weighed 155 pounds.

This is him below with his wife Teresita.



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That sort of clears it up for Reynol Gonzales y Gonzales.

By the way were you formerly the director of personnel at the CIA :) , or how in the **** do you come up with this stuff? Unbelievable.... just incredible.

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