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Tim Gratz

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There is a Book of Secrets" containing documents that can only be seen by the POTUS and is passed on by the incumbent POTUS to his successor (we can leave it at "his" at least for now).

Among the secrets in the President's Book iof Secrets s who killed JFK.

At least that is the premise of the sequel to the Nicolas Cage movie "National Treasure". The movie is appartently focused on the conspiracy that killed Abraham Lincoln.

What is interesting is that there is a theory (I think it is probably garbage but I have read it in various forums if my recollection serves me correctly) that within the top echelon of the US government it is no secret who killed Kennedy. Even if it was an "inside job" it is rather unlikely (to put it mildly) that the conspirators would memorialize the plot in writing.

Also interesting that the producers bring up the JFK assassination in the trailer for the movie.

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While I have no idea whether there actually exists such a "book of secrets," I'd be willing to wager that:

(1) LBJ knew who killed JFK;

(2) Nixon knew who killed JFK; and

(3) Gerald Ford knew who killed JFK.

And while I don't think Carter, Reagan, or Clinton had a clue, a certain George H. W Bush, formerly of the CIA, [and mentioned in FBI memos of that fatal weekend] probably knows who killed JFK as well.

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