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I grew up in Fairfield, CT, a bedroom suburb of New York City, and later lived in Manhattan, as well as San Francisco, CA and Brookline, MA, I now reside near Minneapolis, Minnesota. I studied English and History at Bucknell University in PA, with my junior year studying primarily history at the U of Edinburgh, Scotland. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with university honors from Bucknell. I attended graduate school at NYU.

I was fortunate to have seen JFK at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia in November, 1961. He walked across the 50-yard line at halftime and sat on the Navy side. That was very impressive.

I am a freelance musician and teacher in the Twin Cities. I am currently involved in researching for a book on the JFK assassination that I am writing with my husband Donner Brown, titled IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. I am also writing a novel titled Piper to the Alternative. More information on this can be found at my other links.

I became involved in researching the JFK assassination through listeneing to the radio and watching TV throughout that tragic weekend. I watched Lee Oswald killed live on TV. I quickly began to think that what we were being told didn't add up. I viewed a copy of the Zapruder film in NYC in the late fall of 1964 that differs from what we are currently seeing. I had no idea at the time just how unusual my experience was. My research, which originally focused on the limousine, has taken me far and wide. During the last ten years I have focused on promoting the concept that it is the limousine that is the primary crime scene and not Dealey Plaza. Now I am focusing on defining the actual issues of the assassination and providing strategies to solving the crime once and for all.

I have had articles on the limousine published in DPUK, the JFKLancer magazine, and CTKA. I have given presentations on the limousine at November in Dallas in 1999 and 2002. My essay "SS-100-X" was published in CAR CRASH CULTURE, Palgrave/McMillan, in 2002, and this was used as the basis for the SPEED channel documentary "Presidential Limousine" which aired in 2004 and 2005, in which I was also interviewed. I was also the limo researcher for the Discovery Channel program INSIDE THE TARGET CAR which first aired November 4th, 2008. I was interviewed at the rebuilt limo at Henry Ford Museum. I have also contributed to a number of other JFK assassination programs airing since 2003. It is my privilege to be presenting on the limousine at JFKLancer NID 2013.

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