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The Ruby/Rosselli Meetings

Tim Gratz

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As most know, in an article titled "The Secret World of Jack Ruby" investigative reporter Scott Malone reported that the FBI had been aware of two meetings in Miami between Jack Ruby and Johnny Rosselli in the few months before the assassination.

I understand that Malone may have been told about these meetings by a fed while Malone was investigating the murder of Johnny Rosselli. I further understand he was told the FBI was aware of a small Miami motel where the meetings took place.

Does anyone know whether Malone ever actually saw FBI reports? Has anybody seen such reports?

Did Malone ever disclose to anyone the name of his informant?

Has anyone ever attempted FOIA requests to obtain the FBI reports on these meetings?

Is it true or false that a lot of FBI coverage of Johnny Rosselli remains classified?

Any assistance anyone can give re these questions is important.

Obviously, Ruby-Rosselli meetings would be highly indicative of a conspiracy.

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