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In the book that I am working on, there were three places that I referred to the alleged change in the motorcade route, as I was relying on a New York Times report on November 29, 1963, and on the Dallas Morning News stories for the week that Kennedy was killed.

I have made the corrections in my manuscript now that I have the correct information.

First I corrected the section on Senator Richard Russell of the Warren Commission:

On January 19, 1970, “Senator Richard B. Russell, Democrat of Georgia, said today he never believed Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy without at least some encouragement from others . . . The 72-year-old Senator made the statements to newsmen in response to questions prompted by an article in the Washington Post based on a series of taped interviews he recorded . . . Senator Russell said the Warren Commission was not able to investigate specifically the source of such possible encouragement, and he added he could not pinpoint it.” [New York Times, 1-20-70, page 16]

As the following paragraphs will show, it is an understatement to say Russell was implicating the CIA/Secret Service.

On November 29, 1963, a New York Times reporter reporting from Dallas wrote: “Oswald returned to Dallas early in October after a mysterious trip to Mexico and began looking for work, according to persons who saw him daily at that time . . . While Oswald was looking for work, his Russian-born wife and child lived with Mrs. Michael R. Paine, a friend in Irving, a small town near Dallas.”

“Wesley Randle, a teenage neighbor of Mrs. Paine, said he heard that Oswald was looking for a job and told Mrs. Paine that he knew of one at the Texas School Book Depository. Mrs. Paine called about the job and on October 14th, Oswald went in and made application. He was accepted and started work the next day, October 15th, as a stock clerk at $1.25 an hour.”

“Mrs. Paine said when Oswald got the job he had just received his last unemployment check and his wife was expecting the arrival of their second child. He telephoned from Dallas, Mrs. Paine said, and announced, ‘Hooray, I've got a job.’”

“It had been announced here on September 28th that President Kennedy would visit Dallas, but no parade route was disclosed.”

“Oswald had no way of knowing when he took the job at the Texas School Book Depository that it would provide a vantage point for assassinating the President.” [New York Times, 11-29-63, page 22]

The route that the motorcade would take was cited in the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald on Tuesday, November 19, 1963.

This scenario left only three days for the “encouragement” that Russell cited. (***This used to say ONE DAY until you guys clued me in on the correct info.***)

Then I corrected the section on Warren Commission member Allen Dulles:

Dulles’s Deputy Director at the CIA, Air Force General C.P. Cabell, who had been fired prior to the Bay Of Pigs, also had a brother, but General Cabell’s brother seemed to hold a less powerful position than Allen Dulles’s brother, former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

The General’s brother was Mayor Earl Cabell of Dallas, whose administration was inherently involved with the “Secret Service” in planning the motorcade route so that it would turn right on to Houston, travel over to the Texas School Book Depository at Elm and Houston, and then turn left and head down Elm where President Kennedy would be shot and killed.

As cited earlier in this text, the CIA planted a story that there was a map found in Oswald’s room that traced a path of bullets from the Book Depository to the spot where Kennedy was assassinated: “There was a line from the Texas Book Depository Building to Elm Street. This was the trajectory of the bullets which struck the President and Governor Connally.”

The section on Richard Russell cited that the route that the motorcade would take was not made public until Tuesday, November 19, 1963, and “Oswald had no way of knowing when he took the job at the Texas School Book Depository that it would provide a vantage point for assassinating the President.”

The “others” that Senator Russell admitted were involved in the assassination were the ones who planned for the motorcade to be on Elm Street. They simply positioned Oswald to take the fall, and after killing Oswald they planted a story about a map that did not exist.

And last of all, I corrected the section on Congressman Hale Boggs of the Warren Commission:

Boggs also claimed in 1966, that firing the shots accurately in five seconds from the bolt-action rifle was easily explained, saying, “The idea that you had to be an expert marksman, for instance, is one that I reject,” but by and large, people have always questioned whether or not it was possible for anyone to fire the shots that Oswald had allegedly fired. [New York Times, 11-28-66, page 29]

On November 27, 1963, five days after Kennedy was assassinated, the Washington Post reported: “Sheriff Bill Decker of Dallas said he thought a skilled rifleman could reload the rifle in two seconds. With re-sighting, he said, three shots could be fired in less than 20 seconds . . . Olympic rifle champion Hubert Hammerer was quoted by Reuters as saying that any sharpshooter could have targeted the first shot. The process of using the rifle’s bolt action between shots would have made the other shots difficult . . . Leonard Davis, an official of the National Rifle Association, told the Associated Press that ‘a true expert’ could fire three shots in five seconds with accuracy but Oswald’s Marine Corps record hardly bore out a classification as a ‘true expert’ . . . Newspapers in Italy and Austria yesterday quoted rifle experts as saying it was unlikely one man could have fired three shots in five seconds with great precision from the rifle allegedly used to shoot President Kennedy. It is a European-made rifle.” [Washington Post, 11-27-63, page 8]

The fact is Oswald was a neurotic malcontent who didn’t appear to be very good at anything.

On December 1, 1963, one week after Oswald was silenced, a Washington Post reporter, reporting from Dallas wrote:

“Accounts here of his income during the last year and a half of his life indicate that he was bounced from one job to the next and led the life of a harried, penny-pinching common laborer of uncommon mind. He may have been exigent to the point of desperation six weeks or so before the assassination, when he found himself out of a job, his unemployment compensation exhausted, and his wife about to give birth to their second baby.” [Washington Post, 12-2-63, page 3]

(Oswald enthusiastically accepted a job offer at the Texas School Book Depository because the CIA orchestrated the situation he was in, with the exception of his wife being pregnant.)

As cited in the section entitled, “The Secret Service: CIA Officers with Convenient Covers,” the Secret Service didn’t start protecting the President until after President McKinley was assassinated in 1901.

After McKinley, there were nine Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served sixty consecutive years in the Oval Office without being assassinated.

Legislation on the CIA was passed in 1947 and 1949, and in 1951 Truman signed the legislation in which the CIA took over Secret Service duties.

On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated, allegedly by a neurotic malcontent who happened to have been working as a stock clerk for five weeks in a building along the President’s motorcade route; a man who allegedly, when he heard where the motorcade route was, decided to bring a rifle to work three days later and assassinate the President of the United States with no problem whatsoever, because this neurotic malcontent, while not very good at anything else, was supposedly a phenomenal marksman.

Unfortunately, the neurotic malcontent was killed two days later as he was being moved “basically for his own protection.” [Dallas Morning News, 11-24-63, page 1]

I'd like to thank all of you for your work in pursuing the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy.


Edited by Anthony Frank
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