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Anthony Cave Brown, The Last Hero: Wild Bill Donovan

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"United States of the World" From: Anthony Cave Brown The Last Hero: Wild Bill Donovan Times Books, 1982, pp. 269-270

If anyone has this book can you post this Memo from Carleton S. Coon to Wild Bill Donovan from page 269-270 for us? It might be the 1st case of a reference to creating The New World Order by the use of political assassinations. Coon was rewarded with an appointment to the fledgling OSS at the time and later ended up with ISI in Baltimore, after Col. Ulius L. Amoss died in 1961. Coon was also 2nd in command to Amoss in the Cairo, Egypt OSS office. Both of them ran Robert E. Johnson at one time or another in their careers. When did Coon take over ISI? A week after Oswald came back to the USA. My thought is that both Oswald and Johnson were Manchurian Candidate styled programmed assassins, one from Taiwan via Ray S. Cline and the other from Tsingtao, Manchuria. Do not get all knee jerk reactioned on me. Whether or not Oswald even fired a shot is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to this thesis. He was inserted into the JFK conundrum in order to elicit a knee jerk cover-up response from the US Gov and guess what... it worked to a perfect 'T'! Amoss (and Coon) at one time or another ran over 3.000 spies and agents for the OSS and the CIA. Amoss was called 'the world's foremost spy!' in his obituary. How did we all overlook this guy for so long? Yes, he was dead by 1961 but he was OSS, Oh So Socially connected, what with his Harvard degree and Harvard Professorship and everything. Plus he was a classic Eugenicist and his father must have been close to Wickliffe P. Draper. His Dad was a Cotton Broker, living in Wakefield Massachusetts, the home state of Draper Corp. and Wickliffe P. Draper was at one time the world's largest exporter and spinner of cotton. The Draper Looms spun over 85% of the US production of cotton for over 75 years. Take your cotton picking hands off our cotton pickers said Draper #1 to Abe Lincoln. Take your cotton picking hands off our cotton spinners said Draper #2 to FDR. And take your cotton picking hands off our barriers to cotton and textile imports said Draper #3 to JFK. None of them listened and look what happened. Drapers made sure that Lincoln and Kennedy were both neutralized and only Gen. Smedley Butler's opposition to the FDR coup prevented a similar fate from befalling FDR.

See: The Plot Against the White House by Jules Archer for the story of the attempted coup against FDR.

Prevent Future Wars", The Washington Post, April 19, 1942.


"Carleton S. Coon, Harvard, Conrad M. Arensberg, Brooklyn College, and Eliot D. Chapple, Harvard Medical School and President of the Society for Applied Anthropology propose a "United States of the World" with a world police force that would control the whole federation. The proposal would seem merely ludicrous but for the fact that subsequently Carleton Coon was chosen by "Wild Bill" Donovan as an agent of the fledging OSS. Anthony Cave Brown (Anthony Cave Brown, The Last Hero: Wild Bill Donovan, NY: Times Books, 1982, pp. 269-270) quotes a memo from Coon to Donovan in which Coon not only advocates political assassination but also suggests that a group of men be chosen for this purpose from the OSS and the British SOE."

"You stay in your village and I will stay in mine. If your sheep eat our grass we will kill you, or we may kill you anyhow to get all the grass for our own sheep. Anyone who tries to make us change our ways is a witch and we will kill him. Keep out of our village."

— Former Harvard Professor, Pioneer Fund minion and OSS Colonel Carleton S. Coon - The Story of Man, 1954, page 376

On the occasion of voicing opposition to Brown vs. Board of Education - 1954 the Earl Warren led Supreme Court decision.

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