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Past Programs - Audio

RealAudio files hosted by the

Berkman Center for Internet and Society

Please click on the red links below to listen to these programs.

Many of the older selections have been edited for broadcast on Boston Radio Station WHDH, which aired Forum events from the late 1940's through the early 1970's. The more recent programs are presented in unedited form.

"Crisis in Education" (Nathan Pusey - President, Harvard University; Frederick Weed - Headmaster, Roxbury Latin School; Dr. Robert Ulich - Harvard Graduate School of Education; Lee Dunn - Senior Advisor, Boston Latin School; moderator David Cavers - Assoc. Dean, Harvard Law School) - October 22, 1954

Walter Reuther, "Priorities for Survival"- May 1, 1960

General Maxwell Taylor, "Blueprint for Defense" (with panel including Dr. Henry Kissinger and others) - April 21, 1961

"The First Hundred Days" (Barry Goldwater and others) - April 30, 1961

"Unrest Within the Democratic Party" (Eleanor Roosevelt and others) - May 1, 1961- Part I, Part II

Dr. Leo Szilard (Professor of Bio-Physics, University of Chicago; Developer of Atomic Chain Reaction with Enrico Fermi) "Are We on the Road to War?" - November 17, 1961

Billy Graham, "Evangelism and the Intellectual"- April 1, 1962 - Part I, Part II

Jimmy Hoffa, "Area Contracts and the Teamsters" - April 8, 1962 - Part I, Part II

Martin Luther King, Jr., "The Future of Integration" - October 24, 1962 -

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