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The Brady Bunch and Ryan's Private Army

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You have to learn about the saga of Electric Utility and Railroad baron Anthony N. Brady, the original business partner of Thomas Alva Edison and Thomas Fortune Ryan who was the father of Clendenin J. Ryan before you can understand how private money was used to spread American Imperialism around the globe in order to protect private investments and the franchises of both the U.S. Military and the Catholic Church across the Globe.

Brady and Ryan were arch Conservative Catholics who linked up with some of the ancestors of those involved with the JFK hit, including William F. Buckley, Sr., George A. Draper, James Hugh Angleton and Charles A. Willoughby shortly after World War I in Mexico and New Mexico to track down the Mexican bandit Pancho Villa using the help of General John J. Pershing's cavalry. This group was so successful that these alliances would be recreated whenever the WASP or arch-Catholic establishment was threatened. This pattern would be repeated by friends and relatives of these four self appointed saviors of the human race and the Mother Church for almost 100 years.

The offspring of this original alliance also declared war on Saddam Hussein and Iraq using a tried and true pattern to safeguard private oil investment interests using the U.S. Military while defeating the Infidels and Heathens of the Muslim Empire. Former Treasury Secretary Nicholas F. Brady is the grandson of Anthony N. Brady and George H. W. Bush and family were very friendly with both the Tobacco Grays and the Textile Drapers who added their own unified quest for Master Race Eugenics based on tried and proved Yale University Skull and Bones connections.

The leadership of any country or any rogue banditos who got in their way were swiftly eliminated. From Pancho Villa to Geronimo to Sacco and Vanzetti to Alger Hiss to Jacobo Arbenz to Trujillo to John F. Kennedy to Martin Luther King to Archbishop Oscar Romero to Benigno Aquino. And the first ones to form selective private assassination squads were OSS agents like Ulius L. "Pete" Amoss and Draper Eugenicist Carleton "Indiana Jones" Coon who were directly funded by Clendenin J. Ryan, Sr.

Ryan's son, Clendenin J. Ryan, Jr. was the college roomate of Douglas Caddy when Charles Edison the son of Thomas Alva Edison helped to fund William F. Buckley, Jr.'s Young Americans for Freedom organization (according to Caddy) and other organizations like the Committee of Citizens to Aid the Katanga Freedom Fighters. And the original Nicholas Frederic Brady, Sr. was called upon by William F. Buckley, Sr. to help him fight off attempts by the Mexican government to nationalize Pantapec Oil and to chase down Pancho Villa. They failed in the first attempt but succeeded in the second venture. The pattern was set for the balance of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century.

This link from the people who hunted down Pancho Villa to those who hunted down John F. Kennedy almost 50 years later is just a phenomenal piece of information. Buckleys, Angletons, Ryans, Drapers and Bradys, generation after generation of intrigue, intervention and apprehension and no one is any the wiser. Guess that is why they call it intelligent covert operations.

Too bad, I tried to get you all to listen and act on this new evidence but mostly for naught. Clendenin J. Ryan was so rich and so Catholic that he donated the massive stained glass window at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. One of the Brady's received the highest laymen's distinction within the Church. And all this after they wreaked havoc on everyone who stood in their way.

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Two generations of Buckleys, 3 generations of Ryans and Bradys. Two generations of Nazi Angletons. Three generations of Nazi Drapers and STILL you guys don't seem to get it. Three generations of Grays... Bowmans, Boydens, etc. What more do you need?

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