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Jack White

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I thought I had in my computer a good copy of WILLIS SIX. I cannot find it.

I can look thru hundreds of slides to find a good copy and rescan it, but I

first thought I would ask Robin or others to post the best, LARGEST copy

available to save me time. It is important to relate what is seen in the

slide to what Willis testified about it.



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This Willis 6 below is Jack's copy....It came originally from Gary Shaw....

The one I have posted abive, has a black arrow on such..that

Wilis marked on them....when he sold his sets of photographs.

Jack's is earlier or closer to the original....though the copy I have

appears to be a better quality...?..above..

That is M/O Clyde Haygood's motorcyce parked that can be seen....

and his white helmet just showing on the left, bottom

under the Fort Worth, Turnpike sign.....he was on his way up the knoll

to the overpass south corner of where the overpass meets the

wooden fence......So the Cabluck photo taken of him standing up on

such from the bus has not passed as yet..

I have no idea if this may help but here is information on Jimmy Darnell

from POTP : Trask......on some of the timing....

Jimmy Darnell: POTP : Trask

He had been at Love Field, WBAP had Bureau Chief Kerr and cameraman/reporters

Robert Welch and Jimmy Darnell on

assignment. and had been instructed if any incident occurred

during the motorcade that he was to stay at the scene.He was

their representative in the motorcade, earning a degree in a

double major in Journalism and Education and had been working

for WBAP-TV since Jan.61.His wife Ruth worked for the Burglary

and Theft Bureau of the DPD, as a secretary.

In camera car #3 ,some 8 cars behind the Presidents ,allocated

for the local press, a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, grey, Darnell sat

in the rear drivers side of the seat, with Bob Jackson and Tom Dillard.

He jumped from the car at the time of the shooting along with James

R. Underwood and still cameraman Tom Dillard. (Just before the car

was moving around the corner onto Elm. page 423 ).In two brief FBI

reports dealing with Darnell's activites, it relates: Darnell "....stated

he heard the first shot and thought it was a back-fire from an

automobile. The second shot he thought was a firecracker. He stated,

however, after the second shot he realized from the confusion that

something had happened and he jumped out of the car and ran

towards the President's car. However,he was unable to see anything

and did not get any photographs. He said he noticed parents were

throwing their children to the ground and covering them with their

bodies and that he took photographs of this activity." ...

( FBI report by

agents Richard E. Harrison & George W.Carlson. 11/29/63).page 422

After jumping from the car Darnell ran down the South side of

Elm Street ,westerly towards the area where he had seen bodies


Raising his camera to his eyes, he managed to record some 9-1/2

seconds of activity in two film sequences. In the first five second

shot Darnell has pointed his camera across Elm St. as first a car

and then the station wagon (the 11th and 12th cars behind the

President's vehicle.)-(page 422...also shows a frame of Darnell's,

across the street can be seen AP photographer Jim Altgens looking

to his right, ...........

apparently waiting for a chance to cross the street. To Altgens right

can be seen the Newman family on the grass. Bill Newman is on his

knees and with his right hand hits the ground three hard whacks

venting his frustration. A man runs by from camera right down the

sidewalk ,while a young boy runs down the grassy incline towards

the same direction. This view was also made by still photographer

Harry Cabluck from aboard a press bus in the motorcade as it passed


Just after this Darnell shoots a shorter clip as the third bus in the

motorcade carrying the "official" party and a black and white police

cruiser passes in the foreground. Panning to the left Darnell follows

the vehicles as they speed towards the railroad overpass while

people dash across the street towards the grassy knoll.This film

and other brief clips made by Darnell were shown on NBC, coupled

with other films and narrated by Robert MacNeil as part of the days

synopsis..........It was broadcast nationally at about midnight Eastern Time

that Friday.page 423,

He is seen on the South side of Elm, to his left in a long dark coat

and white pants is Mary Moorman, now back on her feet, looking

westerly down Elm St. her polaroid visible in her left hand. From

the right the influx of people begin to pour into the area.The wood

panel 1964 Mercury Colony Park station wagon that proceeds the

first Bus ( it appears in Bond).........to me the distance dividing the two

is approx. 25 to 30 feet .page 210) Seconds later Bond clicks off

another shot as the first bus approaches the underpass. A sedan

carrying Morning News reporters, had squeezed into the motorcade

between the two buses......and are shown in the camera's view.

(Bond 6..page 211).

The Newman family ( Bond 7..page 211), has gotten up from

the ground.

He remained in Dealey Plaza area for some time, filming and

interviewing witnesses, along with Mary Moorman and Jean Hill.

page 423..........

One of the first broadcast witnesses was with Jean Hill. Jimmy Darnell

had come upon her in the press room. At 1.21pm CST, WBAP's

Tom Whalen played over the NBC network an interview arranged

through Darnell, which he had just audio-taped a few minutes earlier.

Darnell was later joined at the Court Building by NBC cameraman

Henry Kokajan, who had brought with him WBAP's only sound camera

which had originally been set up at the Trade Mart.........

By about 3.16 CST

,NBC was again reporting through its WBAP affiliate on witnesses to

the shooting, and Moorman's photo of the President was shown on

camera followed by a filmed interview of the two women. (page 237-8).

Following his work in Dealey, Darnell went back to Love Field and was

able to film the President's coffin being loaded onto AF 1 at about 2.15pm.

taking it from the perimeter of the secure area. Head of police security

for Love Field, Newton Fisher ,is said to have confiscated Darnell's film,

saying ...........

"That's sacrilegious. !!" Three film clips shown on Fri. night by NBC

along with other Darnell shots do show long shots of the ambulance

arriving at AF1 ,and might in fact have been Darnell's work?.

POTP.....page 423.


From The Great Zapruder Film Hoax..re Love Field and filming the Coffin.

Gary Mack ARRB statement 11/18/94.

Dr.Hall: Do you have any knowledge , --snip--of any former public

officials who took with them materials related to the assassination

that are now held in private hands that would otherwise be deemed

public documents?

Gary Mack: One comes to mind, A local photographer who worked

for the NBC affiliate named Jimmy Darnell, filmed the loading of the

President's casket on to Air Force One........... He filmed it from close range,

and after he was done, a Dallas Police Officer ( Newton Fisher) came

up to him and said you shouldn't have done that, that is sacrilegious,

give me your camera. Jimmy had just joined ( Jan. 61) the station

and hadn't been in the business very long and he did turn over the

camera or gave him the film, and the officer ---Jimmy knew the

officer's name and he told me the officer's name, and I don't

recall it. It will come to me in a minute..........

I called him (the officer, Newton Fisher?)and he had no knowledge

of such a film and didn't recall doing that, but was not really surprised,

it was not the kind of thing he would be enthusiastic to admit..

He said if he had done that, he would have given it to Chief Curry,

which means it would have gone to the FBI, so the station filed a

FOI request right away and got an answer within like four days

that their files do not have any such film.......

Since there is such controversy, and legitimate controversy, I

should add about the condition of the President's body in Dallas

versus the body in Washington, I would douibt very highly there

would be anything significant in this film of loading the body

onto Air Force One, but you never know, and what else was on

that film has also vanished........

From......page 477-8. TGZFH. Dr.Jim Fetzer


After leaving Love Field ,Jimmy Darnell went to the DPD and stayed

there into the early hours of Sat. morning." I filmed Oswald when

they brought him into the "show up" room ".Oswald's brief showing

to the hoards of press at an assembly room late that Friday.

Darnell's wife Ruth had been re-assigned, temporarily into Chief

Curry's office to help answer the deluge of phone calls from

all over the world........

Jimmy was off duty on Sat, and on duty Sunday,and at Parkland

Hospital to catch up on Governor Connally's condition, he was there

and filmed Oswald being brought in following his being shot by

Jack Ruby.

POTP: page 430.

Jimmy Darnell also took footage of the TSBD's exterior view

of the building and the unfolding activity around it. page 519.POTP.

He also filmed the pool of red liquid, in a 5 second snippet of film

for WBAP-TV, (which BTW later became KXAS-TV.) from the top

of the knoll steps..panning left and tilting slightly down to show

the pool,of liquid. A small crowd milling around, people walking

around it, also filming the Police in and around the knoll, and

railroad yard to the west. Filming officer James Foster on the

sidewalk at the top of the steps near the red liquid, with the wood

fence at his rear.... ....

From......National Nightmare page 91.

Below is a Wilma Bond photo...# 5 ??

That is he, Jimmy Darnell, facing the bus filming, in the brown

suit, Mary Moormen is seen to his left..

No where, so far, have I noticed what particular type of

Camera that Darnell used, would you or anyone know.?? ....


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