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Sirhan Sirhan and Arthur Bremer:

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This is from the following article by the former LAPD cop who is also the author of Crossing the Rubicon. However I have also read this in the Christian and Turner book, The Assassination Of Robert Kennedy,( which is MY CANDIDATE FOR THE BOOK WITH THE MOST INTERSTING FOOTNOTES EVER! THE REST OF THE BOOK IS AMAZING ALSO!)

Does CIA produce mind-controlled assassins? Well, aside from the reams of material released under the FOIA from CIA's which say that they do, stop for a minute and look at one LAPD document from SUS files. Sirhan Sirhan was hypno-programmed using hypnosis drugs, and torture by. Among others, the Reverend Jerry Owen and CIA mind-control specialist William Bryan hypno-programmed Sirhan at a stable where he worked months before the shooting. Also working there, at the same time, was Thomas Bremer, the brother of Arthur Bremer who, in 1972, shot Presidential Contender George Wallace. Read it for yourself and ask yourself what you believe about the existence of democracy in this country and what you believe about the fate of ANY Presidential candidate not sanctioned by the powers that be before the "race" is run.



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and Fromme is now confirmed to have had FBI, if not other, connections.....say no more...say no more! [in Monty Python voice]

Sorry Peter, but I need to say more. Or to be more precise, Moore.

It was Sara Jane Moore, not Manson disciple Fromme, that was an FBI informant. That's been known for a long time.

Moore, 77, was freed on parole less than two weeks ago.


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