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God Help Me, But I Can't Resist:

Charles Drago

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The belief that the Moon landings were faked has nothing to do with what the Brits think about Churchill ... What a ridiculous comparison .

Your attempt to minimize and trivilize the fact that millions of people don't believe that Apollo astronauts ever walked on the Moon is not only pretty lame but very transparent ... But then insulting the intelligence of those who believe Apollo was a hoax is all part of the game, right ?

Merely making a comparison to the millions who think Churchill wasn't real.

At the end of the day, in terms of whether Apollo happenend or not, it matters not a jot whether ten people or ten million people believe in the hoax. Whatever figures you use, many more people believe the landings happened than don't. I'll happily concede though, it's the veracity of the evidence that counts, not the number of people who believe it.

Back on topic then: looking forward to you digging out that empirical radiation evidence you're after. :ph34r:

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