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This section of the Education Forum enables students and teachers to ask questions about particular periods of history. The questions will be answered by historians, authors and researchers. In some sections we will also have people available who were actively involved in these events.

So far the following sections are available:

The Life and Death of John F. Kennedy


The Cold War


The Vietnam War


Nazi Germany


Second World War


First World War


Women’s History


Black History


Spanish Civil War


History of Russia


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John, I have a question for you:

I read your topic about russian political and military figures(1860-1920),

and in it I didn't found name of great, in my opinion, diplomat prince Gorchakov Alexander Mihailovich. Why?I think that you know him. And if you permit I would like to compose an article about him.

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I've just described a technique I've been using on flexible learning courses on the Flexible Learning sub-forum, which might also be of interest to people wanting to ask experts things - and get a recording of the conversation out on the net. You'll find the posting at:


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