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US Sanctions Cuba Online

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US Sanctions Cuba Online

Havana, Mar 6 (Prensa Latina) The United States is sanctioning Cuba on the global Internet by blocking 557 companies and 3,719 domains linked with the island, without notifying their owners.

This far-reaching aggression against the Caribbean nation is an application of extraterritoriality of US legislation, Juventud Rebelde newspaper explained, because Cuba has 1,434 .cu comains, while Washington has blocked nearly three times that number.

Alluding to a note published by The New York Times on the US decision to apply Internet regulations "without argument", the Cuban paper considers this action the tip of the iceberg of new aggression against the island.

The blocked companies and domains are on a Department of State black list in an attempt to control people's access to the worldwide Internet, Juventud Rebelde asserts.

This violation of World Intellectual Property Organization regulations responds to a rendition by eNom Company to the US administration, because its Internet functions are allegedly technical and not concerned with any legal or political regulation.

The White House controls the main international servers and can block what it wants, without the pretext of a terrorist attack.

In the case of Cuba, such actions are a result of the Torricelli Act or the 1992 National Defense Authorization act, allowing the island to connect to the Internet by satellite through contracts with US companies and subsidiaries with the approval of the Department of Treasury.

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