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One of Better Aticles Ever on Clinton Inc.

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Bill and Hillary themselves are matchless fighters, and the singular genius of their first eight-year reign was to enlist their supporters as partisan spectators to their fights: against Gennifer Flowers, against Pentagon brass who forced them into "Don't ask, don't tell", against "Harry and Sally", against Newt Gingrich, against the undeserving poor, against gay-baiters who forced them into the Defense of Marriage Act, against Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky, against Ken Starr and "the vast right-wing conspiracy." Meanwhile, the spectators themselves became punching bags, but so thoroughly had they been corralled into the Clintons' bleachers that it was as if they could do nothing but take it, perhaps raising a squeak of protest briefly, before turning back to the main event, cheering on their friends, oppressors, friends, the Clintons.

After Hillary won Ohio, having beaten up Obama on NAFTA, a real estate deal and the danger an Obama presidency would pose to sleeping children, the two obvious questions were how did she manage to turn NAFTA into a negative for him, and why didn't he fight back quicker, harder, more effectively? The same might be asked of Ohio itself, and everything Ohio represents, across the long decline of wages and jobs and manufacturing to the present state of social insecurity for which "NAFTA" has become shorthand. For the plain fact is that until the anarchists rose up in Seattle, along with better behaved opponents of neoliberal globalization, shutting down the WTO meeting in the twilight of the Clinton years, no one fought at all except the right.

It is almost hard to believe now that the reason health insurance was on the Clintons' first agenda at all, back in 1992, was because there was a mini movement for single-payer in the country. Labor unions, citizens groups, doctors' and nurses' groups, some business leaders, had all been agitating, making it an election issue in other races, writing letters, organizing meetings, protests, media attention. Bill Clinton rode that wave and immediately after being elected, while in the transition, he asked his allies to shut up; Wall Street was already breathing down his neck, the right was bringing heat, trust him and he would, as promised, "put people first" when it came to health care. A protest caravan that had been planned was canceled. One of the biggest players in the coalition, the unions, so flattered to have a president who actually spoke to them, were eager to comply. Bill gave the job of health care reform to Hillary, who studiously interviewed all the players, at one point asking Dr. David Himmelstein, a major exponent of a Canadian-style system "where's the power?" behind such a reform. "Seventy-five percent of the American people," he answered, to which she replied, "Tell me something interesting."




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thanks Myra, wish I had written it. Please POST IT AROUND ON BIG DAILY NEWSPAPERS SO IT WILL ACTUALLY BE SIGNIFICANT! It really strikes me as bizare how much of what "we" have learned the last 8? years has been compleetly missing from the presidential debate. I mean, I expect it to be corporate right but the last three months have been sureal, how all of the things that Bush and the Bendovercrats have done to this country have been UTTERLY WRITTEN OUT OF THE CMPAIGN in favor of the media working with Hillary INC to red phone us .....BUT IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES???

I think part of the problem is a real serious one with the internet. YES THERE ARE GREAT THINGS ABOUT THE INTERNET. But is there some weakness here in the mediaum being so fragmenting that its criticisms of the status quo cannot be coherent enough to effect the NATIONAL political debate? Dont know if Im at all clear here, still mulling it over. It also seems like the Corporate Media have used to internet as an excuse to become even more subservient to the our remaining branch.

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