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Much more significantt, Antti. Actually at least three events, first not directly related to assassination.

March 13, 1957: Rolando Cubela and other members of an anti-Batista student group storm the Havana presidential palace in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Batista.

March 13, 1961: Robert Maheu meets Johnny Rosselli at the Patterson-Johanssen fight in Miami. After the fight, Maheu delivers poison to Rosselli which he passes to a Cuban outside the Boom Boom Room at the Fountainebleu. This assassination attempt was intended to eliminate Fidel before the BOP.

March 13, 1987 Trafficante "confesses" to his attorney Frank Ragana, says to effect, Carlos screwed up. We should have got Bobby. (But Trafficante's family (his REAL family) dispute Trafficante even met with Ragano. He died four days later.

The latter two events are of course important in the history of the assassination.

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