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Fake Corporate Elections in 08!

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Im sure None of these Obama Headlines are For-Profit!

Im sure they are just a random outpouring of the publics inate desire to remain in Iraq for 100 years. I had to refrain from posting some myself.

Im not saying Obama is a good candidate. Any experienced watcher knows he was Hillary's airbag.

the strategy was

1. allow 3 in spotlight

2. Corporate Media puff up obama on generality with ANCH0RS implying it was somehow a vaguely left alternative

3. Allow the 3rd "realer" alternative (also quite possibley fake) to lose by giving him 1/3rd of the airtime and no bump even after strong finishes when McCain did half as well and was given a corporate Media bump

4. When it was Obama and Hillary , THEN AND ONLY THEN pop the Hiallarys Airbag that had protected her from those who hate the CLintons even more than the Republicans do-- the democratic base!


Operation Mockingbird Spartacus:


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