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Mr. SPECTER - Now. Doctor Humes, will you take Commission Exhibit No. 395--

Mr. McCLOY - Before you go, may I ask a question? In your examination of the shirt, I just want to get it in the record, from your examination of the shirt. there is no defect in the collar of the shirt which coincides with the defect in the back of the President's coat, am I correct?

Commander HUMES - You are correct, sir. There is no such defect.


OK! It's "in the record"!

But then again, so is this:

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Page#2 of Reno Letter:

*Note: Paragraph#3 has been previously discussed under the "Heiberger" topic, and which information was relayed based on the (incorrect) information which Henry Heiberger personally relayed to me in regards to the FBI examination of JFK's clothing.

Based on the information provided by John Hunt, it is now quite obvious that, for whatever reason, Henry Heiberger, at minimum, misrepresented various aspects of the examination of JFK's clothing during our conversations related to this topic.

With that information now provided by John Hunt, it now becomes obvious that the FBI's obfuscation of the actual results of clothing testing are far in excess of even what I had originally suspicioned.

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Being somewhat fond of the Senator Schweiker statement, it has been utilized throughout various correspondences.

"Tripp" is Mr. Tripp Hall who at the time was "Director of Eastern Operations" for United States Senator David Boren of Oklahoma, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, as well as a primary individual who became instrumental in release of the classified JFK assassination documents.

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