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Biography: Cash Pawley

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My name is Cash Wallace Pawley, Sr. I was born in 1970 in Tampa, Florida and moved to Coral Gables, Florida in 1973, where I was raised in Private Christian schooling. After graduating from High School in 1988, I entered the United States Marine Corps. After returning to the civilian world I attended college first at Miami-Dade CC, then finished with a degree in Business from the University of Miami. I have worked in management in the private sector, and owned several of my own companies including: CWP Enterprises, Pawley Enterprises, Top This ICP, Pawley Vending, Host-Pro, Inc., and Pawley Investments (which I still currently own and operate).

I began writing fiction novels in 2003, and am currently working on the 4th (3rd novel in a Series called "The Pray Series").

I am also the great nephew of William Douglas Pawley Sr. (Founder of the Flying Tigers AVG and Entreprenuer/Politician). I have studied my great uncle for more than 14 years, with much of my knowledge of him, his companies and politics coming directly from his personal assistant, whom worked with him for her entire life (Miss Marcia Pawley - My 2nd Cousin). I plan to write a book about Bill Pawley in the near future.

I am currently re-enrolled in college to acquire a journalism degree to supplement my Business degree and to fine-tune my writing skills (now that it is no longer just a hobbie).

I currently divorced and live in South Carolina (Pawleys Island) and travel a great deal throughout the year.

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