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Agreed... I've dug into this case, and the parallels to JFK are all there. Young patsy (mind control and MKULTRA overtones); thinly veiled attempts to link Sirhan to communism; deception and head fakes (Polka Dot girl, guns firing blanks, popping baloons in the pantry); film destruction or alteration (Scott Enyart tale); witness intimidation (Seranno, Di Pietro, and 12 others who saw/heard accomplices); flawed ballistics and a controversial (but damming) autopsy; falsification of evidence (bullets, guns, doorframes); compromised trial and defense team (Cooper was blackmailed); corrupt LAPD police investigation, stage-managed to eliminate the patsy; a quiet and ineffective FBI presence; earmarks/fingerprints of intelligence operatives and cut-outs; all kinds of sinister little anechdotes about stalking, impersonaters, pre-knowledge; a phony, transparent and totally unconvincing motive (i.e. Phantom fighter planes to Israel); clear conspirators who were not interrogated, documented or otherwise challenged (Cesar, Wayne, Khan). What a mess... where does one even start? The list is endless, but tragically similar. Even recent allegations of CIA/Morales and Johannes blantant presence in the ballroom, and acoustics tapes that prove 13 shots and more than one gun. Reading about RFK's murder makes me sick, and not real proud about being an American. His wife was pregnant with child #11... were I one of his children, I'd be pretty upset and troubled about the country we live in. And the immediate result for Amreica was the anti-Christ of that era, Ricard Nixon. Its pretty scary to contemplate.

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