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CIA back in the "intellectual" magazine business?

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“The Week in Books,” The Grauniad, Saturday Review, 31 May 2008, p.5

Committed to the defence of "western civilisation" and backed by a shipping magnate worth £120m, Standpoint magazine was launched this week at the Wallace Collection in London - the gallery where Poussin's A Dance to the Music of Time hangs, and where on Wednesday Anthony Powell would have relished the different layers of rightwing intelligentsia drinking champagne.

Editor Daniel Johnson recalled discussing the need for a highbrow magazine with the future Prospect editor David Goodhart when they were foreign correspondents in Berlin together ("he managed it 10 years earlier"); Johnson's friend Tom Stoppard ("I knew him when his father [Paul] was still a socialist") affirmed the need for such an Encounter-like periodical when "the world is in spasm"; and Michael Gove - the only top Cameroon visible, although George Osborne is a contributor - compared the editor to Posh Spice. At least five Johnsons were present, and four Amises.

Judging by the line-up of moonlighting Sunday Telegraph reviewers, books coverage is overseen by that paper's former lit ed (and a former Encounter staffer) Miriam Gross. Certainly it obeys the monthly's overall ideology, as the debut of a regular feature, Overrated/Underrated, makes clear by extolling the hawkish, CIA-loving Ian Fleming at the expense of lefty John le Carré. JD

Interesting to see how quickly we're treated to pieces attacking conspiracy theories in general, and RFK/JFK/9/11 ones in particular.

Incidentally, what is the going rate for a British pol and academic these days?

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Paul as of 3pm CNN: ....

...an apartment in Queens, 10,000 in majic twinkie futures and of a subscription to the Nation with the guarantee that no-one will ever ever ask about the Diary of A Mad Lawprofessor column.

That expensive, eh? And I always thought Gentlemen preferred cash. Just goes to show.


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