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RFK Murdered 40 Years Ago Today

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Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination - airing June 06, 2008 at 4:00 pm on Investigation Discovery


Also linked at:


San Francisco Chronicle - 40 years after RFK's death, questions linger - June 3, 2008


L.A. Times - 40 years later: The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy - June 5, 2008


L.A. Daily News - Agent recalls the last hours of RFK - May 31, 2008


Long Beach Press Telegram - Little left of Ambassador Hotel, site of RFK assassination - June 4, 2008


Baltimore Sun - The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy - June 5, 2008


Baltimore Sun - Epic Vision - May 27, 2008


New York Sun - New Film Raises Questions About RFK's Assassination - June 4, 2008


am New York - RFK assassination 'like yesterday' for photographer Richard Drew - June 4, 2008


UPI - Author: Questions remain on RFK's killing - June 3, 2008


U.K. Times Online - Robert F Kennedy: photographer Harry Benson's final shots - June 1, 2008


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Thanks for those, Peter.

Robert F. Kennedy Remembered - Washington Post - June 5, 2008


Remembering Our Father - New York Times - June 5, 2008


Robert F. Kennedy: What if He Had Lived? -- A Golden Age That Never Was - Huffington Post - June 5, 2008


RFK for Twentysomethings - Huffington Post - June 5, 2008


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Sadly, on this 40th anniversary the media is still ignoring the truth.

That would be the best way to honor Bobby's memory: the media grow some b****.

Not in our life time, I'm afraid.

"Has anybody here seen my old friend Bobby?"


(That song never fails to make me cry)

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40 Years Later: RFK's Daughter Reflects - USA Today video - June 5, 2008


Forty years later, Robert Kennedy’s assassination reverberates - Kansas City.com - June 5, 2008


Memories Of Robert F. Kennedy - CBS News - June 5, 2008


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And Democracy Now Special, including interesting never-before broadcast speech by RFK here:


It also includes some clips from Shane O'Sullivan's film RFK Must Die.

Also very interesting and new to me testimony from John Pilger [who was in kitchen with RFK] about second gunman firing after SS was already subdued!!!!

JOHN PILGER: I had been traveling with Robert Kennedy as a correspondent for the London Mirror in the end of May, early June, primarily through California. And this was the primary that Kennedy had to win to show that he could gain the nomination. In fact, by winning in California, which he did, he would almost certainly have gained the nomination.

But I had one of the last interviews with Kennedy. In those days, there was good access to the candidates. There were spin doctors, but the protection around the candidate was fairly minimal, in that you could speak to him and have an interview. And I had a very long interview with Kennedy, in which I asked him about his alleged opposition to the war. You may remember, he was running against Senator Eugene McCarthy then, whose so-called children’s campaign was very much an antiwar campaign, and Kennedy really only came into the campaign after McCarthy had won in New Hampshire and Lyndon Johnson had decided not to seek another term. So Kennedy was really running as the new liberal candidate, antiwar, which he wasn’t, and somebody—he was like Barack Obama of his time, very much for—he was supported by young people, although they were divided then between McCarthy and him, and he was supported by minorities. So the interview I had with Kennedy was about two or three days before he arrived in Los Angeles.

And I went along to the Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was due to appear, having won that primary. And in fact I had been invited with a number of other journalists to join him and his entourage at what was then a fairly well-known discotheque in Los Angeles called The Factory. And we had been told to follow the candidate through the kitchen, because they were going out the back way. And as we waited for Kennedy to appear on stage in the ballroom at the Ambassador, one of the Kennedy workers came up to us and said, “There’s a funny-looking guy in the kitchen. He’s giving me the creeps.” Well, that was Sirhan Sirhan. And I have to say that none of us journalists where we were went off and inquired who this funny-looking guy was.

Kennedy arrived, stood on the stage, made a very short speech, which ended famously with now “on to Chicago,” where the Democratic nomination would have happened, the convention there. And then, he and Ethel, his wife, and his two protectors—Bill Barry, former FBI agent, and Rosey Grier, NFL player—followed by a half a dozen journalists, including myself, started to walk towards the kitchen. Kennedy entered the kitchen. Sirhan leapt up on a serving area, pointed a gun at him and fired. He was wrestled. Kennedy fell. He was wrestled to the ground, and then there were other shots.

There’s no question that there was another gunman, because one of the people who was hit, just grazed, was standing next to me, and that happened when Sirhan Sirhan had been wrestled to the ground. So that’s the interesting thing. There was another assassin or another several assassins. And then it was bedlam. And as you know, Kennedy died about twenty-four hours later.

AMY GOODMAN: John Pilger, what about Robert Kennedy’s views of Vietnam? Also, of course, your view is not the standard one, that there were other assassins.

JOHN PILGER: I’m sorry. I didn’t quite hear the second part. His views of Vietnam and…?

AMY GOODMAN: Your view is not the standard one, that there were other assassins there. But—

JOHN PILGER: Well, I told—the FBI interviewed quite a few of us, and I told the FBI at length just what had happened, the numbers of shots that were fired that I heard—I thought I heard. And I’m pretty sure I did hear them, which Sirhan Sirhan—

AMY GOODMAN: How many?

JOHN PILGER: —couldn’t have fired. There were two people seen running from the Ambassador Hotel, including one famous woman in a polka dot dress. A number of us thought we saw those. We can’t be absolutely sure about that. There is a new documentary out, which I haven’t seen, which I understand goes into this in depth. But—

[there is more to Pilger's interview on the site]

AMY GOODMAN: John Pilger, investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker, covered Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign in the last months, was one of the last extended interviews he did with Robert F. Kennedy. He was there, back in the kitchen, when Robert F. Kennedy was shot and assassinated.


I find AMY GOODMANS RESPONSE QUITE STRANGE AND THOUGHT PROVOKING: Here is a famous journalist talking about having seen a second gunman ( is his testimony here new?) and what does Amy Goodman do?

Refutes and changes the subject in one line.

Are we certain that Amy Goodman's reaction to this famous witness' testimony is the natural knee jerk reaction of a journalist?

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