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Louie Steven Witt taken in by DPD 11-22-63

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Witt's HSCA Testimony:

Mr. DEVINE. You mentioned you saw a police officer with a revolver, or a handgun, in a raised position?

Mr. WITT. This was after some time had elapsed.

Mr. DEVINE. Are you talking about seconds or minutes?

Mr. WITT. More in minutes. This was after I had sat down. As a matter of fact, it was somewhere about the point where I guess I was getting ready to leave.

Mr. DEVINE. After the motorcade moved out and the crowd was milling around you, you just casually went back to your place of employment?

Mr. WITT. I don't know if casually describes it. I did pick up the umbrella and go back to the building where I worked. One end of the building was on Elm Street.

Mr. DEVINE. That is the first time you learned the President had been shot?

Mr. WITT. After I got back in the building, yes.

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In one of the aftermath films you see three men taken in by the DPD, one of the three men resembles Louie Steven Witt.

The small color picture is from Witt's HSCA testimony.


That's Danny Arce and Bonnie Ray Williams being loaded in the squad car.

Mr. BALL. Were your two friends with you, Jarman and--

Mr. WILLIAMS. No; they wasn't with me. First I think they took me and another fellow, Danny-- they took us in one car. Then they took some other fellows in another car, and then another car, I think.

Steve Thomas

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For years, I've searched for photos of Arce, Williams and Witt. Information about each of these three individuals after 11-22-63 are hard to find.


Thanks for the new picture for my collection. The facial features, hairline and ears in the match-up picture are so remarkably close.


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