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Harlan Girard: A Case of Mind Control?

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What are member's views on Harlan Girard? You will find an article about him here:


David Guyatt and I have both worked - separately - with Harlan Girard for more than a decade. We mentioned his case in this recent thread.


There is additional information about the potential state of electronic mind control technology in the overview piece linked below. I was working with another claimed victim, Blanche Chavoustie, when she was presenting her (and other's) evidence to Admiral Boorda, who very soon after decided to commit suicide. Many of us doubt the official story.


I have shared this information with other members whom I regard as genuine researchers. I now share the tip of the iceberg with the Education Forum. I do so in the hope that any discussion will be constructive.


Thank you for posting this deeply disturbing article. If this is merely "the tip of the iceberg" one shudders to think just what else our evil government is capable of. No wonder the net is not "controlled" , if too many people become overly aware that can be easily taken care of.


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I met Harlan in 1989. He came to visit me after ringing me up. (I describe the encounter in more detail in the book.) His story seemed bizarre but having read about MKUltra et al, not THAT bizarre. I didn't decide then whether or not I believed him or whether or no he was personally paranoid/deluded because he left me enough printed material for me to see that what he was describing was possible. If he wasn't a victim of this technology, given the the American state's track record of doing tests on unwitting suspects, some other people would be victims. In other words, what was important was the subject matter not Harlan's claims and their status. Subsequently I have accumulated a lot of material on this subject but have never managed to synthesise it - partly because of my lack of scientific knowledge.

Harlan's claims raise a panoply of intellectual difficulties. Is he (and the other 'wavies') being 'beamed'? If he is being 'beamed', who is doing it? He says it is CIA but he has no way of knowing. Even if he is being 'beamed' and is told by those doing the 'beaming' that they are CIA, he has no means of knowing if they are telling the truth of not; and they would have every reason to lie.

That nothing has appeared via FOIA requests to support his story is neither surprising nor significant. Nothing WOULD appear, would it? Almost 20 years after I first met Harlan and began collecting material in this field all I can say for sure is what I have said already many times in different forums: since the technology to do what he claims is being developed (and probably has long been developed) it is impossible to simply dismiss him and others like him as paranoid and deluded.

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Guest David Guyatt

Harlan is a like-able fellow who has persisted in pressing for genuine research and attention to this subject for God knows how many years.

Once, many years ago now, when the technical adviser of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited me at my home for lunch and a private discussion about mind control technology, every piece of paper I showed him that Harlan had copied me with, he had already seen -- direct from Harlan... Based on many factors that I don't intend to go into here, I have little doubt that the ICRC were amply aware of the covert development of this technology and were deeply disturbed by it. That was over 10 years ago.

Whatever impressions one may have about Harlan's personal testimony, one can only admire his grit and determination to ensure this important story got out to a much wider audience. I absolutely applaud him for that.

Also, Robin's LOBSTER was a key source for the dissemination of related info, especially the excellent essays by Martin Cannon and Armen Victorian. Both were important in highlighting the very curious connections that existed between the mind control field and the UFO field.

It is my view that there is a hitherto, and as yet largely unrecognized but related "third" thread to both of these subjects that need be included by future researchers. This can loosely be called the "occult connection" that I have, from time to time, attempted to explicate in these fora. At the present time, few indeed are the numbers of those prepared to step into this field of research due to the weirdness rating generaly attributed to it. Yet I remain convinced it will eventually prove to be a highly significant field that will yield many important insights to those (whoever they are) that stand behind the mind control and UFO subjects.

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