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Who is Nicholas Sarkozy?

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Another google translation (sorry) but I can't find it in English yet. The original in Spanish is here http://www.voltairenet.org/article157660.html

Well worth the read even with the google translating mangles.

The true story of French president

Operation Sarkozy: How the CIA put one of its agents in the presidency of the French Republic

by Thierry Meyssan

Tired of lengthy reigns of the presidents François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, the French chose Nicolas Sarkozy in the hope that the energy of the latter succeeded in revitalizing the country. They hoped to finish well with years of immobility and obsolete ideologies. What we gained was a break with the fundamental principles of the French nation and have now been stunned before this' hiperpresidente ', which every day embiste against a new subject, that sucks on the right and left, that all points trastoca Reference seeding and the total confusion.

As children who have done a great deal of mischief, the French today are too busy looking how to apologize to have time to recognize its own ingenuity and extent of the damage. And also refuses to do something they should have long ago: Who is really admit Nicolas Sarkozy.

It is true that we are talking about a very clever man. Like a magician, has managed to divert public attention toward his private life, offering it as entertainment and posing in magazines society to make us forget his career as a politician.

The aim of this article is not to criticise Nicolas Sarkozy relationships within the family, their friends or their relations. What it does is to reproach him for having concealed the French ties that bind it, when his compatriots believed, wrongly, that they were choosing a free man.

In order to understand how a man who was in which all see today an agent of the United States and Israel succeeded in becoming head of the Gaullist party and then president of the French Republic, it is necessary to look to the past. We must open a parenthesis to present a comprehensive actors today are more tangible than their revenge.

Family Secrets

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the intelligence services of the United States resorted to sponsor Italian-Americans and Lucky Luciano to ensure the security of U.S. ports and prepare the landing of the Allies in Sicily. The person responsible for contacts with Luciano services Americans is Mr Frank Wisner. Later, when the 'godfather' was released and went into exile in Italy, responsible for maintaining contacts in its "ambassador" Corsican, Etienne Leandri.

In 1958, United States, concerned about the possibility of victory of the FLN in Algeria, which would open the door to Soviet influence in North Africa, decided to plan a military coup in France. In organizing this joint operation involving the Directorate of Planning CIA-theoretically under the leadership of Mr Frank Wisner .- and NATO. But Wisner has already succumbed to dementia so who oversees the coup is none other than his successor: Allan Dulles. From Algiers, a group of generals create a French Committee of National Salvation, which pressed to civilian authority-in-Paris and forces him to give full powers to General de Gaulle, without resorting to force.

But Charles De Gaulle is not the pawn that whites were expecting to handle. At first, De Gaulle tries to resolve the contradiction colonial granting broad autonomy to the overseas territories within the French Union. But it is already too late to save the French empire because people have stopped believing in the promises of the metropolis and demand independence. After successfully directing ferocious repressive campaigns against independence, De Gaulle accepts what has already evident. Making displayed a rare political wisdom, decides to grant independence to all the colonies.

Those who had led the power to interpret this abrupt shift as a betrayal. The CIA and NATO support then all sorts of conspiracies to eliminate it, including a coup that fails and some 40 assassination attempts. But some of his supporters approve its political evolution and create the SAC, a kind of militia to protect him, about Charles Pasqua.

Pasqua is simultaneously truhán Corsican and former French Resistance fighter against the Nazis. Married to the daughter of a Canadian dealer who became rich at the time of the Dry Law, Pasqua Ricard who directs the signing, having a drink marketed prohibited-the-wormwood is a reputation of respectability selling anise. However, the firm continues to serve as a screen for all kinds of trades related to the family of Italian-newyorkina-Genovese family's own Lucky Luciano. It is not surprising then that Pasqua use Etienne Leandri (the "ambassador" of Luciano) to recruit the henchmen who will shape the Gaullist militia. A third man also plays a leading role in the formation of SAC: former bodyguard of De Gaulle, Achille Peretti-another Corsican.

Under such protection, De Gaulle trace elegance with a policy of national independence. It confirms his stay in the Atlantic side as well as questioned the Anglo-Saxon leadership. Opposes the United Kingdom's entry into the Common Market (1961 and 1967); rejects deployment of UN troops in Congo (1961); encourages States to rid Latin America of U.S. imperialism (Mexico speech, 1964); expelled from France and NATO withdraws from the Integrated Command of the Atlantic alliance (1966); denounced the Vietnam War (speech Phnon Penh in 1966); condemns Israeli expansionism during the Six Day War (1967 ); Advocates independence for Quebec (Montreal speech, in 1967); etc..

Simultaneously, De Gaulle consolidates the power of France to give a military-industrial complex that includes nuclear deterrent force and ensuring its energy supplies. For the Corsicans uncomfortable, away from their surroundings entrusting missions abroad. Etienne Leandri thus becomes the broker group Elf (now known as Total), while Charles Pasqua becomes the man of confidence among heads of state of French-speaking Africa.

Aware that can not defy whites in all areas at the same time, De Gaulle was allied with the Rothschild family. Designates as prime minister seized the bank Rothschild, Georges Pompidou. Both form an effective team. The audacity policy not De Gaulle never loses sight of the economic realism Pompidou.

Following the resignation De Gaulle in 1969, Georges Pompidou took the presidency briefly before dying of a cancer victim. The historical Gaullists not admit his leadership and concern for their tendency anglófila. We denounce as a traitor when Pompidou, with the support of the secretary general of the French presidency Edouard Balladur, allows the entry of "perfidious Albion" in the European Common Market.

The manufacture of Nicolas Sarkozy

After describing the scenery, we return to our main character: Nicolas Sarkozy. Born in 1955, is the son of a Hungarian nobleman, Nagy-Pal Sarkosy of Bocsam, who came to France fleeing the Red Army, and Andree Mallah, Jewish coming in Thessaloniki. After having three children (Guillaume, Nicolas and Francois), the couple divorced. Sarkosy Pal Nagy-Bocsa, is home again with Christine de Ganay, an aristocrat with whom will have two sons (Pierre-Olivier and Carolina). Instead of being educated only by their parents, Nicolas will be subjected to the vagaries of this family "reconstructed".

Her mother becomes secretary Achille Peretti. After participate as co-founder in the creation of the SAC, the bodyguard of De Gaulle had made a brilliant political career. It turned out and elected deputy mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the richest suburb of Paris, and later, president of the National Assembly.

However, in 1972 Achille Peretti faces serious accusations. The Time magazine in the United States reveals the existence of a secret criminal organization, "the Union Corsa" which controls much of the drug traffic between Europe and the United States. This is the famous "french connection" which subsequently lead to the Hollywood screen. Based on congressional hearings and in their own investigations, Time mentions the name of a mafia boss, Jean Ventura, arrested in previous years in Canada and that is nothing more than the commercial delegate Charles Pasqua in signing Ricard. It mentioned the names of several families as leaders of the "Union Corsa", including the family Peretti. Achille denies, but is forced to relinquish the chairmanship of the French National Assembly and survives even a 'suicide'.

In 1977, Pal Nagy-Bocsa of Sarkosy is separated from his second wife, Christine de Ganay, who then establishes a relationship with the second most important man of the central administration of U.S. State Department. Christine de Ganay marries him and settles in the United States. The world is so small, something well known, that her husband turns out to be nothing more and nothing less than Frank Wisner Jr.. Son of former Frank Wisner. Although it is uncertain what were the roles of Frank Wisner Jr.. within the CIA, clearly played an important role. Nicolas, who remains close to his stepmother, his half-brother and his half-sister, begins to turn toward the United States, where she participated in training programmes organised by the State Department.

During this same period, Nicolas Sarkozy joins the Gaullist party. It relates quickly with Charles Pasqua, who is a leader not only nationally but also responsible for the departmental section of Hauts-de-Seine.

In 1982, to complete his law studies and is now a member of the Bar, Nicolas Sarkozy marries the daughter of Achille Peretti. Charles Pasqua attends the groom's wedding as a witness. The lawyer Sarkozy defends the interests of Corsicans friends of their mentors. Buy a property in Corsica, Vico, and even studying the possibility of replacing the "and" his name with an 'i' to make it consistent Corsican.

The following year, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, replacing his uncle political Achille Peretti, a victim of a cardiac crisis.

But Nicolas does not take into betraying his wife and, since 1984, holds a clandestine relationship with Cecilia, wife of Jacques Martin, the most famous entertainers of the French television then, whom he had met when married, in exercising his duties as mayor of Neuilly. That double life will last 5 years before the lovers leave their respective spouses to found a new family.

In 1992, Nicolas serves as a witness at the wedding of the daughter of Jacques Chirac, Claude, an editorialist of the French daily Le Figaro. Unable to contain, seduces Claude and maintains a brief relationship with her while still officially living with Cecilia. The deceived husband commits suicide by drug use. The rupture between the family Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy is brutal and irreversible.

In 1993, the French left lost the legislative elections. The president François Mitterrand refused to resign and start cohabitation with a right-wing prime minister. Jacques Chirac, who wants the presidency and then plans to form a duo with Edouard Balladur comparable to that of De Gaulle and Pompidou, refuses to assume the new post of prime minister and giving way to their "friend of 30 years," Edouard Balladur . Despite his turbulent past, Charles Pasqua becomes minister of the Interior. While retains control of the Moroccan marijuana, takes his charge to legalize their other activities taking control of casinos, and activities like gambling and racing in Francophone Africa. It also establishes links in Saudi Arabia and Israel and becomes an honorary officer of the Mossad. Nicolas Sarkozy, meanwhile, is minister of budget and government spokesperson.

In Washington, Frank Wisner Jr.. becomes a successor to Paul Wolfowitz as head of policy planning at the Department of Defense. Nobody is set in the bonds that unite the spokesman of the French government.

Reappears then within the Gaullist party tension that had already lived 30 years earlier between the Gaullists and the right historical financial representing Balladur. The novelty is that Charles Pasqua, and beside him the young Nicolas Sarkozy, betray Jacques Chirac to approach the flow of Rothschild. Everything degenerates. The conflict reached its peak in 1995, when Edouard Balladur is presented as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic against his former friend Jacques Chirac, and was defeated. The most important thing is that, as directed by London and Washington, Balladur's government opened negotiations for the entry of the states of Central and Eastern Europe, and liberated from Soviet tutelage, the European Union and NATO.

Queen discord within the Gaullist party, where friends of yesterday are now willing to kill each other. To finance his own election campaign, Edouard Balladur seeks to seize secret reserves of Gaullist party, which is hidden under the double counting of the oil company Elf. A penalty killed the old Etienne Leandri, judges ordered a record in the company and its leaders are imprisoned. But Balladur, Pasqua and Sarkozy never achieved recover the loot.

The fall into disgrace

Throughout his first term Jacques Chirac keeps distance Nicolas Sarkozy. The latter remained silent during this period of falling into disgrace. Very quietly, continues to cultivate its relations with financial circles.

In 1996, after a long process of divorce, Nicolas Sarkozy married Cecilia. Witnesses of the wedding are millionaires Martin Bouygues and Bernard Arnaud (the richest man in France).

Last act

Long before the Iraqi crisis, Frank Wisner Jr.. and their colleagues from the CIA and the planned destruction of the current Gaullist and the rise of Nicolas Sarkozy. The operation takes place in three stages: First, eliminate the leadership of the Gaullist party and takes control of your device. Then elimination of main rival right-wing Gaullist party and investiture of the presidential election. And finally, elimination of any serious contender left, to ensure that the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of the French Republic.

For several years, the media are kept awaiting the posthumous revelations of a property developer. Before dying of a serious illness, this man, for reasons that have never been clarified, recorded a confession on video. For some reason even darker, the "video" was to give a jerarca hands of the Socialist Party, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who sends it directly to the press.

Confessions of this individual does not give rise to any legal sanction, but open Pandora's box. The main victim of successive scandals will be the prime minister Alain Juppé. To protect Chirac, Juppé himself assumes responsibility for all criminal offences. Being sidelined Juppé, is free the way for Nicolas Sarkozy achieved put at the head of the Gaullist party.

Sarkozy then exploited his position to force Jacques Chirac to return to government, despite the mutual hatred. It becomes, ultimately, minister of the Interior. Grave mistake! From that office, Sarkozy controls prefects and the political police used to penetrate the main administrative institutions.

It also addresses issues relating to Corsica. The prefect Claude Erignac was killed. Although nobody claimed responsibility for the crime, immediately interpreted this as a challenge to the independence of the Republic. After a long pursuit, the police achieved arrest a fugitive suspect, Yvan Colonna, the son of a socialist deputy. Ignores the principle of presumption of innocence, Nicolas Sarkozy announced the arrest of the suspect accused of being the murderer. The opportunity painted the bald and missing only two days for the conduct of the referendum that the Minister of the Interior organized in Corsica to change the status of the island. Nevertheless, voters rejected the draft Sarkozy who, according to some, serves the interests of the mafia.

While Yvan Colonna was subsequently found guilty, the truth is that he has always proclaimed his innocence and that there was no physical evidence against him. Strangely, the man took refuge in silence, preferring to be condemned rather than reveal what he knows. We disclose here that the prefect Erignac was not the victim of nationalists but was killed by a murderer to pay, Igor Pecatte, which was taken immediately to Angola, where the group Elf hired him as a member of his security force. The motive for the crime had to do precisely with the previous functions of Erignac own, responsible for African networks Charles Pasqua at the Ministry of Cooperation. As for Yvan Colonna, this is a personal friend of Nicolas Sarkozy for decades and their children maintained relations.

Outbreak then a new scandal. They begin to circulate false listed several personalities who accuse of having bank accounts in Luxembourg at the Clearstream bank. Among the accused is Nicolas Sarkozy. This presents a complaint and assumed that his rightist rival in the presidential election, the then prime minister Dominique de Villepin is the organizer of the maneuver. And does not hide its intention to take him to prison.

In reality, the false listings were put into service for members of the Franco-American Foundation, whose president John Negroponte and as manager Frank Wisner Jr.. What the judges do not know, and we reveal here is that the lists were manufactured in London by a joint office of the CIA and MI6, Hakluyt & Co., Also administered by Frank Wisner Jr.. Villepin defends itself from the accusations attributed to him, but is subject to an investigation and house arrest and, indeed, is placed temporarily on the sidelines of political life. Way off to Sarkozy, on the side of right.

It is then neutralize the opposition candidates. The shares of accession to the Socialist Party was reduced to a symbolic level, to attract new militants. Suddenly, thousands of young people enrolled in that organization. At least 10 000 of these new militants are actually Trotskista Party members' Lambert '(in reference to the name of its founder, Pierre Lambert). Historically this small left-wing organization has been put at the service of the CIA estalinianos against the communists during the Cold War (This is the equivalent of SD / USA Shatchman Max, who formed the neoconservatives in the U.S.). This is not the first time that the "Lambert" infiltrate the Socialist Party. Previously, they had already entered into that organization celebrated two CIA agents: Lionel Jospin (who became prime minister) and Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, the principal advisor Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Primary elections are organized within the Socialist Party with a view to the nomination of its candidate for the presidential election. Two personalities involved in the competition: Laurent Fabius and Ségolène Royal. But only the first represents a danger for Sarkozy. Dominique Strauss-Kahn then joins the competition with the mission of eliminating Fabius at the last minute. And he achieved thanks to the votes of the "Lambert" infiltrators, who did not vote for him but by Royal.

The operation is made possible because Strauss-Kahn, of Moroccan-Jewish origin, is long on the payroll of the United States. The French are unaware that teaches at the American university Stanford, where he was hired nothing more and nothing less than Condoleezza Rice.

Immediately after his arrival in the presidency, Nicolas Sarkozy and Condoleezza Rice identified his gratitude to Strauss-Kahn making possible his election to assume the leadership of the International Monetary Fund.

First days at the Elysée Palace

In the night's second round of the presidential election, when polling institutes announced his likely victory, Nicolas Sarkozy gave a brief address to the nation from his campaign headquarters. Then, contrary to everything custom, instead joining the celebration with the militants of his party, is going to Fouquet's. This famous restaurant in the Champs Elysees, a former center meeting of the "Union Corsa" and now belongs to the owner of casinos Dominique Desseigne, was placed entirely at the disposal of the president-elect to receive this to his friends and major donors [for funds ] To your campaign. They come here a hundred guests, among them the richest men in France rub shoulders with the owners of casinos.

Later, the president gives himself a few days of deserved rest. A private jet Falcon-900 leads him to Malta where he rests in Paloma, the yacht of 65 metres of his friend Vincent Bolloré, millionaire formed in the bank Rothschild.

Finally, takes place the investiture of Nicolas Sarkozy as president of the French Republic. The first thing it does not sign an amnesty decree authorizing casinos but their friends and Desseigne Partouche to increase the number of slot machines.

Sarkozy makes up his team and his government. Not surprisingly, they find a suspect casino owner (the minister of Youth and Sports) and the lobbyist for casinos Desseigne friend (who becomes spokesman for the party "Gaullist").

Nicolas Sarkozy relies mainly on four people:

-- Claude Guéant, secretary general of the Presidency of the Republic. It's partner-manager of the bank Rothschild.

-- Jean-David Levitte, diplomatic adviser. Son of former director of the Jewish Agency. He was ambassador to France at the UN, until Jacques Chirac drew from that post as by being too close to George Bush.

-- Alain Bauer, the man who moves in the shadows. His name does not appear in yearbooks. It is responsible for the intelligence services. Nieto of the Grand Rabbi of Lyons, a former member of the Grand Orient de France (the main French Masonic lodge) and former number 2 of the U.S. National Security Agency in Europe.

-- Frank Wisner Jr.. Appointed as interim President Bush's special envoy for Kosovo's independence, insists Bernard Kouchner is appointed minister of Foreign Affairs with a dual mission priority: the independence of Kosovo and the liquidation of France's policy in Arab world.

Kouchner, Baltic Jewish origin, started his career participating in the creation of a humanitarian NGO. Thanks to funding from the National Endowment for Democraty participated in the operations of Zbigniew Brzezinski in Afghanistan alongside Osama bin Laden and brothers Karzai, against the Soviets. In the years 1990 next to Alija Izetbegovic, Bosnia Herzegovina. It was the UN High Representative in Kosovo from 1999 to 2001.

Under the supervision of the younger brother of President Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan has become the first world producer of opium poppy [also called poppy]. The white latex is obtained from this plant is processed into heroin in Afghanistan for converting to the U.S. air force subsequently transported to Camp Bondsteed (in Kosovo). There Hacim Thaci's men are responsible for the distribution, mainly in Europe and eventually in the United States. The funds are obtained are intended to finance illegal operations of the CIA.

Karzai and himself a long Thaci are personal friends of Bernard Kouchner, who surely knows nothing of these criminal activities despite international reports to which these have resulted.

To complete his government, Nicolas Sarkozy appoints Christine Lagarde as minister of Economy and Finance. This made his entire career in the United States, where he led the prestigious firm of Baker & McKenzie lawyers. Within the Center for Strategic & International Studies of Dick Cheney, Christine Lagarde was co-chair, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski-a working group that oversaw privatization in Poland. It also organized, working for Lockheed Martin, an intensive lobbying against the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault.

New getaway during the summer. Nicolas, Cecilia's friend and both her children are going on vacation to the United States, Wolfenboro near President Bush's property. This time the account is paid by Robert F. Agostinelli, a business banker in New York, Zionist and neoconservative pure strain that is expressed in Commentary, the journal of the American Jewish Committee.

The success of Nicolas benefit your half-brother Pierre-Olivier. Under the Americanized name of 'Oliver', Frank Carlucci (who was number 2 of the CIA after being recruited by Mr Frank Wisner.) Appoints the director of a new investment fund Carlyle Group (the company that manages simultaneously holdings of shares of the Bush family and the Bin Laden family). Convert the fifth businessman globally, currently administers the main fund accounts sovereign Kuwait and Singapore.

The rate of popularity of President Sarkozy is in freefall in the polls. One of his public relations advisers, Jacques Seguela (who is also a consultant in political communication from the NED for different operations from the CIA in Eastern Europe), advises divert public attention with new 'people stories'.

The announcement of her divorce from Cecilia then appears in [the French newspaper] Liberation, the newspaper of his friend Edouard de Rotshchild, to plug the slogans of the demonstrators in a day of general strike.

Worse, his communicator organizes a meeting with the artist and former model Carla Bruni. Days later, it formalizes its relationship with the president and propaganda media cover new political criticism. Weeks later comes the third marriage for Nicolas. This time chosen as witnesses Matilda Agostinelli (Robert's wife) and Nicolas Bazire, former director of cabinet of Edouard Balladur, become a partner-manager of the bank Rothschild.

When the French open their eyes to see what to do?

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