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The Rudd Lies Begin

Evan Burton

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Though the Rudd pre-election promise was that Defence was "exempt from cuts", it has been included in the review by the "razor gang".

Even before this review, Defence budgets have been slashed. Our own command has been reduced by 30%.

The attitude by ADF personnel (IMO) that distrust a labor government had been validated - again.

The Rudd government will last one term - mark my words.


Don't Blame Me - I Voted Liberal

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Don't blame me either Evan. I didn't vote for Kevin 07 either. Nor did I vote for the other b*****d


You will see though Evan that it was always the ALP's intention to have an audit of the Defence Department and to reassess spending accordingly. See page 6 of ALP policy document above. It says that spending will not only be maintained there will be a minimum 3% growth in real funding until 2016. If there have been funding cuts to your own section it doesn't mean that these are across the board. There are increase in other areas such as ADF health and dental benefits being extended to the families of serving personnel. A nice touch I think. The defense budget is also spent in the defense industries not just in the forces. There are several acquisitions to take place and these will be paid for from the defense budget. You have to admit that the previous government was very wasteful in some areas. The Sea Sprite helicopters, Collins Class submarines and the upgrade of the frigates have all cost 100's of millions of dollars more than was originally allocated and some have still not even been delivered or are not functioning years later. Good god, we still haven't even finalised the compensation for the HMAS Melbourne disaster in 1964 (I think that's the year). There is plenty of waste to go in the defense Department and certainly a greater demand for accountability of the monies and management in general. As a department it has a very high turn over.

There is a defense White Paper being commissioned. Submissions are open still I think. I hope that you are having your say. Now is your chance.


In any case I don't think Kevin 07 is going to do anything too radical. He is quite a conservative chap at heart. Historically, the Labor parties have been quite good to the forces.

If I were you Evan I would have a word with your union rep :rolleyes:

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