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Since the airing of the pilot episode on 22 September 2004, Lost

has become one of the most popular tv series around the world. The fans

of the show have built websites, where they discuss numerous theories

related to the mysteries in the show.

At the end of each episode, the viewers are left with a question mark in their

minds and that leads them to wonder about the next.

There are also things in the show that the viewers do not expect to happen,

things which do not normally take place in a long time tv series

such as, the death of one or sometimes two of the main characters in the first

and second seasons. Of course, the dead are replaced by new characters. By killing

them, the writers of the show emphasize that the focal point should be the plot itself

not the characters.

One of the interesting aspects of the story is the past lives of the characters(the period of time before

the plane crash), which are all related to one another (known only to viewers, of course).

In daily life, you can easily hear heated discussions about the show almost everywhere you go.

The viewers are divided into two : those who are in favour of Jack and those who are of Sawyer.

(Personally, I always give my vote to Sawyer :lol: )

Maybe the reason why Lost is so addictive is our fascination for mysteries.

The below link is a Lost discussion forum for the fans.


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