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Tom Purvis and JFK Lancer

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So, Mr. Frank!

In the event that you are one of those "whiney puppies" which came over here from Lancer to bite me, then perhaps you had best return home.



Thanks for letting us know. It explains a lot.



I was looking at the early forum threads and I ran across this from Tom Purvis to Don Roberdeau.



Review "Altered Evidence" as presented in JFK Lancer and which Debra has been gratious enough to post to this forum. Review the "Vehicle Speed Analysis" portion of this and it will demonstrate that vehicle speed can not be accurately derived from either the Z-film which has missing frames, nor the WC re-enactment which was totally "staged".




Mr. Purvis is whining about his life, not about anything that Lancer did. He was a knowing and willing contributor and referred to Deb as "gracious," even though he spelled it wrong (gratious).



You and the Lancer bunch can sit around and whine about how much smarter than yourself, Specter & Company are, if that is what you wish.

Of the now 4-doggies* who have come over here from Lancer to bite me, only one has actually demonstrated any teeth, and I actually like him.

(one never knows when a "doggie" may actually turn out to be a true "Devil Dog".)

And few would appreciate the rarity of a truly intelligent and highly qualified "Devil Dog"!

But then again, any person who would jump from a perfectly good aircraft at 29,700 feet high, can not be too smart either, and perhaps should not pass judgement on others.


Although somewhat belated, I fully and openly extend a welcome to one of the few "factual researchers" who have graced the pages of the internet.

If we could only get a good "Navy Seal"/ and/or UDT-21 member here, (aka Josiah Thompson) to join us, we could most probably put this puppy to bed!


Message For All, From Mike

Hey Gang,

Often I have been in limbo over an issue in the case, and brought my

thoughts here and had the input from many of you good folks to help

see me through. I am now faced with limbo, but about a different

matter. Since it involves the community, then perhaps this community

is where I should come.

Yes Debra told me that she no longer wanted me as a moderator here at

Lancer. I decided of my own accord to remove my account. The reason

given was that I posted in too many topics. I myself see no issue

here. As a moderator I fairly enforced the rules of the forum, which

is easy work with such a great crew. However as a researcher, I

always tried to progress the research. This means actually having an

opinion. I do not see at all how my opinion as a researcher affected

my fairness as a moderator.

Debra feels that a moderator represents Lancer, and to some extent I

agree, she also told me there were complaints against me. So be it.

In my world when someone has a complaint against someone they bring

it to them, anything less is really very cowardly. So rather than

get the chance to face my accuser, and explain my position, I was

just relieved. No matter the fact that I myself have heard several

complaints about Debra, and always backed her. I suspect most, if

not all of these she is not even aware of. I expected the same in

return, and found out quite quickly that just is not how it works in

the “real world”. I expected my Commanding Officer to support me, as

I supported them. I was expecting too much.

Now to address the complaints as best I can without the benefit of

knowing exactly what they were. I am a very passionate person in all

that I do. I give it everything I have. If my starch manner was

more than some could bear, then I do not know what to tell you. I am

who I am, and, I am WHAT I am. If the cause for the complaints was

that through the use of good old fashion common sense and research I

debunked one of your old and long held religious like beliefs, get

over it. You always had the option to debate me and prove me wrong.

Instead the option was to run to Deb and complain. THAT really

resolved the research didn't it?

Look at how many topics I have posted in. Rapid fire exchanges with

Gary Myer, Ian, and several others were not at all uncommon. So

what's a fella to do? Be in the middle of a great exchange and just

say, "OOOps sorry….have to continue tomorrow my post limit has been

reached?" Ridiculous.

So are the true objectives to promote research, and public

awareness? Has anyone bothered to look at the Google numbers? Has

anyone bothered to notice since I was made a moderator and began

shaking up this place that we climbed 5 places in the Google

listing? How's that for public awareness? The number of posts here

went through the roof. Why? It was not just me folks it was you as

well. Debating, working theories and Ideas, binding to become an

outstanding community. Is this not what we SHOULD do?

I worked my tail off for Lancer, always posted my information here

first, and did the very best I knew how. What was I rewarded with?

I was rewarded with an EMAIL telling me I have been relieved. Not

even a stinking phone call, of which there have been many between

Debra and I. I then contacted Sherry, who said she had no idea Debra

was doing this. I believe her. She was quite upset.

In my world things are done as personally as possible. If you can

talk to them face to face, or call at the least if that is not

possible. I guess that is also not how it works in the “real

world”. I have yet to receive a call from Debra. Sherry talked to

her, and Debra said she did not even wish to talk to me about it.

Another issue or so I was told, was that I was posting my info on

another forum. True, guilty as charged yur honor! I posted my work

WEEKS after posting it here. Other members of the Lancer team post

things in other venues. So why should I be any different?

I wish I could say I did not care about Debra and Sherry. I can

not. They say the ones we care about the most, are the ones we fight

with the hardest. I certainly see that to be true. I am angry, and

yes was hurt, and in private exchanges was probably far harsher than

I should have been. For that I am sorry. However I also feel that I

can and will reserve the right to be at odds with those I care about

until said odds are overcome.

So back to my quandary, what to do? Look past the differences and

return because even at odds with the officers I still care for the

crew? Or just say hell with the whole mess?

Best to you ALL,


P.S. If those who filed complaints want to discuss those with me man

to man, in a far less cowardly fashion, I am at your service.


Better to light a candle, than curse the darkness.

Jealousy, Anger, Hate & Procrastination

are Useless and Totally Immobilizing

====> for your Future, First, realize the "source"

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