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Biography: Richard Booth

Richard Booth

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My name is Richard Booth. I'm 30 years old and live in the United States. In my professional life I work in the customer service field and my wife is a graphic designer. We live together in Nevada with our two parrots Busey and Kirby.

In my personal life I have an interest in building and maintaining personal computers, gaming, collecting bronze age comic books, and I have an interest the geopolitics of the cold war, specifically the JFK/RFK/MLK assassinations, espionage, and conspiracy theories.

I developed this interest about twelve years ago when I saw the tail-end of "JFK" on cable television...specifically the court room sequence talking about the SBT and reconstructing the events in Dealy Plaza that day. It left quite an impression on me and I wanted to know more, so I set about reading as much about the assassination as I could. This did lead to an interest in other conspiracy theories as well, and I've read quite a lot about them.

Since that time I have become an armchair detective of sorts. I am interested in the sociological impact of conspiracy theory and find all of it's lore (whether fact or not) to be fascinating. I believe that a great deal of the material on this subject is suspect (bogus), sometimes the product of a deliberate disinformation campaign and sometimes the genuine beliefs of what can only be described as crackpots.

I've found that getting to the truth of the matter on this subject, like any subject, requires a skeptical mind that must parse all data and discard what is garbage and retain what is factual information. In doing this I have concluded that many of the conspiracy theories out there are indeed conspiracy fact, and many more are simply fantasies.

As for my views on the assassination of JFK:

I believe that the SBT is an impossibility and that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

I believe that JFK's assassination was most probably carried out by rogue CIA agents and assets including some members of the anti-Castro cuban exile community and the mafia. I believe that the participants were likely the same people working to assassinate Castro and subsequently they turned their crosshairs on the easier target, JFK, in an attempt to both remove a President who was at odds with their groups' respective goals (and one that some of them even believed to be a communist) and to also lay the blame for the assassination at Castro's feet to precipitate a change in foreign policy and an invasion. I believe that Hoover's FBI covered up the crime because of Oswald's status as an FBI informant, and the CIA also participated in this cover-up due to the fact that their own rogue agents and assets participated and may have had a connection to Oswald as well. (De Mohrenschildt and J. Walton Moore come to mind as possible connections, as well as Oswald's curious Mexico City visit)

I believe that LBJ complied in the cover-up to protect the formerly mentioned agencies, and that these parties did not want to see the assassin linked to Cuba vis-a-vis Oswald because (1) It would necessititate a confrontation with Russia and (2) upon closer inspection and investigation it would be clear that the this was a false-flag operation ran by our own assets, not Cuba's or the Soviets.

In my quest to find out the truth I have found your site to be a great reference point, it helps a lot to cross-reference people mentioned in various books and to further weed out red herrings from my own theory and revise my theory as I come across information previously unknown to me.

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