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Sins of the Warren Commission

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Hi Tom - (Thomas H. Purvis),

Anymore info to add to your interesting thread?

Thanks - Steve


My years in the construction industry taught me to think fast and on my feet, take nothing for granted, never trust any given situation without understanding the facts first and an ability to be creative in my approaches to problem solving. I have a very quizzical mind and will generally ask many questions until I have a full understanding,


Perhaps we have more in common than you would expect.

Nevertheless, and first off at bat:

You will find many here who are of the highly misguided opinion that they are actually knowledgeable about the events in Dealy Plaza on 11/22/63.

As example:


Post #3

It is astonishing to me that any knowledgable researcher bothers to reply to the incomprehensible posts of Tom Purvis. But then again, here I am responding....


When in reality, the factual answer is that three shots were fired from the sixth floor window, and there were in fact three hits on JFK.

And anyone who believes the "fairytale" of the WC's "THE SHOT THAT MISSED", would most probably believe in multiple assassins; unicorns; and other mythological creatures.



From a recent email to another forum member:


Perhaps of interest:


Mr. HUDSON - Well, I was standing on those steps that came straight down to Elm there, just above that triple underpass, I was about halfway between the tripple underpass and Houston, where the steps are - somewhere near about halfway.

Mr. LIEBELER - Where are the steps?

Mr. HUDSON - Here they are - right there.

Mr. LIEBELER - It is the series of steps that runs right down the street there?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Mr. HUDSON - Well there was a young fellow, oh, I would judge his age about in his late twenties. He said he had been looking for a place to park and he walked up there and he said he finally just taken a place over there in one of them parking lots, and he come on down there and said he worked over there on Industrial and me and him both just sat there first on those steps. When the motorcade turned off of Houston onto Elm, we got up and stood up, me and him both. He was on the left side and I was on the right and so the first shot rung out and, of course, I didn't realize it was a shot, what was taking place right at that present time, and when the second one rung out, the motorcade had done got further on down Elm, and you see, I was trying to get a good look at President Kennedy. I happened to be looking right at him when that bullet hit him - the second shot.

Mr. LIEBELER - That was when the bullet hit him in the head; is that correct?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; it looked like it ht him somewhere along about a little bit behind the ear and a little bit above the ear.

Mr. LIEBELER - On the right-hand side or the left-hand side?

Mr. HUDSON - Right hand.

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; so right along about even with these steps, pretty close to even with this here, the last shot was fired - somewhere right along in there.



Now, back to the item at hand!


Box 11, Folder 51

1. Photograph. Photograph of engineers' drawing made for U. S. Secret Service of Elm St. and Houston area, negative number 91-001/036, 91-001/037, and 91-001/038, (Photographic Image: Size 5" X 7"), date unknown. 00004074 8 pages 11 51 001 4074-001.gif 4074-002.gif 4074-003.gif 4074-004.gif 4074-005.gif 4074-006.gif 4074-007.gif 4074-008.gif

2. Photograph. Photograph of engineers' drawing made for U. S. Secret service of Elm St. and Houston area, negative number 91-001/036, 91-001/037, and 91-001/038, (Photographic Image: Size 5" X 7"), date unknown. 00004075 4 pages 11 51 002 4075-001.gif 4075-002.gif 4075-003.gif 4075-004.gif



Note: (#1) Although the one provided copy of the survey report actually indicates the true impact point of the last/third shot, this is not the SS Survey plat of 12/5/63.

It is in fact the FBI Survey Plat of 2/9/64 in which the third shot impact was left in it's correct placement (station 4+95) and the second shot/aka Z313 impact was moved back up Elm St.

Can not understand why any "researcher" would not at least know of this better than average copy of this survey plat, as the WC certainly did not even give us this.


Mr. EISENBERG. Could you explain your reference to a map? You have made several references to that.

Mr. SIMMONS. I refer to the survey plat which is dated December 5, 1963.

Mr. EISENBERG. And how were you supplied with that?

Mr. SIMMONS. To the best of my knowledge, you gave it to one of the employees in my office.

Mr. EISENBERG. Mr. Chairman, this is a plat made by a licensed surveyor of the area immediately adjoining the Texas School Book Depository. I would like to introduce it into evidence solely to show the basis which Mr. Simmons was using in his test, and not for the truth, of the measurements which are shown in here.

Mr. McCLOY. It may be received.

Mr. EISENBERG. That would be Commission 585.

(The document referred to was marked Commission Exhibit No. 585 and received in evidence.)


(#2) Personally, I see nothing related to Elm St. here. Kind of makes one think that something has been "switched" as all one sees are drawings of the sixth floor of the TSDB.



OK, finally!

Box 11, Folder 52

1. Photograph. Photograph of reconstruction by U. S. Secret Service showing location of the President's car at time of first shot [also shows items left at the site by citizens], negative number 91-001/059 and 91-001/369, (Photographic Image: Size 8" X 10"), date unknown. 00004076 4 pages 11 52 001 4076-001.gif 4076-002.gif 4076-003.gif 4076-004.gif

Box 11, Folder 53

1. Photograph. Photograph of reconstruction by U. S. Secret Service. Markers shows position of the President's car at time of 2nd and 3rd shots, negative number 91-001/060, 91-001/370, and 91-001/371, (Photographic Image: Size 8" X 10"), 11/27/63. 00004077 4 pages 11 53 001 4077-001.gif 4077-002.gif 4077-003.gif 4077-004.gif


Box 12, Folder 48

2. Photograph, by an unknown author. Photograph reconstruction with Secret Service car and position with cones where 2nd and 3rd shots fired, negative number 91-001/125 and 97-001/396, (Photographic Image: Size 8" X 10"), 11/27/63. 00004174 4 pages 12 48 002 4174-001.gif 4174-002.gif 4174-003.gif 4174-004.gif


"with cones where 2nd and 3rd shots fired" just in case you missed that part!




From a previous email:


Where the Cop standing in the street alongside the car is located would be the position.

If you will note in some of the other SS re-enactment photo's, the cop is actually standing back from the

position with a single foot (& leg) extended forward and placed at the surveyed position.

They utilized a Dallas City cop to stand at the given position and then the limosine drove forward to that position.

Hope that answers the question.


P.S. One might want to research and see what shot Officer James M. Chaney said it was that caused the President's head to "explode".


(hint): The direct quote appeared in a relatively well known magazine which was published during the first week of December, 1963.

P.P.S. You are the second person to send these photos from the SS assassination re-enactment and ask me about them, and since the tree limbs were not cut and removed* until the day after completion of the WC assassination re-enactment, then your other comments are correct as well.

*Removed by members of the WC assassination re-enactment and observed by Mr. Robert West, County Surveyor who had returned to Dealey Plaza from his office for some final measurements needed to complete the WC Survey Plat.

Give me another yell and I will point to another point of some interest along the subject matter of the third shot impact.


Hope you find this of interest Steve.


P.S. I declined employment with our US State Department to oversee portions of the construction on the new US Embassy Building which had to be contructed in the Soviet Union years ago, so we have more in common then "JFK" interests.


April 1987: Discovery of Electronic Listening Devices at U.S. Embassy

Reagan administration officials reported that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had been penetrated by electronic listening devices and would no longer transmit sensitive messages from Embassy facilities. On April 8, 1987, Reagan ordered the Intelligence Review Board to assess the extent of Soviet bugging in the new U.S. Embassy in Moscow to determine whether it should be destroyed or rebuilt.

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