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J.D. Tippit and his true killer “The Raven”

Pamela Ray

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Do people want to know details about The Raven? Who sent him to Dallas and why? What group or agency he was associated with?

Over the last year since the Raven’s death, I have been asking James Files about this mystery man and also about J. D. Tippit’s associates and military background.

Please leave civil, honest questions and I will include them next Saturday when interviewing James Files. I’m compiling all the information and will publish/post the summary in the very near future. There is quite a story to tell.

***Like I said, civil and honest questions will be included.

And hey Dutch Pirate, since you think own James Files lock, stock and barrel, why don't you ask him the questions yourself? ***

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Pam, why don't you either XXXXXXXX or tell us what you already know about "the Raven" instead of trying to put yourself in the limelight with your 30 minute interview.

The Raven was Gary Marlow, you know that only since I told you so. If Jimmy has decided he can now give the goods on him since I found his identity, then yes, we are interested in that, but why would you let us wait for your little interview if you already have the info? You can give us the info here and now. Start writing the two books here you said you could fill on the subject. I'm sure that two books don't fit in 30 minutes.

And while you're at it, ask Jimmy why he killed Rose Cheramie and ran over her skull, and on whose orders, or will that not fit in your 30 minutes? Or is that still supposed to stay a secret? I'm sure that her son Michael would like to know the truth. Maybe you would be so kind to give him some closure during that 30 minutes interview, now that Jimmy's health is failing? Or is your "compassion" only reserved for Jimmy and the truth as it fits you?


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