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Charles Douglas Jackson and the Zapruder Film

John Simkin

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What are our most basic early sources on C.D. Jackson's involvement with the Zapruder film. Is there some chronology of early references that could be established?

From the thread: Was Muchmore’s film shown on WNEW-TV, New York, on November 26, 1963?

Post #115, 4 May 2008

C.D. Jackson’s papers at the Eisenhower Library in Kansas do not contain a detailed diary covering late November 1963, but they do offer a trip and speech log; and a desk calendar on which Jackson noted forthcoming meetings and appointments, things to be done, birthdays, etc. The film made such a profound impression on Jackson that neither contain any reference to an alleged viewing on either Monday, 25 November, or the previous day, Sunday, 24 November. Yet the desk calendar does contain clear evidence of Jackson noting changes to his plans as a consequence of Kennedy’s murder. No wonder Stolley changed his story on Jackson’s role!


The claim that Jackson was central to the process of suppressing the first version of the Z-fake looks to me, absent evidence to the contrary, a retrospective fiction promulgated to get the CIA off the hook.

Plausibly, you understand.

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