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Greer and Kellerman?

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Yes, it is Greer and Kellerman,I have nothing on the other man to the right...

He reminded me of Lem Johns, but he was assigned to LBJ, and no it is not him.

There are agents, that we do have photos of, but no name that were active at that time..

Their names were not freely known, still are not....

Below on the left is seen Clint Hill who was only assigned to Jackie......


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Can anyone tell me where this information (from Kellerman's Spartacus Educational entry) originated?

Kellerman's daughter told Harold Weisberg in the 1970's that "I hope the day will come when these men (Kellerman and Greer) will be able to say what they've told their families". After Roy Kellerman's death, his widow reported that her husband was convinced that there had been a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

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