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I would appreciate assistance in getting contact data for Donald Freed. Or if someone else knows how to get in touch with him, that's fine too. I have been unsuccesful over the last few weeks. My questions are rather simple:

1) Did the name of James Sutton/Files indeed come up in the 1977 investigation of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) as "a black operative and close friend to Wilson and Townley"? And was he questioned by the FBI regarding this case (assassination of Orlando letelier)?

2) If so, who could give me some provable record of that?

3) Who was the author of this piece and which year was it written? http://jfkmurdersolved.com/blackops.htm

4) If it was the highly respected Donald Freed, why was the specific information about James Files sanitized from his book Death in Washington?

James Files confessed in 1993 that he was the grassy knoll shooter, delivering the final headshot to John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza 11/22/1963. The hardest thing to prove is that he was a black operative for the CIA, because he claims the CIA erased his files. He says this was arranged by his controller David Atlee Phililips. I trust you will see why it would be significant to prove that his name came up as a CIA operative in another political assassination as early as 1977 and long before his story on JFK came out.


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