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The New JFK Assassination Paradgum - A New Line in the Sand -

Which side are you on?

Doug Horne's new book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board – The U.S. Government's Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK (Dec., 2009) is wrongfully subtitled as "the final attempt" to resolve assassination issues because if Doug Horne is right, and the assassination of President Kennedy was a coup d'etat, then the government must revisit the assassination, if not for truth and justice, then for the sake of our national security.

Rather than trying to pin the blame on anybody, Horne takes a look at the JFK assassination from a different perspective – as an analysis of the military records of the assassination, and he unintentionally draws a new line in the sand and creates a new paradigm that allows the mysteries of the assassination to be solved to a legal and moral certainty, if the constitution is required to act on it.

With the destruction and tampering with evidence, clear perjury by witnesses and suspects, and the release of millions of pages of documents that support the idea that the assassination was a coup d'etat, there is a mandated need to not only for Congress to oversee a proper review of the JFK Act, but for a special federal grand jury to investigate the crimes relaed to the assassination. There is now a federal grand jury investigating the security breach when two guests crashed a White House party, but there won't be a similar investigation of the murder of the President and the destruction of the evidence in the assassination?

But who will come down on the side of truth, justice and national security?

It is no longer a debate between Lone Nuts - the 20% ers who continue to espouse the idea that the President was murdered by a sociopathic loser, and Conspiracy Theorists - the 80% who think that JFK was the victim of a conspiracy. It is now a contest of wills between those who recognize the assassination as a coup d'etat and want it to be considered as such – a national security issue, and those who want to blame their favorite suspect(s) but let the assassination remain an enigmatic mystery that will never be resolved or really understood.

If Doug Horne is correct, and the assassination was not an attack on the man, but the institution of the presidency, and those responsible for his murder took over the government, then all the Lone-Nuters and Conspiracy Theorists are thrown together as those who believe it was an attack on the man from outside the government, with revenge as the motive, regardless whether they believe it was a lone nut, Cubans, the Mafia or renegade CIA.

Those want the crime treated as it should be, with Congress properly overseeing the JFK Act, the files still withheld released and a Special Federal Grand Jury investigation into the crimes related to the assassination, including destruction and tampering with evidence, perjury, homicide and conspiracy.

Doug Horne's book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board, assists this effort on different legal fronts, not only by saying that the military records of the assassination support the idea that a coup took place, but because if he is right, and it was an inside job, then the evidence is in the government records, and if those responsible for the murder took over the government, then we know who they are and can figure out how they did it.

Doug Horne takes it two steps further however, not only describing it as a coup and inside job, but he also claims that those who killed JFK controlled the body, the communications, the autopsy and the alteration of the Zapruder film, so we not only know their names, we're already familiar with them as players in the game.

Some we didn't recognize as bad guys, and some of those we thought were bad guys were really good guys, but in the end, we're going to know on what side of the line everybody stands.

But even if there are congressional oversight hearings, as there should be, not everybody will want to take the crimes that will be exposed there to a Grand Jury, and force the Constitution to kick in and work as it should. And not everybody will want to have the victims dug up and given a proper forensic autopsy, although ( to borrow a phrase from NPR) – the president of a great nation deserves a proper autopsy, and the courts should require one.

Most significantly however, Doug Horne's book IARRB makes us recognize the assassination for what it is – a matter of national security. The evidence and records were originally withheld because of national security, but now it is a matter of national security that they be released.

And not everyone will want to know who did it, although in the end, it must be recognized that as a matter of national security, the assassination of President Kennedy must be resolved to a legal and moral certainty, because our national security and constitution requires it.

The line in the sand is no longer between Conspiracy Theorists and Lone Nutters, but between those who would rather not know the real truth, and those who want the constitution to function so so truth and justice can prevail and our nation can be secured so it won't ever happen again.

William Kelly


Edited by William Kelly
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