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Of "Slicky Boys" & "Shysters"

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For most of those who have suffered the priviledge of an all expenses paid, year long vacation in SE Asia, there are few who are unfamiliar with the term "Slicky Boy".

Just as there are few who have lived to any extended length of age, who have not witnessed exactly what a "Shyster" lawyer can accomplish.

Unfortunately, there are also those who have not had either experience and therefore suffer severely from "Parrotonitis"*

* A little known inflamation of the brain which causes one to believe in mythological things such as the truth of the WC; the revelations of VDB, or possibly alternative delusions such as multiple assassins; body snatchers and wound alteration specialists; etc; etc; etc;. and thereafter continue to "Parrot" these theories irrelevant as to their often complete lack of validity.

In that regards, "Slicky Boys" are pretty sharp and one must be up on their toes to keep up with their activities.

Whereas, "Shyster Lawyers" are truly not that difficult to see through and recognize.



Mr. GAUTHIER. The survey was made on May 24, 1964, by Robert H. West, county surveyor, a licensed State land surveyor, located at 160 County Courthouse, Dallas, Tex.

Mr. SPECTER. Have you brought the tracing of that survey with you today?

Mr. GAUTHIER. I have; yes.

Mr. SPECTER. And have you brought a cardboard reproduction of that?

Mr. GAUTHIER. A copy made from the tracing; yes.

Mr. SPECTER. Would you produce the cardboard copy made from the tracing for the inspection of the Commission at this time, please?


Mr. SPECTER. Would you produce the tracing at this time, please?

Mr. GAUTHIER. Yes; the tracing is wrapped, and sealed in this container.

Mr. SPECTER. Without breaking the seal, I will ask you if the cardboard which has been set up here--may the record show it is a large cardboard. I will ask you for the dimensions in just a minute.

Does the printing on the cardboard represent an exact duplication of the tracing which you have in your hand?


Mr. SPECTER. May it please the Commission, we will mark the tracing Commission Exhibit No. 882, and not take it out, since the cardboard represents it, and place Commission Exhibit No. 883 on the cardboard drawing itself, and I would like to move for the admission into evidence of both Exhibits Nos. 882 and 883.

The CHAIRMAN. They may be admitted.


In some instances, the means and methods of operation of someone who is attempting to "pull the wool" over one's eyes is so blatant, that one often wonders exactly why no one else has even bothered to question it.

And of course, even when someone points out the means and methods, it does not insure that others will understand the significance of the information.




Of course, there are often "other doors" which must be opened in order to understand exactly what some specific obfuscation is actually about.


And, whether one begins to understand what it is in fact all about, or not, a rational thinking person certainly begins to appreciate that someone is most certainly making an attempt to pull something over on us:


Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes. Distance from the chalk mark on the back of the stand-in for the President to the station C is 136.6

Distance to rifle in the window is 174.9 feet. The angle to the rifle in the window based on the horizontal is 21b050. The distance to the overpass is 350.9 feet, and the angle to the overpass is 0b012'.

This is on frame 207, Commission Exhibit No. 892.

Mr. SPECTER. Was an adjustment made on that position for the heights of the automobiles?


Mr. SPECTER. What was the adjusted frame for the first view that the marksman had of the President's stand-in coming out from under the tree?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. That is frame 210 and has been marked as Commission Exhibit No. 893 and represents the 10-inch adjustment for the difference in the height of the car as compared with frame 207.

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes; that is the first point from this, and although we are able to see in the films that there is no apparent reaction from the President from 205 to 210, and as he disappears from behind the signboard, we cannot estimate the reaction time.

Mr. SPECTER. When you say reaction time you mean?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Of the President?

Mr. SPECTER. Reaction time from 205----

Representative FORD. To 210?


P.S. Time/Life, during their assassinatioin re-enactment and survey work on 11/25/63 certainly appeared to have been able to see something, as they had Mr. West survey in a location for JFK at the time of the first shot fired.

The SS, during their assassination re-enactment and survey work on December 2, 3, & 4th certainly appeared to have been able to see something, as they had Mr. West survey in a location for JFK at the time of impact for the first shot fired.

The FBI, during their assassination re-enactment and survey work on 2/7/64 certainly appeared to have been able to see something, as they fully concurred with the SS as to the impact location for the first shot fired.

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Yeah, they can learn that the Secret Service was obviously wrong


a few things.

Purvis, however, apparently thinks it's totally impossible for the SS

to have been incorrect in ANY way regarding its 1963 plat

maps....which MUST mean JFK was, indeed, shot at circa Z353 (per



You "simpleton"


It was the Warren Commission that utilized James Altgen's testimony


proof that the LAST/THIRD shot did not miss.


They just did not bother to so inform you that James Altgens was some

40-feet away from the Z313 impact while Altgens himself testified


JFK was some 15-feet distance, directly in front of his location,


this LAST/THIRD shot impact occurred.

*Note: From the street curb at Altgens position to the center of Elm

St. directly in front of James Altgens, is 20-feet.


Mr. ALTGENS - This would put me at approximately this area here,


would be about 15 feet from me at the time he was shot in the head--

about 15 feet from the car on the west side of the car--on the side

that Mrs. Kennedy was riding in the car.

Mr. ALTGENS - Yes. What made me almost certain that the shot came


behind was because at the time I was looking at the President, just


he was struck, it caused him to move a bit forward. He seemed as if


the time----well, he was in a position-- sort of immobile. He wasn't

upright. He was at an angle but when it hit him, it seemed to have

just lodged--it seemed as if he were hung up on a seat button or

something like that. It knocked him just enough forward that he came

right on down. There was flesh particles that flew out of the side of

his head in my direction from where I was standing,

Mr. ALTGENS - Because I didn't see who fired it. After the

Presidential car moved a little past me, I took another picture--now,

just let me back up here--I was prepared to make a picture at the


instant the President was shot. I had refocused to 15 feet because I

wanted a good closeup of the President and Mrs. Kennedy, and that's

why I know that it would be right at 15 feet, because I had


in that area, and I had my camera almost to my eye when it happened

and that's as far as I got with my camera.


Specter to Earl, come in Earl:

Earl here, what's the problem?

Specter: We have a problem with Altgens.

Earl. What's the problem?

Specter: He observed the last/third shot strike JFK.

Earl: No problem, don't call him to testify.

Specter: Tried that! His newspaper wrote up a big article as to how

we did not even bother to call such an important witness as he was, to


Earl: OK then, just don't bother to call him where all the others can

here what he has to say, and not unlike several others, we will not

call him until after the "DRAFT" of the report has been turned in and

all of the others have gone home.

Specter: Sounds good to me, what else?

Earl: Like several other important witness's such as Emmett Hudson

who clearly observed the SECOND SHOT impact to the head of JFK, we

will have only one person question them after we have turned in the

DRAFT REPORT and then most other members of the Commission will never

see what they said.



Specter: Boy are you smart! Just goes to show why you are a Supreme

Court Justice and I am just a "wannabe" US Senator.

Oh Yeah! There is another problem! Altgens is clearly seen in the

Zapruder film, way down Elm St. past the point of the Z313/Second Shot

impact point.

Earl: No Problem! Just do not publish sufficient frames of the Z-

film to show where Altgens was standing.


Specter: Boy are you smart! But, there is another problem.

Earl: Go ahead, but I am getting tired of this!

Specter: Altgens took an excellent photograph which we have

identified as having been taken at approximately Zapruder frame#255,

and anyone with any sense at all can figure out his location from this


Earl: Well then, just "crop" the photo, and make a re-enactment photo

which looks similar and is "close" and we can most certainly fool most

of the Parrotheads with that.


Specter: OK, but!

Earl: Now what?

Specter: Some may ask and attempt to find out where Altgens was


Earl: No Problem! Tell them a lie, and not unlike "sheepels" &

"Parrots", they will believe whatever we feed them.

Specter: Do you think that everyone is that dumb?

Earl: It only takes a couple who know nothing and are willing to

"PARROT" whatever we say.

Specter: OK. Can I count on your support when I decide to graduate

to "Super-Shyster" status?

Earl: Most certainly, assuming that you can pull this one off.

Mr. ALTGENS - This would put me at approximately this area here, which

would be about 15 feet from me at the time he was shot in the head--

about 15 feet from the car on the west side of the car--on the side

that Mrs. Kennedy was riding in the car.

Mr. LIEBELER - You have indicated a spot along the side of Elm Street

which I have marked with a No. 3; is that correct?

Mr. ALTGENS - Yes, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - Did you have any idea where the sound came from when

you were standing there at No. 3 on Commission Exhibit No. 354?


Sorry, but I do not see James Altgens (#3) along in here as shown on

the above photo.


However, if one looks at about the "St" in the word Street, they will

most likely find James Altgens, just as Mr. Hudson stated, "pretty

close to even with these steps".



Mr. LIEBELER - How many shots did you here altogether?

Mr. HUDSON - Three.

Mr. LIEBELER - Three shots?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - Are you sure about that?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - You say that it was the second shot that hit him in the

head; is that right?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; I do believe that - I know it was.

Mr. LIEBELER - You saw him hit in the head, there wasn't any question

in your mind about that, was there?

Mr. HUDSON - No, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - And after you saw him hit in the head, did you here

another shot?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.

Mr. HUDSON - Yes; so right along about even with these steps, pretty

close to even with this here, the last shot was fired - somewhere

right along in there.

Mr. LIEBELER - But you think the President had already been hit in the

head by the time the third shot was fired?

Mr. HUDSON - He had been hit twice, so Parkland Hospital said. He was

hit in the neck one time and in the head one time.

Mr. LIEBELER - You say it was the second shot that hit him in the


Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Mr. LIEBELER - And you saw the President get hit by what you heard as

the second shot?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Mr. HUDSON - Well there was a young fellow, oh, I would judge his age

about in his late twenties. He said he had been looking for a place to

park and he walked up there and he said he finally just taken a place

over there in one of them parking lots, and he come on down there and

said he worked over there on Industrial and me and him both just sat

there first on those steps. When the motorcade turned off of Houston

onto Elm, we got up and stood up, me and him both. He was on the left

side and I was on the right and so the first shot rung out and, of

course, I didn't realize it was a shot, what was taking place right at

that present time, and when the second one rung out, the motorcade had

done got further on down Elm, and you see, I was trying to get a good

look at President Kennedy. I happened to be looking right at him when

that bullet hit him - the second shot.

Mr. LIEBELER - That was when the bullet hit him in the head; is that


Mr. HUDSON - Yes; it looked like it ht him somewhere along about a

little bit behind the ear and a little bit above the ear.

Mr. LIEBELER - On the right-hand side or the left-hand side?

Mr. HUDSON - Right hand.


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Specter: Hey Earl it's me. We've got another problem.

Earl: I am beginning to believe that you are a duffas who is going to get us all caught, but go ahead.


Specter: It's the FBI!

Earl: OK! So what about them?

Specter: There spectrographic laboratory analyst examined JFK's coat and fully identified the two seperate bullet holes which go through the coat.

Earl: OK! So exactly how was it that he identified them?

Specter: Well, the lower hole which was created by CE399 and measured 1/2 inch in size and which correlated with the 1/2 inch hole in JFK's shirt, he identified; took spectrographic sampling and identified copper in the surrounding fabric.

Earl: OK! Big deal, we knew that CE399 struck JFK, so what?

Specter: Well, he also identifiex the smaller 1/4 inch hole up at the lower edge of the collar which went through the coat and liner on an oblique angle and was the result of the third shot impact bullet which struck JFK directly in front of James Altgens. (who we have already made to disappear in the film as well as moving his location on paper)

Earl: OK! Did he run spectrographic analysis on any part of the upper/1/4 inch hole at the coat collar?

Specter: Yep, he did!

Earl: And!

Specter: It showed traces of copper also.

Earl: Oh S**T!, what else?

Specter: Well, he took a "control" sample from the side of the coat for the lower/CE399 hole.

Earl: What about the coat collar hole?

Specter: Well, he took a "control" sample from under the coat collar, directly adjacent to this hole.

Earl: So, what is it that you need from me?

Specter: We need you to exert your influence with the FBI & Hoover to help cover this up.

Earl: Not me! Do you know how much I hate that SOB Hoover? He and LBJ are like "Butt-Buddies" and he was the one who also provided LBJ with that information about the "Mexico City" affair which that Bast**d LBJ utilized to blackmail me into this mess with in the beginning.

Specter: You mean the "Oswald" in Mexico City affair and the death and destruction of millions of people through nuclear war?

Earl: No! You idiot! I am talking about "MY AFFAIR" in Mexico City during one of my many trips down there when I was Governor of California and visiting my good friend the President of Mexico.

Hope you don't think that we merely attended the Horse Races while down there.

But that Bast**d Hoover had his spies everywhere and has been blackmailing me ever since in regards to "a little incident in Mexico City".

Are you so stupid that you think I give a s**t about a few million people being killed by nuclear explosion, and that LBJ could have blackmailed me with such an asinine threat?


"what Hoover told me about a little incident in Mexico City."

Specter: Oh!

Earl: Don't bother me anymore with this as I have nothing to say to that blackmailing Hoover Bast**d. One can not even go to Mexico City and get a little "nooky" without his spying bast**ds running back to Hoover with it.

You need to call Gerald Ford. Don't know what all Hoover has on him but he is most certainly a "Kiss-A**" to Hoover.

Maybe he can point out to the Bast**d that we also know about his/the FBI's phony assassination re-enactment of 2/7/64, and let him know that if he does not help us on this "coat issue", that we will make certain that everyone knows that that purported SS Assassination Re-enactment survey report with the date 2/7/64 at the bottom of the page is really a "Hoover & LBJ" lie.

They want to play that game, we can play it too. And, be certain and get that survey entered into evidence somewhere, so that we always have it to hit them over the head with if necessary.


Mr. SIMMONS. I refer to the survey plat which is dated December 5, 1963.

Mr. EISENBERG. And how were you supplied with that?

Mr. SIMMONS. To the best of my knowledge, you gave it to one of the employees in my office.

Mr. EISENBERG. Mr. Chairman, this is a plat made by a licensed surveyor of the area immediately adjoining the Texas School Book Depository. I would like to introduce it into evidence solely to show the basis which Mr. Simmons was using in his test, and not for the truth, of the measurements which are shown in here.

Mr. McCLOY. It may be received.

Mr. EISENBERG. That would be Commission 585.

(The document referred to was marked Commission Exhibit No. 585 and received in evidence.)

Specter: OK! Great Idea! Boy are you Smart!

Earl: You are own your own on this one! Be creative, think "sneaky, low-life politician", you will need the training if you are to continue your advancement in the field of politics.

P.S. "MY AFFAIR"/aka "little incident" in Mexico City is My Affair. It is none of that Bast**d Hoover, or that blackmailling LBJ's business. Especially with his record.

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