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"THE" Manchurian Candidate - Anastase S. Vonsiatsky

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Discussion regarding the evidence against JFK'S plotters gathered by analyzing both "The Manchurian Candidate", the novel, by Richard Condon and "The Manchurian Candidate", the movies by John Frankenheimer (1962) and Paramount Studios (2003). Draper and Vonsiatsky were also evidenced in the personas of Harold Gray's "Big Daddy" Warbucks and "Little Orphan" Annie deliberately.

As just one example of a Richard Condon "anagram" identifying Tsar Anastase Vonsiatsky here is the mapping from the anagram he inserted in the novel:

"...known: Yaztas, Fravashi and Amesha Spentas." and the deciphered phrase: "Tsar Anastase Vonsiatsky Dawn Phase Fashism" Every single letter in column 2 is used and mapped into column 3 and only a half dozen letters had to be used more than once. Condon also described Vonsiatsky's wife, he job as a Red Cross nurse, Vonsiatsky's role in the Fifth Column of Fascism, and other deliberately inserted similarities which will be covered in my manuscript later this month.

Here is the link in books.google.com to that exact phrase so you can see it for your self: "known: Yaztas, Fravashi and Amesha Spentas"


Here is another one to: "Miss Viola Narvilly - Opera Singer" which some have denied exists.


And one of my favorites: "Berlitz schools taught Temajegh"


This is almost impossible within a text file to get the columns to line up. But you should get the idea, right?

This link at least formats the rows and the columns better : http://wordhyperlinks.com/ManCandAnagrams.htm Any questions?

At the URL link above just click back and forth on the page tabs at the bottom for "1st Col Sort" and "4th Col Sort" to see how it toggles back and forth between the scrambled

and the unscrambled version of Richard Condon's anagram. You can just imagine the work he had to do in order to get this to come out correctly and the work that I had to

do to re-read the entire novel looking for closely clustered values of the letters contained in Vonsiatsky's full name and adopted title of "Tzar" like the letters: Z, V, K, Y, T

Just imagine all the work I had to do to show that Vonsiatsky was indeed present at The Richard Giesbrecht Winnipeg Airport Incident AND in The Manchurian Candidate, too.

Plus I had to find Draper's picture in his Harvard University 50th reunion yearbook from 1963 to see that he looked EXACTLY like "Big Daddy Warbucks" from "Little Orphan Annie" fame.

Please do not trivialize or minimize the efforts involved here. As Christopher Walkind once said: "You should be in AWWWWWE. You should be in total AWWWWWWE" ... that Harold

Gray in Little Orphan Annie, Richard Condon in The Manchurian Candidate (1958), Charles Higham in American Swastika (circa 1978), John Roy Carlson (actually Arthur Dernounian) in Undercover (1943) and

The Plotters (1944) and myself were able to track this Nazi bastard down. Even Prof. John J. Stephan in "The Russian Fascists" (Little Brown, 1979) spent half his book on Vonsiatsky but assisiduously

avoided fingering the guy in much of anything which leads me to believe John Stephan was indeed Max Stephan's son who was Gerald L K Smith's attorney. As a likely White Russian, John J.

Stephan would never finger a friend of his father's or a friend of his father's clients in the JFK conundrum. But I can and I did.

A1..... K..... T..... A13

A2..... N..... Z..... A12

A3..... O..... A..... A7

A4..... W..... R..... A18

A5..... N..... .....

A6..... ..... A..... A11

A7..... A..... N..... A5

A8..... S..... A..... A14

A9..... ..... S..... A15

A10..... Y..... T..... A41

A11..... A..... A..... A19

A12..... Z..... S..... A22

A13..... T..... E..... A32

A14..... A..... .....

A15..... S..... V..... A20

A16..... ..... O..... A3

A17..... F..... N..... A27

A18..... R..... S..... A33

A19..... A..... I..... A24

A20..... V..... A..... A26

A21..... A..... T..... A40

A22..... S..... S..... A37

A23..... H..... K..... A1

A24..... I..... Y..... A10

A25..... ..... .....

A26..... A..... D..... A28

A27..... N..... A..... A30

A28..... D..... W..... A4

A29..... ..... N..... A40

A30..... A..... .....

A31..... M..... P..... A38

A32..... E..... H..... A34

A33..... S..... A..... A42

A34..... H..... S..... A43

A35..... A..... E..... A39

A36..... ..... .....

A37..... S..... F..... A17

A38..... P..... A..... A42

A39..... E..... S..... A43

A40..... N..... H..... A34

A41..... T..... I..... A24

A42..... A..... S..... A33

A43..... S..... M..... A31

This link at least formats the rows and the columns better : http://wordhyperlinks.com/ManCandAnagrams.htm Any questions?

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Here are some of the Draper and Vonsiatsky links on alt.conspiracy.jfk which I am either directly or indirectly responsible for on GoogleGoogle Groups... Enjoy them. There are even more on GoogleBooks.

Dual JFK Plotmasters: Wickliffe Draper and Anastase Vonsiatsky alt.conspiracy.jfk - 1 post - 1 author - Last post: 3 days agoAfter you finish this manuscript, you will likely join the many others who are

100% CONVINCED that Draper and Vonsiatsky are THE HIGHEST- LEVEL IDENTIFIED ...


Anastase "Annie" Vonsiatsky - Manchurian Candidate alt.conspiracy.jfk - 13 posts - 4 authors - Last post: May 17, 2001Magic Bullet magicbul...@octa4.net.au alt conspiracy jfk Dr. Hans J. Eysenck -

Nazi Brain Scientist <WickliffeDra...@hotmail.com> wrote in message ...


Tsar Anastase Vonsiatsky - REMEMBER That Name alt.conspiracy.jfk - 3 posts - 2 authors - Last post: Oct 22, 2002Kirk Russell jfki...@cox.net alt conspiracy jfk By popular demand I am going to

post some of the reams of information regarding one of the most enigmatic ...


Draper and Vonsiatsky - "Big Daddy" Warbucks and Little Orphan ... alt.assassination.jfk - 3 posts - 2 authors - Last post: May 30, 2003John Bevilaqua cyberdu...@cox.net alt assassination jfk js70...@aol.com (JS707FL

) wrote in message news:<20030529034832.23187.00000...@mb-m13.aol.com>. ...


Dietrich Eckart, Nazi Mind Control and Anastase Vonsiatsky ... alt.assassination.jfk - 3 posts - 3 authors - Last post: Aug 15, 2003... prwhit...@yahoo.com alt assassination jfk cyberdu...@cox.net (John Bevilaqua

) wrote in message news:<53177ce1.0308141217.792da...@posting.google.com>. ...


Tsar Anastase Vonsiatsky - REMEMBER THAT NAME alt.assassination.jfk - 2 posts - 2 authors - Last post: Oct 23, 2002... Whitmey prwhit...@yahoo.com alt assassination jfk "Kirk Russell" <jfkinfo@

cox.net> wrote in message news:<l12t9.195112$S32.12988...@news2.west.cox.net>.



Flash: Wickliffe P. Draper, Medgar Evers and The MSC alt.conspiracy.rfk - Last post: Apr 4, 2001WickliffeDra...@hotmail.com alt conspiracy rfk alt jfk assassination alt

politics assassination alt politics org cia fidonet jfk_assn Big Daddy Warbucks,



Richard Condon (Manchurian Candidate) outed JFK's plotters in 1958 alt.conspiracy.jfk - 2 posts - 1 author - Last post: yesterdayAnastase Vonsiatsky jfbevila...@gmail.com alt conspiracy jfk On Feb 4, ... Sr.,

George Draper and a young Charles Willoughby essentially launched the ...


Rev. Gerald LK Smith snuffed both Senator Huey Long and JFK alt.conspiracy.jfk - 1 post - 1 author - Last post: 3 days agoVonsiatsky was featured in "The Russian Fascists" (Little, Brown 1979) and

Wickliffe Draper funded "The Bell Curve" (1994), founded Human Events Magazine



The Education Forum > H. Smith Richardson Foundation 2 posts - Last post: Oct 28, 2007The Pioneer Fund and Wickliffe Draper, Buckley's nearby neighbor in ...

Candidate himself, Anastase Vonsiatsky, whose headquarters were in ...


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This link at least formats the rows and the columns better : http://wordhyperlinks.com/ManCandAnagrams.htm Any questions?

  1. <LI class=g><H3 class=r>
Wickliffe Draper and Anastase Vonsiatsky - The Education Forum</H3>After you finish this manuscript, you will likely join the many others who are 100% CONVINCED that Draper and Vonsiatsky are THE HIGHEST-LEVEL IDENTIFIED ...
educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11238 - 206k - Cached - Similar pages<LI class=g style="MARGIN-LEFT: 3em"><H3 class=r>Anastase A. Vonsiatsky - The Education Forum</H3>15 posts - Last post: Oct 24, 2007Links to: Wickliffe Draper Links To: Anastase Vonsiatsky ... 1963 - Wickliffe Draper and Annie Vonsiatsky orchestrate the "termination with ...
educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11362 - 221k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from educationforum.ipbhost.com »<LI class=g><H3 class=r>[CTRL] Fwd: JFK and The Manchurian Candidate: Anastase Vonsiatsky</H3>and "The Pioneer Fund" of Wickliffe Draper and Tsar Anastae Vonsiatsky, .... Has there ever been a pair of individuals like Draper and Vonsiatsky, ...
www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg98086.html - 35k - Cached - Similar pages<LI class=g style="MARGIN-LEFT: 3em"><H3 class=r>[CTRL] Fwd: JFK and The Manchurian Candidate: Anastase Vonsiatsky</H3>[CTRL] Fwd: JFK and The Manchurian Candidate: Anastase Vonsiatsky ... Manchuria and his financial sponsor Colonel Wickliffe Draper from Hopedale, ...
www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg108828.html - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from www.mail-archive.com »<LI class=g><H3 class=r>Little" Orphan "Annie" and "Big Daddy" Warbucks</H3>Carl Oglesby and former FBI agent Bill Turner, both JFK assassination authors, reviewed the evidence regarding Vonsiatsky and Draper and agree with me on ...
karws.gso.uri.edu/jfk/Spring1999Conference/Abstracts/McLoughlinAbstRev.html - 5k - Cached - Similar pages<LI class=g style="MARGIN-LEFT: 3em"><H3 class=r>John Bevilaqua</H3>Draper's neighbor and partner, Anastase Vonsiatsky, the man who tried to kill FDR joined with Gerald L. K. Smith, the man who killed Huey Long, ...
karws.gso.uri.edu/jfk/The_critics/Bevilaqua/Bevilaqua_bio.html - 32k - Cached - Similar pages<LI class=g><H3 class=r>EVEN THE RUSSIANS KNEW IT WAS A CONSPIRACY - alt.conspiracy.jfk ...</H3>Feb 4, 2009 ... Has there ever been a pair of individuals like Draper and Vonsiatsky, > > who achieved less notoriety while perpetrating more heinous and ...
groups.google.com/group/alt.conspiracy.jfk/msg/513bc9208a0910d1 - Similar pages<LI class=g style="MARGIN-LEFT: 3em"><H3 class=r>Listen to Senator Fulbright, Richard Condon and President ...</H3>[Anastase Vonsiatsky, Draper's hired thug, union strikebreaker and mercenary worked for The Romanoff Caviar Company in. America for several years and worked ...
groups.google.com/group/alt.conspiracy.jfk/msg/43cc9c051a6d78b4 - 92k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from groups.google.com »<LI class=g><H3 class=r>pagine. - Omgili Education</H3>and Anastase Vonsiatsky - The Education ForumWilliam H. Draper, Jr. (Christopher Simpson... - Preview... educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic. ...
education.v.omgili.com/v/pagine./ - 40k - Cached - Similar pages<H3 class=r>Bonner Fellers - Kosmix</H3>About Robert J Morris and Bonner Fellers, and Annie Vonsiatsky, . ... Inc. Both Ray S. Cline and Bonner Fellers plus Wick Draper and Charles ...
history.kosmix.com/topic/Bonner_Fellers - 40k - Cached - Similar pages

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Here are all the links on FactBites.com for Gen. Bonner Fellers including about a dozen of my own.

Fighting Frank Bollinger in The Manchurian Candidate headed "Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice"

Brig Gen. Bonner Fellers founded "Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Tomorrow" - a McCarthyite defense committee of sorts.

Related Topics


In the News (Fri 6 Feb 09)

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[CTRL] Fwd: YAMATO DYNASTYFellers was an unusual army officer with interesting connections. Bonner Fellers was a cousin of Terry's American wife, Gwen Harold, who came from a long line of Quakers. In short, Fellers and Terasaki were part of a network of Quaker and near-Quakers that reached from Herbert Hoover at one end deep into the imperial palace at the other, to the personal entourage of Hirohito's mother, Dowager Empress Sadako, and other members of the imperial family.www.mail-archive.com /ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg73136.html (4392 words)

Bonner Fellers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBonner Frank Fellers (1896 - 1973), during World War II, was a Colonel who served as the USA military attaché to Cairo, Egypt. He was recalled to the United States when it became known that, possibly due to negligence on his part and that of the American consulate, the Italians were intercepting and passing on all British intelligence that he obtained to Colonel-General Erwin Rommel. One of the main actors in the cover-up of Hiro Hito's criminal responsibility, Fellers had contact with over forty war criminals jailed in the Sugamo prison.en.wikipedia.org /?title=Bonner_Fellers (224 words)

Nazi Gold: The Emperor's Golden LilyFellers was a former OSS agent attached to MacArthur's command who had been stationed in Cairo in 1941. Fellers was friends with both and had acquired a reputation of being an expert on Japan. Behind the scenes, MacArthur and Fellers were castigating anyone not falling in line with the opinion that the war was the fault of the military.www.spiritone.com /~gdy52150/goldp10.html (4934 words)

Far OutliersDuring their initial reunion meetings, Fellers spoke frankly of his urgent concern to prove that no grounds existed for holding the emperor responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack. With Kawai acting as his consultant and collaborator, Fellers was soon put into contact with her acquaintance, Sekiya Teizaburô, the high palace official who, since late Taishô, had played a leading role as a liaison between the court and government ministries. In their view the principles of psychological warfare that Fellers had implemented in the Battle of the Philippines and elsewhere were solidly correct.faroutliers.blogspot.com /2005/09/psyops-quaker-who-helped-reinvent.html (527 words)

FTR#426—Return of the Rising Sun, Part II—(One 30-minute segment) (Sources are noted in parenthesesHerbert Hoover had earlier warned [MacArthur aide] Bonner Fellers that the State Department was sending 'a bunch of communists' to Tokyo, along with some 'fellow travelers.' At the time Fellers was very busy suborning General Tojo and other key witnesses. During this whole period, Hoover continued to lead MacArthur to believe that he had a serious chance of being nominated as the Republican presidential candidate or, at the very least vice-president. One of the few statesmen who had tried to talk Hirohito into seeking an early peace, and who had earlier volunteered to go to Switzerland to arrange secret peace talks, Prince Konoe now was flballed by the Americans and hounded to despair in a vicious campaign of backbiting and innuendo.www.spitfirelist.com /f426.html (3100 words)

Untitled Document (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)In Sept. 1945, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution that Hirohito be brought to trial. Fellers could have been informed by Joseph Grew, U.S. ambassador to Japan (1931-41), who had advised keeping the emperor as a symbol of national unity. He argued that the emperor was the living symbol of the race in whom lay the virtue of their ancestors.www.iun.edu /~hisdcl/G369_2002/dower3.htm (357 words)

CHAPTEIt XVIBonner F. Fellers; the only medical officer attached to the group was Colonel Smith. Bonner F. Fellers, for the Chief of Staff, 25 July 1944. Bonner F., GSC, General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area: Tentative Plan for Civil Affairs in the Philippines, 22 Sept. 1944.history.amedd.army.mil /booksdocs/wwii/civilaffairs/chapter16.htm (18957 words)

Larry Hancock: Someone Would Have Talked - The Education Forum (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)About Robert J Morris and Bonner Fellers, and Annie Vonsiatsky, and Ray Cline and Jim Angleton and Major G. Racey Johnson and Dr. Edward Brainwashing Hunter all the other Cold War Warriors who were ex-McCarthyites and ex-MacArthurites. His point man in Cairo, Egypt was Maj Gen Bonner Fellers who LEAKED Montgomery's every move to Rommell. Check it out man. Fellers was Gen Pedro del Valles buddy and both were closet Nazi sympathizers along with Stratemeryer and Wedemeyer and that whole McCarthy crowd including YAF and the John Birch Society.educationforum.ipbhost.com /index.php?showtopic=693&st=75 (3480 words)

fellers - OneLook Dictionary SearchWe found 3 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word fellers: Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "fellers" is defined. Phrases that include fellers: buddy wasisname and the other fellers, fairy fellers master stroke, the fairy fellers master stroke, thinking fellers union localwww.onelook.com /?w=fellers (106 words)

Truman Library - Joseph L. Rauh, Jr. Oral History Interview (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)RAUH: Willoughby was G-2; [Major General Stephen A.] Chamberlain was G-3, that's for operations; [Brigadier General] Bonner Fellers, who later was a public right-winger, one of those Birchers, was G-1. There wasn't any question that he, Bonner Fellers, was interpreting MacArthur's views, that MacArthur hated Roosevelt. You should have seen Feller's face when he walked in to report to his staff, in G-1, what had happened there.www.bonus.com /contour/Truman_Kids/http@@/www.trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/rauh.htm (17508 words)

The United States PSYOP Organization in the Pacific During World War IIPerhaps the most telling report of the real enmity between the rival organizations was when Psywar Chief General Bonner Fellers submitted a plan for secret operations against Japan. Fellers believed that the purpose of psychological warfare was 'to further the military effort by weakening the fighting spirit of the enemy and thus hasten Japan's decision to surrender'." As executive officer, Greene implemented Feller's plans and policies, supervised administration, and coordinated the work of the three section chiefs and the field units.www.psywarrior.com /PSYOPOrgWW2Pac.html (13649 words)

nobs: American CaesarWhether he would be as adroit with Eisenhower's generals, not to mention Ike himslef, was another matter. 441}...One of his first acts, he told Bonner Fellers, would be to give women the vote. "The japanese men won't like it," said Fellers, and indeed, as events would prove, many of them regarded it worse than sexual assauly.nobsblog.blogspot.com /2001/03/american-caesar.html (771 words)

Philip J. CorsoIn 1963-64 Corso and Willoughby were part of a secret rightwing group, the "Shickshinny Knights of Malta" (so called after their headquarters in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, to distinguish them from the more famous Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in Rome). The group provided a home to dissident retired military officers dissatisfied with the CIA's internationalism, many of them, like Willoughby and General Bonner Fellers, veterans of the old Hunt-MacArthur-Pawley coalition in the early 1950s. By 1963 the group's leading asset in their anti-CIA propaganda was a Polish intelligence defector, Michael Goleniewski, who had claimed to audiences inside and outside the CIA that the Agency penetrated by the KGB at a high level.www.virtuallystrange.net /ufo/updates/1997/mar/m10-016.shtml (820 words)

Sterling Seagrave: The Yamato DynastyI can't be sure of this because I gave up the practice when I realized that the really interesting stuff was never supported by a source I knew and trusted. As one small example, they quote what seems to me an entirely reasonable memo by Bonner Fellers, presenting the case for not trying the emperor Hirohito as a war criminal. Then they darken it by calling Fellers "one of the exorcists carefully put into place by Joe Grew and Herbert Hoover." Oh, that all-powerful, ever-present VRWC!www.warbirdforum.com /yamato.htm (749 words)

Hoover and Truman - Introduction by Richard Norton Smith (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)After Truman fired Douglas MacArthur for insubordination in the spring of 1951, Hoover was quick to enter the fray. Telephoning Bonner Fellers, once among the general's closest aides, more recently a mainstay of the Republican National Committee, the former president instructed him to get MacArthur on the phone and tell him to fly back home as soon as possible, lest his stateside enemies smear him beyond recognition. Fellers carried out the assignment, convincing the MacArthurs to abandon their original plan to return by boat.www.bonus.com /contour/Truman_Kids/http@@/www.trumanlibrary.org/hoover/intro.htm (7662 words)

Building a New japan IntroductionIncidentally, the Embassy was not far from the Imperial Palace, and the office we found for him, one of the few undamaged buildings of Marunouchi, the Dai-Ichi Insurance Building, overlooked the Palace. Fellers arranged for me to live at the Embassy and to ride to and from the office every day with MacArthur in his rather battered car, the best the Japanese could come up with until MacArthur's pre-war car from the Philippines could be located and sent up to Japan. Fellers said I should carry arms, in case of an attack on MacArthur, and said, "Don't ask the Old Man about whether you should bear arms or not when you're with him.www.javadc.org /building_a_new_japan_introductio.htm (7511 words)

Wings for Peace: a Primer for a New Defense - FELLERS, BONNER (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)Wings for Peace: a Primer for a New Defense - FELLERS, BONNER FELLERS, BONNER Wings for Peace: a Primer for a New Defense They offer full satisfaction and normal prices - no markups, no hidden costs, no overcharged shipping costs.www.antiqbook.com /boox/sbc/028376.shtml (63 words)

The Great Tokyo Air Raid - An Enormous War Crime (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-27)But he was duly relieved of his duty as ineffectual and replaced by LeMay. And LeMay, switching from high explosives to incendiaries, went on to carry out what Gen. Douglas MacArthur's aide, Brigadier Gen. Bonner Fellers, called "one of the most ruthless and barbaric killings of noncombatants in all history." Equally important, the victors of World War II did not just expand the definition of "war crimes," but introduced the new concepts of "crimes against peace" and "crimes against humanity." And these ideas have gained support in recent years.www.rense.com /general29/asdi.htm (1110 words)

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Scenes from the Postwar Reemergence of the Nazi Party

By Alex Constantine

We Germans should be realistic. We lost two wars to the Jews. Why should we lose another?

- Former Nazi propagandist Werner Naumann to British intelligence agents, July, 1953

In September 1944, Sims Carter, assistant chief of the Economic Warfare section of the Justice Department, testified before the Kilgore Committee that despite military defeat, the industrial cartels of German had renewed activity from bases in Argentina: "All the machinery," he said, "is ready for safeguarding German supremacy in the steadily expanding South American market." Much of that market had been quietly incorporated by I.G. Farben and other financial backers of Hitler well before the war began.

In the 1930s, as German factories tooled up for the onslaught, German entrepreneurs quietly built factories, railroads and chemical and steel plants throughout South America. The munitions industry was all but monopolized by Farben and Krupp, providing business fronts for the Nazi fifth column. The insinuation of Nazism into Caribbean politics was directed by Alfred Becker and Arnold Margerie, officers of Farben La Quimica Bayer in Caracas. Down in Argentina, Axel Wenner-Gren, a Swedish millionaire and crony of Herman Goering, Hitler's propaganda minister, established subsidiaries and gracefully snatched up key industrial plants.

After the war, Nazis quietly assumed new posts within the German government. The Konrad Adenauer government adopted an anti-Nazi facade in public while reelevating war criminals to prominence. By 1951, 134 former members of the National Socialist Party held senior positions in the West German Foreign Office. Attorney Hans Globke, author of the legal rationale underlying the Third Reich's racial laws, was placed in charge of Konrad Adenauer's Federal Press and Chancellory bureau. On January 19, 1953, the New York Times took notice: "Nazism is not dead in Germany." Given time and opportunity, "a form of Nazism could again rise to power.

Materially speaking, Nazism was smashed into a pulp by 1945," but the "vigorous roots remained."

A national priority was made of economic recovery. A memo from the German Press Department of B'nai B'rith to officials of the Jewish organization on July 1, 1953 detailed a meeting of the former Waffen SS in Verden, once a Nazi garrison town: "The reason this little alumni club exists is, one might way, plausible, even sentimental - to care for those in their ranks who survived and to locate lost comrades. The reunion, their first since the war, brought five thousand men to Verden. Mufti-clad, they marched through the cramped, flag-bedecked streets to the rally with all their famous and former military precision."


"For America!"

"Democracy is an attack upon God!" - Werner Naumann

Among their contacts in the United States, the Nazi "elite" could rely on the generous assistance of a well-connected patron, Pedro Del Valle, who went on to become a vice president of ITT. In 1954, Del Valle, a retired Marine Corps lieutenant general, was soundly defeated in his run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. His campaign was spiced with public endorsements of a foaming aniti-Semitic tract, Know Your Enemy.

Twenty years later, Del Valle and ITT consultant John McCone, formerly a CIA director, threw in to overthrow Allende in Chile's 1970 elections. ITT funnelled $350,000 into event, and when the brutal dictatorship of Pinochet was installed, the conglomerate conspired with other "conservative" companies to pirate the country's natural resources. As a hedge against the fall of the Third Reich, German industrialists had made provisions in 1944 for protecting their loot from confiscation by the U.S and England.

On the instruction of Martin Bormann, the surviving SS, soon to be known as ODESSA, established hundreds of corporations abroad, donated handsomely to extreme right-wing political candidates in the U.S. and cleared the path for the reconstruction of the Reich on foreign soil.

All of this was accomplished by chanelling the loot through a labyrinth of secret bank accounts to non-belligerent countries, and under Bormann's direction financed 750 news companies worldwide to direct the Nazi Party reconsruction. Over 100 of those companies were based in the United States. Funds materialized in the bank accounts of Germany's agents around the world. They were instructed to invest in selected businesses, propaganda mills in the U.S. and elsewhere, give legal aid to indicted Nazis, purchase out-of-the-way estates for Nazi leaders in foreign lands, and so on. These funds also supported the "rat lines," escape routes from the Allied advance set up every 40 miles along the German border. Fascist opinion in the United States was fomented by American contacts.

For America, a spin-off of the America First Committee, was formed in 1954, ran by some of the leading WW II "isolationists." One of the organization's leading lights was Colonel Robert McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The chairman of For America was Clarence Manion, formerly dean of law at Notre Dame University. Manion once sat on Eisenhower's Commission on Inter-Governmental Affairs. Robert Wood, then head of Sears, Roebuck, was a blustering propagandist for the bund. The stated aim of For America was the support of political candidates sympathetic to the Nazi cause.

Three congressmen made up the recruiting arm of the organization: Burton K. Wheeler, Hamilton Fish and Howard Buffett. Fish, a Republican Party leader, had as his greatest ambition the start of a third party based on principles of National Socialism. The others were already in disrepute for involvement in "non-interventionist" America First chapters and other enclabes of domestic Nazism during the war. "What will it take to disband this group?" asked the Atlanta Journal, "World War III?"

Confiscated Jewish assets were poured into the Nazi rebirth and turned up in the oddest places. On September 20, 1996, a half century after the fact, the Associated Press at long last noticed: "Tons of gold looted by Nazis during World War II - some of it possibly taken from the fillings in Holocaust victims' teeth - are stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank of England in London. Recently declassified federal documents show that 6 tons of gold looted by Nazis are stored in the two banks, the World Jewish Congress said. The group's president has written to the two countries asking that the gold be returned to Holocaust survivors."

Elan Steinberg, speaking for the World Jewish Congress, based his allegations on declassified State Department documents that confirm two tons of Nazi gold had turned up in New York vaults (worth about $28 million) and four tons ($56 million) in London.


Un-American Activities

During the early '30s, in Washington, Congressman Hamilton Fish's life was changed by a reading of Communism in Germany, published by a Nazi propaganda front. Inspired by the book, he joined forces with George Sylvester Viereck, the ranking Nazi agent in the United States. Viereck was graciously given the run of Rep. Fish's suite at the House Office Building. Albert Kahn, in High Treason, reports that Fish's office clerk, George Hill, was arrested and charged by authorities of being an agent of the Nazis. Well before Martin Dies took the reins, Congressman Fish conducted the first full-blown federal "investigation of Communism." widely known as the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings. Between the pair of hooting panels came the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, formed in 1934 to stamp out Nazi propaganda in the United States. The committee unearthed "a fascist plot to seize the government." Shortly thereafter, HUAC was disbanded and its successor turned a deaf ear to any mention of fascist coups.

In The Yahoos (Marzani and Munsell, 1964), a study of Aryan Nations-type groups in America, author Mike Newberry provides the backgrounds of HUAC investigators:

EDWARD SULLIVAN, HUAC's first "Chief Investigator," a man with a record of nine arrests [from sodomy to larceny], was co-editor with James ["Kike Killer"] True's hate sheet, addressed German-American Bund rallies prior to his concern with "un-Americanism," and was director of an admittedly fascistic Ukrainian group.

Dr. J.B. MATTHEWS, HUAC's second "Chief Investigator," declared in his autobiography: "America's answer to Communism will be fascism, or something so closely akin to it that the difference will not greatly matter." His autobiography was published by a veteran anti-Semite, John Cecil. His writings were reprinted by the "Contra-Komintern," the official organ of the Nazi Foreign Office. At present, he is a close advisor of Robert Welch of the John Birch Society.

DR. FRED SCHWARTZ, currently one of HUAC's most favored "experts," is head of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.

FULTON LEWIS, III, leader of the Young Americans for Freedom, earned his spurs on the HUAC staff. [He] wrote for the anti-Semitic American Mercury, then under the editorship of Harold Lord Varney, a former paid propagandist of the Italian Fascisti.


Mrs. Nixon's Conservative Cloth Coat & Walt Disney's Nazi

"When it is necessary to kill an enemy, it is also necessary to leave a good impression for other enemies to see. The dead body did not care whether it had a head or not, but psychologically the individual faced with such a sight can see himself in the same decapitated condition and the heart is filled with terror. Therefore,such a principle should be adopted by guerillas for just such a reason. Not that we need a trophy, but that we might terrorize the invading enemy ["Godless" communists], always leaving bodies with some mark which would be universally understood by the guerilla fighting force."

- Liberty Lobby Pamphlet, 1962

The propagandists at CIA's House of Secrets proceeded to mold collective opinion with heavy hands. The infiltration of the media and the spread of disinformation would cost taxpayers $90 million a year by 1978, according to university of Paris economist Sean Gervasi. The CIA's assimilation of old guard Nazis was overseen by the CIA's Operations coordination board, directed by C.D. Jackson, a former executive of Time magazine and Dwight Eisenhower's "special assistant for cold war strategy."

In 1954, Jackson was succeeded by Nelson Rockefeller. Rocky quit a year later, repulsed, he said, by the administration's political infighting. Vice President Nixon succeeded Rockefeller as the country's key cold war strategist."

"Nixon," writes John Loftus, at one time an attorney for the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, took "a small boy's delight in the arcane tools of the intelligence craft - the hidden microphones, the 'black' propaganda." Nixon especially enjoyed his visit to a Virginia training camp to observe Nazis in the "special forces" learning the arts of "spycraft" he so admired.

One of the fugitives recruited by the American intelligence establishment was heroin smuggler Hubert von BlŸcher, the son of a German ambassador. Hubert often bragged that he'd been trained by the Abwehr, the German military intelligence division, while still a civilian in his twenties. He served in a reconaissance unit of the German Army's 2nd Battallion until forced out for medical reasons in 1944, according to his wartime records. He worked briefly as an assistant director for Berlin Film on a movie entitled One Day ..., and finished out the war flying with the Luftwaffe - not to engage the enemy, but to smuggle Nazi gold bullion out of the country. In 1948, he flew the coop to Argentina. Posing as a photographer, now named Huberto von Bleucher Corell, he immediately paid court to Eva Peron, presenting her with an invaluable Gobelin tapestry (doubtless a sample from the wealth of artifacts confiscated by SS from their prey).

Hubert then met with Martin Bormann at Argentina's Hotel Plaza and handed over German marks worth $80 million. He later told investigators that the loot financed the formation of the National Socialist Party in Argentina. Three years later Hubert migrated to El Norte. The Nazi landed a position with the Color Corporation of America in California, and eked out a living writing scripts for Hollywood's thriving movie industry. His voice graces a film set in the Amazon, produced by Walt Disney. In 1951 he returned to Buenos Aires, then DŸsseldorf, West Germany. He established a firm that developed not movie scripts, but anti-chemo-warfare agents for the German government.

At the posh Industrie Club in Dusseldorf in 1982, Von Blucher crowed to journalists, "I am chief shareholder of Pan American Airways. I am the best friend of Howard Hughes. The Beach Hotel in Las Vegas is 45 percent financed by me. I am thus the biggest financier ever to appear in the Arabian Nights tales dreamed up by these people over their second bottle of brandy."


General Wedemeyer's Ultraconservative, Lonely-Hearts Club Bund & Dr. Becher's Beltway Brotherhood

"If the military is infected with this virus of right-wing radicalism, the danger is worthy of attention." - Senator J.W. Fulbright

Had the government slapped an embargo on I.Qs? The fascist war machine had been pounded to scrap in Europe and Japan, only to resurface in San Antonio, Texas ... and the American proletariet greased the gears. The 1961 "Let's Look at America" seminar, sponsored by the Fourth Army and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Jaycees, drew a crowd of 3,500 strong. Retired General Alfred Wedemeyer, a supporter of the John Birch Society, railed at President Kennedy's "appeasement" of the Soviet Union. Cleon Skousen, formerly an FBI agent and a ramrod of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, demanded the end of all diplomatic relations with the Eastern Bloc. Dr. Gerhart Niemeyer, a writer for the National Review, spoke at the event. So did Senator Strom Thurmond and Donald Jackson of HUAC.

The "seminar" violated the direct orders of then Secretary of the Army Elvis Stahat - a "violation of Army policy," Stahat warned. Unmoved by orders from the Pentagon, Colonel William Blythe of the Fourth Army's G-2 Division went insubordinate: "We are not interested in politics," he shot back. "The Army intends to stand up and be counted!"

General Wedemeyer flew from the San Antonio session to Dallas, where he met with oil baron H.L. Hunt, one of Joseph McCarthy's most beneficient financial sponsors (Borger, Texas News Herald on September 25, 1961).

A platoon of military personalities threw in with a host of American fascist front organizations, figureheads for the domestic cause, among them:

Generals Nathan Twining, J.B. Medaris, Rear Admiral Chester Ward and Admiral Radford - The Military-Industrial Institute.

Admiral Arleigh Burke - Featured speaker of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.

General Charles Willoughby and General Peyton Campbell - Christian Anti- Communist Crusade.

General Stratemeyer - Liberty Lobby, Christian Crusade.

General Bonner Fellers - Endorsed the Birch Society and Americans for Constitutional Action.

Admiral Strauss and General Wedemeyer- National Advisory Board, Young Americans for Freedom. And so on, a platoon of others who joined forces with hooting ultracons and Aryan Nationals alike. While ranking military officials raised the rabble against Soviet "expansionism," the Nazis sought influence in Washington, D.C. One of the most influential Nazi spies in the U.S. was Dr. Walter Becher, an anti-Communist "refugee leader" from the Hitler regime. Becher joined the Nazi Party in December, 1931, and became an editor of Die Zeit, a Nazi propaganda sheet in 1937. He was a Brown-Shirt for a spell and a member of the National Socialist Student Bund. He editorialized for the purge of all Jews from state-owned radio in Prague. During the war, Becher worked in the Goebbels Propaganda Ministry and for the Wehrmacht as a war correspondent. Soon after the war, he founded a newspaper in Germany that agitated for the restoration of National Socialism. Becher had his advocates in Washington, D.C. In 1957, Congressman Usher Burdick inserted one of Dr. Becher's propaganda pieces in the Congressional Record, and in August 1959, seven more appeared in the pages of the Record. When he junketed to the States, conferences were arranged for him by the State Department. His geopolitical opinions were trumpeted by scores of newspapers and the Mutual Broadcasting Network's 600 affiliates.

Dr. Becher's early contacts in Washington were McCarthy and William Jenner in the Senate, and a handful of congressmen in the House. T.H. Tetens in The New Germany and the Old Nazis, was awed by the Nazi's camaraderie with Beltway politicians, and tracked his movements through the District of Columbia: "During the early fifties, when he first came to Washington, he began to build for himself a formidable political machine. His scheme was very simple. If he could obtain the support of leading politicians in the United States, his prestige and stature would grow enormously at home.... With the help of the McCarthy faction in the United States, he could establish a nationwide reputation as the foremost leader of the anti-Communist crusade." Among the senators who sent personal letters of support to Dr. Becher in Munich in the 1950s: Prescott Bush, Albert Gore, Pat McNamara, William Knowland, Strom Thurmond, Thomas Dodd, Robert Byrd, William Langer and Stuart Symington. House Speaker John McCormack also offered his unblushing public support to the Nazi editor.


Willis Carto & Charles Willoughby/Weidenbach: American Quislings for "Freedom"

Ultraconservatives place rhetorical emphasis on "character," a quality all too often absent within their own ranks. An oracal of the militias, Willis A. Carto, is the publisher of Spotlight, a populist newspaper that backed Patrick Buchanon for president and has attempted, since its inception, to emasculate the United Nations. Carto was the protege of Francis Parker Yocky, indicted for sedition during WW II. Yocky's indictment included charges of generously supporting the Nazi Party under Hitler. Carto's organization was one of five "Liberty Lobbies" founded in 1957 at the first WACL conference in Mexico City. The faction known today as the Liberty Lobby was originally run by a steering committee of rad Right leaders, among them:

Major Gen. Charles A. Willoughby - real name: Adolf Tscheppe Weidenbach, born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1892, a Nazi agent in the Army Supreme Command; Army Intelligence chief under Douglas MacArthur in Korea; "security director" of the Shickshinny Knights of Malta. Willis A. Carto - Treasurer and founder. Major General Edwin A. Walker - US Army, John Birch Society. Lt. Col. Philip Corso (ret) - US Army Intelligence under Willoughby/Weidenbach. Robert Morris - Birch Society, American Security Council (ASC), Young Americans for Freedom. Senator Strom Thurmond (D-S.C.) - Since, a "defector to the Republican Party, still a Senator at the age of 94. Otto Etepka - Director of Security Evaluations, State Department. Senator James O. Eastland (D-Miss.) - Director of internal security in the U.S. Senate.

A profusion of bridges were erected by the Liberty Lobby to German Nazis. Edwin Walker, who once stated in a radio interview that "[Jack] Ruby's name was Rubenstein," was the coeval of Gerhard Frey, publisher of the Neo-Nazi Deutsche National-Zeitung und Soldaten-Zeitung. A bosom ally of Maj. Gen Willoughby/Weidenbach, Theodor Oberlander, was the German commander of the Ukraine's Nightingales during the war and wrote for Frey's newspaper.

Dick Russell, in The Man Who Knew Too Much, drew connections between the Munich-based Reinhard Gehlen apparatus under the CIA's Allen Dulles and assorted WACL "Lobbies" under Willoughby:

"German veterans were included, notably Fritz Kramer [another German agent, Kramer ran the Plans Division of the DoD during the Vietnam War; his son Sven served in the National Security Council under Reagan] - a former Nazi Abwehr officer who then headed up a private vigilante group that ferreted out German Leftists at the behest of private industry. Its U.S. sister organization was the American Security Council (ASC), a private Washington group set up in 1955 by ex-FBI agents that built an index of over one million alleged 'subversives' for major corporations seeking security checks. Willoughby, a friend of Fritz Kramer, eventually sat on the ASC's board."

Researcher William McLoughlin, in a samizdat monograph on Willoughby/Weidenbach (available from Prevailing Winds Research in Santa Barbara), notes that MacArthur's Nordic intelligence chief engaged in a lifetime of acts designed "with the direct intention of facilitating the success of [the] Fourth Reich. The most frightening thing to consider is that he almost succeeded in his intentions on several different occasions. It is my contention that Charles [Adolf] Willoughby [Weidenbach] will eventually be remembered as one of the most prolific mass murderers in the history of mankind, behind only Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler." McLoughlin cites "the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the ensuing follow-up attack on the U.S. Far Eastern command in the Philippines. Both of these events were under the aegis of MacArthur and Willoughby as head of intelligence for the Far Eastern Command, at that time. Even after he was told of the occurrence of the Pearl Harbor attack, Willoughby declined to suggest a search of the Pacific rim for the Japanese carriers supporting the surprise attack and instead opted for leaving the US Army's entire air strike capability sitting on the tarmac in the Philippines in closely clustered groups, which made them easy targets for the Japanese Zeroes ten hours later."


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Brainwashing, Coercion and Mind Control Revisited...

By Judson Rainey on January 20th, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Excerpt from Science of Coercion: Communication Research and Psychological Warfare, 1945-1960 by Christopher Simpson (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996 paperback), pp. 48-51:

Scholars Perfect Psychological Warfare Techniques

by Christopher Simpson

The third expression of psychological warfare themes in Public Opinion Quarterly and similar academic literature during the first years after World War II can be seen in the unusually close liaison that some of the journal’s authors and editors maintained with clandestine psychological warfare projects at the CIA, the armed services, and the Department of State. This can be found in both manifest and veiled form in many articles appearing in the journal, and in the composition of POQ’s editorial board. Hans Speier’s emergence as a prominent “private” advocate of expanded psychological warfare shortly after his work with Frank Wisner at the Occupied Areas Division at the State Department, discussed previously, is one example of an informal link between a prominent POQ author and the government’s clandestine warfare programs.

This phenomenon became considerably more widespread, however, though rarely easy to identify. A good example of latent linkages can be seen in Frederick W. Williams’ 1945 article “Regional Attitudes on International Cooperation.”31 On a manifest level, Williams’ study simply reports data gathered by the American Institute of Public Opinion and the Office of Public Opinion Research at Princeton during the winter of 1944-45 concerning popular attitudes on the U.S. role in international affairs, broken out by geographic region of the country. Williams uses the data to strongly advocate “making the United States more international-minded,” as POQ described it.32

In the decades since the article first appeared, it has become clear that Williams’ data had been collected in an ongoing clandestine intelligence program underwritten by Listerine heir Gerard Lambert on behalf of the Roosevelt administration. The U.S. Congress had in those years barred the expenditure of government funds on most types of attitude surveys of U.S. voters, arguing that it was the Congress’ job under the Constitution to represent “public opinion.” Congress’ concern was in part political, because FDR used rival sources of information on public opinion to advance controversial policies, not least of which was the president’s drive toward an “internationalist” foreign policy. Despite the congressional strictures, the White House hired Hadley Cantril and Lloyd Free for “government intelligence work,” as Jean Converse puts it, including clandestine intelligence collection abroad and public opinion surveys in the United States. Cantril and Free in turn engaged Frederick Williams and the American Institute of Public Opinion as field staff for research on behalf of the administration.33

Meanwhile, Public Opinion Quarterly’s board of editors included a substantial number of men who were deeply involved in U.S. government psychological warfare research or operations, several of whom were largely dependent on government funding for their livelihood. The journal’s editorial advisory board during the late 1940s, for example, was made up of twenty-five to thirty individuals noted for their contributions to public opinion studies and mass communication research. Among those on the board with readily identifiable dependencies on government psychological warfare contracting were Hadley Cantril, Harold Lasswell, Paul Lazarsfeld, and Rensis Likert, whose role as government contractors are documented in Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 of this study. They were joined on the POQ board by DeWitt Poole, who later became president of the CIA’s largest single propaganda effort of the era, the National Committee for a Free Europe.34 Another prominent board member was CBS executive Frank Stanton, also a longtime director of both Radio Free Europe and the Free Europe Fund, a CIA-financed organization established to conduct political advertising campaigns in the United States and to launder CIA funds destined for Poole’s National Committee for a Free Europe.35 The journal’s editor during 1946 and 1947 was Lloyd Free, a wartime secret agent on behalf of the Roosevelt administration who some years later was destined to share a million-dollar CIA research grant with Hadley Cantril.36

This pattern appears to have been repeated at several other important academic journals of sociology and social psychology of the era, although quantitative studies of their content remain to be done. The American Sociological Review (ASR), published by the American Sociological Society, overlapped so frequently in its officers and editorial panels with those of Public Opinion Quarterly and its publisher, the American Association for Public Opinion Research, that board members sometimes joked that they were unsure which meetings they were attending.37 While ASR published articles about a considerably broader range of sociological subjects than did POQ, the ASR articles and book reviews concerning communication remained confined to a group of fewer than a dozen authors who were simultaneously the dominant voices in POQ. The range of views concerning communication and its role in society remained similarly circumscribed.

Further, an informal comparison of articles published during the 1950s concerning mass communication and public opinion in POQ and the prestigious American Journal of Sociology (AJS) shows that its articles in this field were just as rooted in psychological warfare contracts as were those appearing in POQ. The 1949-50 volume of AJS, for example, featured eight articles on various aspects of mass communication and public opinion. At least four of these stemmed directly or indirectly from ongoing psychological warfare projects, including work by Hans Speier and Herbert Goldhamer (both of RAND Corp.), Samuel Stouffer (from the American Soldier project), and Leo Lowenthal (then the director of research for the Voice of America, whose political odyssey is discussed in Chapter 6).38

In sum, the data show that Public Opinion Quarterly — and perhaps other contemporary academic journals as well — exhibited at least three important characteristics that linked the publication with the U.S. government’s psychological warfare effort during the first decade after World War II. First, POQ became an important advocate for U.S. propaganda and psychological warfare projects of the period, frequently publishing case studies, research reports, and polemics in favor of expanded psychological operations. Second and more subtly, many POQ articles articulated U.S. propaganda themes on topics other than psychological warfare itself. Examples include the magazine’s editorial line on U.S.-Soviet relations and on the Italian election of 1948.

Finally, data suggest that some members of the journal’s editorial board and certain of the authors maintained an unusually close liaison with the clandestine propaganda and intelligence operations of the day. The traces of these relationships can be found in several articles mentioned in this chapter and in the composition of POQ’s editorial board, at least one member of which — POQ’s founder DeWitt Poole — was a full-time executive of a major propaganda project organized and financed by the CIA.

This influence over the editorial board and editorial content of the field’s most prestigious academic journal was only a symptom of a deeper and more organic bond that is discussed in the next chapter. Money became one of the most important links between the emerging field of mass communication studies and U.S. military, intelligence, and propaganda agencies. Precise economic figures cannot be determined because of the lack of consistent reporting from the government, the continued classification of some projects, and the loss of data over the years. Even so, the overall trend is clear.

“The primary nexus between government and social science is an economic one,” write Albert Biderman and Elisabeth Crawford of the Bureau of Social Science Research. It is “so pervasive as to make any crisis of relations with the government a crisis for social science as a whole.”39

31. Frederick W. Williams, “Regional Attitudes on International Cooperation,” 9, no.1 (Spring 1945): 38-50.

33. Jean Converse, Survey Research in the United States (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987), pp. 152-54, 165. Converse also notes an earlier example of the role of these confidential surveys in shaping the president’s highly controversial strategy for promoting U.S. support for England in the years leading up to Pearl Harbor.

34. For background on Poole, see Who Was Who, Vol. 3, p. 692; Sig Mickelson, America’s Other Voice: The Story of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (New York: Praeger, 1983), pp. 24, 41, 60; and Christopher Simpson, Blowback (New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988), pp. 134, 217-34 passim. See also Harwood Childs, “The First Editor Looks Back,” 21, no.1 (Spring 1957): 7, for Child’s recollections on Poole’s role in the founding of Public Opinion Quarterly.

35. For source material on Stanton’s role with Radio Free Europe, see Mickelson, America’s Other Voice, p. 124; and U.S. General Accounting Office, U.S. Government Monies Provided to Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, report no.173239, May 25, 1972, p. 79.

36. On Free’s wartime career, see Converse, Survey Research in the United States, pp. 152-54; on his Central Intelligence Agency grant, see John Crewdson and Joseph Treaster, “Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by CIA,” New York Times, December 26, 1977.

37. Association officers or editorial panel members who served with both groups included Samuel Stouffer, John W. Riley, and Leonard Cottrell.

38. Herbert Goldhamer, “Public Opinion and Personality” (p. 346), Hans Speier, “Historical Development of Public Opinion” (p. 376), Samuel Stouffer, “Some Observations on Study Design” (p. 355), and Leo Lowenthal, “Historical Perspectives of Popular Culture” (p. 323); each in American Journal of Sociology 56, no.1 (January 1950). Lowenthal specifically cites his Voice of America work in support of his thesis; see p. 324.

39. Albert Biderman and Elisabeth Crawford, Political Economics of Social Research: The Case of Sociology (Springfield VA: Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technological Information, 1968), p. 5.

Christopher Simpson is an assistant professor at the School of Communication at American University.


Consultation with






MARCH 13, 1958

Printed for the use of the Committee on Un-American Activities

United States Government Printing Office

Washington 1958

This document is copied from the Congressional record. The introductory information about the Congressional Committee has been placed at the end of this page.

See also Brainwashing and “Education Reform”



Communist psychological warfare is now winning such extensive victories in the United States that the Red bloc will not need to employ direct military force against us in order to win the total war, which they are waging, with this country the principal target. Edward Hunter, American expert on Communist brainwashing, warned in a consultation with the staff of the Committee on Un-American Activities.

Mr. Hunter, whose career as a foreign correspondent, author, editor, world traveler, and specialist in propaganda warfare, qualifies him as an authority on Communist propaganda techniques, stated:

“I spent 30 years, a little bit more perhaps, in countries under various forms of Communist pressure and attack. What I am witnessing in America is no different from what I saw in those other countries. I am often referred to as someone who has made phenomenal predictions that proved correct on things to come. Actually, I have never made a prediction as such in my life. I have only predicted in the manner that one predicts the total of 4 after seeing the figures 2 plus 2.

“I have been watching developments under communism in other parts of the world, and now I see exactly the same developments here in America.”

These developments, he continued, “include, first of all, the penetration of our leadership circles by a softening up and creating a defeatist state of mind. This includes penetration of our educational circles by a similar state of mind, in addition to one other thing—the long-range perspective of the professor who is above anything that is happening here and now, and considers himself as an objective spectator in a long, long vista of history.

“I see, primarily, as part of this softening up process in America, the liquidation of our attitudes on what we used to recognize as right and wrong, what we used to accept as absolute moral standards. We now confuse moral standards with the sophistication of dialectical materialism, with a Communist crackpot Communist crackpot theology which teaches that everything changes, and that what is right or wrong, good or bad, changes as well. So nothing they say is really good or bad. There is no such thing as truth or a lie; and any belief we actually held was simply your being unsophisticated. They don’t say this in so many words, except to those who are already indoctrinated in communism.

“What they do say to the rest of us is to be objective; and then they twist that word ‘objective’ into meaning what they mean by dialectical materialism.”

“War has changed its form,” Mr. Hunter declared. “The Communists have discovered that a man killed by a bullet is useless. He can dig no coal. They have discovered that a demolished city is useless. Its mills produce no cloth. The objective of Communist warfare is to capture intact the minds of the people and their possessions, so they can be put to use. This is the modern conception of slavery that puts all the others in the kindergarten age.

“The United States is the main battlefield in this Red war. I mean specifically the people and the soil and the resources of the United States.

“It should be obvious to anyone who has observed the so-called cold war that the United States is its principal target. We need only read what the Communists themselves say, but we refuse to do so, exactly as we could not believe that Hitler meant what he said in Mein Kampf.

“The first battles in this total war have already been won by the forces of international communism in the United States. These victories are identical to those they have won in every country which they have ultimately taken over. They have succeeded in softening up a large element of the American population, particularly among those to whom we look for guidance, our so-called intellectuals and our so-called liberal circles. They have succeeded in making the United States think and talk of a coexistence period, as if that were an end in itself; while in other parts of the world, as in India, the Reds frankly explain that this coexistence is merely intended to give the Americans an easy way to choose their road toward communism.

“This is strategy. The Kremlin is merely giving the United States a choice in surrendering by voluntary change of attitude, to avoid more destructive ways of surrender. Unfortunately, in the United States, large elements, mainly among our non-Communist population, have been softened up into believing that if we can just stall on this situation, it will take care of itself. The Reds have succeeded in inducing business communities to look to Soviet trade as a means of restoring prosperity. Large business elements, with all their financial and other resources, are now being used to help the Communist objective of softening up America for recognition and acceptance of Red China, for instance.”

The Communists are being abetted in their brainwashing program in the United States, Mr. Hunter declared, by the collapse of traditional American ideals of self-reliance and individual integrity.

“The Communists have been in operation for a full generation, taking strategic advantage of the American principles, exploiting the best sides in our characters as vulnerabilities, and succeeding for a generation in changing the characteristics of Americans. I remember when I was a young man, every personnel department was looking for leadership qualities. What was sought was a man’s capacity as an individual to achieve new things. Today that is not even considered by personnel departments in their employment policies. They ask, instead, if the man ‘gets along’ with everybody. They do not ask what is his individuality; they ask how he conforms. When we raise a young man to believe that at all costs he must get on with everyone, we have put him into a state of mind that almost guarantees, if he falls into the hands of an enemy such as the Communists, that he will react as he had been raised, to try ‘to get on,’ because he must not be ‘antisocial.’

“Being ‘antisocial’ has become the cardinal sin in our society. We have to again go back to characteristics of ours which made us, as individuals, say that what is right is right, and whether or not it is antisocial, makes no difference. The young man who broadcast for the Red Chinese was simply ‘getting along’ as he had been taught to do by our educators.”

As an example of the success the Communists are achieving, Mr. Hunter cited statistics on American prisoners of war in Korea.

“Never before in history had so many captured Americans gone to the aid of the enemy. John McCain?

“For 2 years the services studied the records of the prisoners. What they found was not pretty.


Copyright 2009 Judson Rainey

All Rights Reserved




Chapter 14

“A total of 7,190 Americans were captured. Of these, 6,656 were Army troops, 263 were airmen, 231 Marines, 40 Navy men.

“In every war in American history some men have managed to escape. Korea was the exception.

“Roughly 1 of every 3 American prisoners collaborated with the Communists in some way, either as informants or as propagandists.

“In the 20 prison camps, 2, 730 of the 7,190 Americans died, the highest morality rate among prisoners in United States history. Many of them died unnecessarily. They either did not know how to take care of themselves of they just lay down and quit. Some sick or wounded died of malnutrition abandoned by their comrades.

“Discipline among Americans was almost nonexistent. It was a case of dog eat dog for food, cigarettes, blankets, clothes.

“For the first time in history, Americans — 21 of them — swallowed the enemy’s propaganda line and declined to return to their own people.”

Mr. Hunter declared that in the struggle with the Soviet Union, “we are losing so fast that unless we put a very drastic end to it, the question of who is winning will be academic in a decade.”

“People at lectures and elsewhere,” he declared, “frequently ask that of me, as if begging me to say that we are winning. I wish I could, but one only has to think of the position of the United States at the end of the war and compare it to now. We only have to look at the map of the world as it was when signed the peace on the battleship Missouri and compare it to the map now. Great areas with enormous populations have fallen into the hands of the Reds, not through any approximation to the democratic process, but through sheer power pressures, by psychological warfare.”

Even an ultimate superiority in military weapons may not be sufficient to guarantee the survival of the United States, Mr. Hunter cautioned.

“In Korea, we had atomic weapons, but lost the war and were unable to use those weapons because of a political and psychological climate created by the Communists. The Kremlin today is fighting total war, and this means total, not with weapons of physical destruction alone, but mental destruction, too. The new weapons are for conquest intact, of peoples and cities. The future Pearl Harbor sputnik will be used if the situation demands it. But not unless the Kremlin has first succeeded in conquering the character and minds of a large enough element of the American people so that it will be fitting itself into the desires and needs of the Communist apparatus, no matter whether they think of themselves as Red or anti-Communist.”

Mr. Hunter continued: “The most deadly misconception of all, that requires a softening up in our thinking before we can make it, is the idea that there are different kinds of communism, and that besides international communism there is something called national communism, which fundamentally differs. There is nothing of the sort. We are again interpreting, on the basis of wishful thinking, what the Communists themselves are plainly saying. We base this national communism conception on Titoism. Tito at no time disowned or expressed doubt in any of the fundamental tenets of communism, and he is today expending all the time he can in trying to tell the world that he believes in communism, intends Communist objectives to win out in the long run all over the world. Communism in this, too, has been able, as always, to get the help it needs from the non-Communist and principally the anti-Communist world.

“Each time there has been a crisis in Soviet Russia, it could depend on the outside world for help. Today, under the theory that there are different forms of communism, and some Communist forms are not really Communist, or are less Communist than others, we are giving through aid programs and such propaganda assists as so-called exchange scholarships, the help and sustenance that these Communist countries require to survive. I have heard that under certain technical requirements of the law, completely fantastic statements have come from the White House and the State Department that communism in Yugoslavia really isn’t communism any more, and that communism in Poland is not real communism. I thought we had learned our lesson in China. We said that the communism of China, the communism of Mao Tse-tung was not really communism. We said it was not the communism of Moscow. Mao Tse-tung was saying it was the same communism, exactly as Tito says that the Communist ideology is basically the same everywhere, and that the objective for a Communist world is identical.”



Tuesday, March 13, 1958

United States House of Representatives,

Committee on Un-American Activities

Washington, D. C.


The following consultation with Edward Hunter, author and foreign correspondent, was held at 10 a.m., March 13, 1958, in room 226, Old House Office Building, Washington, D. C., pursuant to the authorization of the Committee on Un-American Activities composed of:

Francis E. Walter, Pennsylvania, Chairman

Morgan M. Moulder, Missouri Bernard W. Kearney, New York

Clyde Doyle, California Donald L. Jackson, California

Edwin E. Willis, Louisiana Gordon H. Scherer, Ohio

William M. Tuck, Virginia Robert J. McIntosh, Michigan

Staff members present: Richard Arens, staff director, and William F. Heimlich, consultant.

MR. ARENS: The session today is the first in a series of consultations on the subject of the Communist psychological warfare which the Committee on Un-American Activities has inaugurated.

We are pleased to welcome to the consultation today Mr. Edward Hunter, whose distinguished career as foreign correspondent, author, editor, world traveler, and specialist in psychological warfare eminently qualifies him to speak authoritatively on the subject at hand.

MR. ARENS: How would you characterize the Communist Party in the United States?

MR. HUNTER: It is superficially a joke; but behind the façade are the real Communist operators. They know exactly what they are doing, and they adapt exactly what they are doing to the requirements and strategy of world communism. The Communist Party of America is simply one of the fingers on the two hands of world communism, and operates just as obediently to the mind of communism.

We are again engaging in doubletalk when we talk of the Communist “Party.” There is no such thing as a Communist Party, if by party we mean what our dictionaries call a party. It is a communist conspiracy, a Communist psychological warfare organization. The Communists derive their strength in America from their unity with world communism, and from their ability both in clandestine and overt circles to pull the strings for the non-Communists alone. Communists have never been able to achieve anything without a front. The communism that wins is always the communism that makes the non-Communist its ally; by non-Communist I don’t necessarily mean fellow travelers. I mean non-Communists who allow themselves to be trapped by Communist strategy. We see that operating today in official and business circles, which are essentially anti-Communist.

The business circles that do so have the false hope that there will be tremendous trade available, that the entire automobile industry of America will find great new markets in Red China, and that two families of nations, Communist and non-communist, can work together. That is merely a restoration under different terminology of what was so disastrous to us at the end of World War II when we were told that Mao Tse-tung and the Communists of China were not really Communists, but only agrarian reformers, sort of Chinese New Dealers, who thought and reacted the same as we.

MR. ARENS: On the basis of your background and experience, please tell us what part of this total warfare is psychological?

MR. HUNTER: Since man began, he has tried to influence other men or women to his way of thinking. There have always been these forms of pressure to change attitudes. Atrocities were the simplest changes through which people were forced in the old days to change their minds. Often they didn’t change their minds, but acted as if they did, which had the same result, and, as time went on, the new thoughts often actually came to be believed. There has been a remarkable difference developing in the last 30 years or so, which makes this as different from modern psychological warfare as the airplane is from the canon; it merely brings a shell a longer distance before dropping it somewhere. That is sheer sophism. The moment we discovered how to rise and remain above the earth, we had achieved something fundamentally new. It was no longer a cannon. It was an airplane. The same is true with modern psychological warfare. We discovered in the past 30 years a technique to influence, by clinical, hospital procedures, the thinking processes of human beings.

(The basis for the modern psychological warfare, which makes it different from whatever was done in the past, are the findings of the Russian physiologist, Pavlov. He is not a Communist. He had completed his most important discoveries before the Communists took power. His first discovery was the effectiveness of using a living animal in experiments, rather than a dead animal. His second great discovery was that the instincts of an animal, that we call reflexes, were of two kinds. One was the reflexes which the animal was born with, its unconditioned reflexes. The other was its conditioned reflexes, which man can train into the animal. Most of us have heard of Pavlov’s experiments with dogs and lights. He first provided a bowl of food and turned on a light of a certain color, then an empty bowl and turned on a different colored light. After he had done this a number of times, he turned on the light that accompanied the food, but presented an empty bowl to the animal, and the dog deposited just as much saliva as when the bowl was full. When he presented a bowlful of food with the wrong light, the animal did not eat. After he switched the lights and bowls of food, the animal became neurotic, barked, was driven into a state, which among human beings we call insanity.) —————————————————————————————————————————————–

When the Communist hierarchy in Moscow discovered that it was unable to persuade people willingly to follow communism, when they found that they could not create what they wanted, the “new Soviet man” in which human nature would be changed, they turned to Pavlov and his experiments. They considered people the same as animals anyway, and refused to recognize the role of reason or divinity in a human being. They took over the Pavlovian experiments on animals and extended them to people. They did so with the objective of changing human nature and creating a “new Soviet man.” People, they anticipated, would react voluntarily under Pavlovian pressures, in the way the dog does, to Communist orders, exactly as ants do in their collectivized society.

The Alien Registration Act passed by Congress on 29th June, 1940, made it illegal for anyone in the United States to advocate, abet, or teach the desirability of overthrowing the government. The law also required all alien residents in the United States over 14 years of age to file a comprehensive statement of their personal and occupational status and a record of their political beliefs. Within four months a total of 4,741,971 aliens had been registered.

The main objective of the Alien Registration Act was to undermine the American Communist Party and other left-wing political groups in the United States. It was decided that the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), that had been set up by Congress under Martin Dies in 1938 to investigate people suspected of Nazi sympathic, unpatriotic behavior, would be the best vehicle to discover if people were trying to overthrow the government.

In 1947 the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), chaired by J. Parnell Thomas, began an investigation into the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry. The HUAC interviewed 41 people who were working in Hollywood. These people attended voluntarily and became known as “friendly witnesses”. During their interviews they named nineteen people who they accused of holding left-wing views.

One of those named, Bertolt Brecht, a playwright, gave evidence and then left for East Germany. Ten others: Herbert Biberman, Lester Cole, Albert Maltz, Adrian Scott, Samuel Ornitz,, Dalton Trumbo, Edward Dmytryk, Ring Lardner Jr., John Howard Lawson and Alvah Bessie refused to answer any questions.

Known as the Hollywood Ten, they claimed that the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution gave them the right to do this. The House of Un-American Activities Committee and the courts during appeals disagreed and they all were found guilty of contempt of congress and each was sentenced to between six and twelve months in prison.

Larry Parks was the only actor in the original nineteen people named. He was also the only person on the list who the average moviegoer would have known. Parks agreed to give evidence to the HUAC and admitted that he had joined the Communist Party in 1941 but left it four years later. When asked for the names of fellow members, Parks replied: “I would prefer, if you would allow me, not to mention other people’s names. Don’t present me with the choice of either being in contempt of this Committee and going to jail or forcing me to really crawl through the mud to be an informer.”

The House of Un-American Activities Committee insisted that Parks answered all the questions asked. The HUAC had a private session and two days later it was leaked to the newspapers that Parks had named names. Leo Townsend, Isobel Lennart, Roy Huggins, Richard Collins, Lee J. Cobb, Budd Schulberg and Elia Kazan, afraid they would go to prison, were also willing to name people who had been members of left-wing groups.

In June, 1950, three former FBI agents and a right-wing television producer, Vincent Harnett, published Red Channels, a pamphlet listing the names of 151 writers, directors and performers who they claimed had been members of subversive organisations before the Second World War but had not so far been blacklisted. The names had been compiled from FBI files and a detailed analysis of the Daily Worker, a newspaper published by the American Communist Party.

A free copy of Red Channels was sent to those involved in employing people in the entertainment industry. All those people named in the pamphlet were blacklisted until they appeared in front of the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and convinced its members they had completely renounced their radical past.

Edward Dmytryk, one of the original Hollywood Ten, had financial problems as a result of divorcing his wife. Faced with having to sell his plane and encouraged by his new wife, Dmytryk decided to try to get his name removed from the blacklist. On 25th April, 1951, Dmytryk appeared before the House of Un-American Activities Committee again. This time he answered all their questions including the naming of twenty-six former members of left-wing groups.

Dmytryk also revealed how people such as John Howard Lawson, Adrian Scott and Albert Maltz had put him under pressure to make sure his films expressed the views of the Communist Party. This was particularly damaging to those members of the original Hollywood Ten who were at that time involved in court cases with their previous employers.

If people refused to name names when called up to appear before the HUAC, they were added to a blacklist that had been drawn up by the Hollywood film studios. Over 320 people were placed on this list that stopped them from working in the entertainment industry. This included Larry Adler, Stella Adler, Leonard Bernstein, Marc Blitzstein, Joseph Bromberg, Charlie Chaplin, Aaron Copland, Hanns Eisler, Carl Foreman, John Garfield, Howard Da Silva, Dashiell Hammett, E. Y. Harburg, Lillian Hellman, Burl Ives, Arthur Miller, Dorothy Parker, Philip Loeb, Joseph Losey, Anne Revere, Pete Seeger, Gale Sondergaard, Louis Untermeyer, Josh White, Clifford Odets, Michael Wilson, Paul Jarrico, Jeff Corey, John Randolph, Canada Lee, Orson Welles, Paul Green, Sidney Kingsley, Paul Robeson, Richard Wright and Abraham Polonsky.

It was now decided to use the Alien Registration Act against the American Communist Party. Leaders of the party were arrested and in October, 1949, after a nine month trial, eleven members were convicted of violating the act. Over the next two years another 46 members were arrested and charged with advocating the overthrow of the government. Other high profile spy cases at the time involving Alger Hiss, Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg, helped to create a deep fear in the United States that a communist conspiracy was taking place. ——————————————————————————————————————

On 9th February, 1950, Joseph McCarthy, a senator from Wisconsin, made a speech claiming to have a list of 57 people in the State Department known to be members of the American Communist Party. The list of names was not a secret and had been in fact published by the Secretary of State in 1946. These people had been identified during a preliminary screening of 3,000 federal employees. Some had been communists but others had been fascists, alcoholics and sexual deviants. If screened, McCarthy’s own drink problems and sexual preferences would have resulted in him being put on the list.

McCarthy also began receiving information from his friend, J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). William Sullivan, one of Hoover’s agents, later admitted that: “We were the ones who made the McCarthy hearings possible. We fed McCarthy all the material he was using.” ————————————————————————————————————

With the war going badly in Korea and communist advances in Eastern Europe and in China, the American public were genuinely frightened about the possibilities of internal subversion. McCarthy, was made chairman of the Government Committee on Operations of the Senate, and this gave him the opportunity to investigate the possibility of communist subversion.

For the next two years McCarthy’s committee investigated various government departments and questioned a large number of people about their political past. Some lost their jobs after they admitted they had been members of the Communist Party. McCarthy made it clear to the witnesses that the only way of showing that they had abandoned their left-wing views was by naming other members of the party.

This witch-hunt and anti-communist hysteria became known as McCarthyism. Some left-wing artists and intellectuals were unwilling to live in this type of society and people such as Joseph Losey, Richard Wright, Ollie Harrington, James Baldwin, Herbert Biberman, Lester Cole and Chester Himes went to live and work in Europe.

At first Joseph McCarthy mainly targeted Democrats associated with the New Deal policies of the 1930s. Harry S. Truman and members of his Democratic administration such as George Marshall and Dean Acheson, were accused of being soft on communism. Truman was portrayed as a dangerous liberal and McCarthy’s campaign helped the Republican candidate, Dwight Eisenhower, win the presidential election in 1952.

After what had happened to McCarthy’s opponents in the 1950 elections, most politicians were unwilling to criticize him in the Senate. As the Boston Post pointed out: “Attacking him is this state is regarded as a certain method of committing suicide.” One notable exception was William Benton, the owner of Encyclopaedia Britannica, and a senator from Connecticut. McCarthy and his supporters immediately began smearing Benton. It was claimed that while Assistant Secretary of State, he had protected known communists and that he had been responsible for the purchase and display of “lewd art works”. Benton, who was also accused of being disloyal by Joseph McCarthy for having much of his company’s work printed in England, was defeated in the 1952 elections.

In 1952 McCarthy appointed Roy Cohn as the chief counsel to the Government Committee on Operations of the Senate. Cohn had been recommended by J. Edgar Hoover, who had been impressed by his involvement in the prosecution of Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg. Soon after Cohn was appointed, he recruited his best friend, David Schine, to become his chief consultant.

McCarthy’s next target was what he believed were anti-American books in libraries. His researchers looked into the Overseas Library Program and discovered 30,000 books by “communists, pro-communists, former communists and anti anti-communists.” After the publication of this list, these books were removed from the library shelves.

For some time opponents of Joseph McCarthy had been accumulating evidence concerning his homosexual activities. Several members of his staff, including Roy Cohn and David Schine, were also suspected of having a sexual relationship. Although well-known by political journalists, the first article about it did not appear until Hank Greenspun published an article in the Las Vagas Sun in 25th October, 1952. Greenspun wrote that: “It is common talk among homosexuals in Milwaukee who rendezvous in the White Horse Inn that Senator Joe McCarthy has often engaged in homosexual activities.”

Joseph McCarthy considered a libel suit against Greenspun but decided against it when he was told by his lawyers that if the case went ahead he would have to take the witness stand and answer questions about his sexuality. In an attempt to stop the rumours circulating, McCarthy married his secretary, Jeannie Kerr. Later the couple adopted a five-week old girl from the New York Foundling Home.

In October, 1953, McCarthy began investigating communist infiltration into the military. Attempts were made by McCarthy to discredit Robert Stevens, the Secretary of the Army. The president, Dwight Eisenhower, was furious and realised that it was time to bring an end to McCarthy’s activities.

The United States Army now passed information about Joseph McCarthy to journalists known to be opposed to him. This included the news that McCarthy and Roy Cohn had abused congressional privilege by trying to prevent David Schine from being drafted. When that failed, it was claimed that Cohn tried to pressurize the Army to grant Schine special privileges. The well-known newspaper columnist, Drew Pearson, published the story on 15th December, 1953.

Dwight Eisenhower also instructed his vice president, Richard Nixon, to attack Joseph McCarthy. On 4th March, 1954, Nixon made a speech where, although not mentioning McCarthy, made it clear who he was talking about: “Men who have in the past done effective work exposing Communists in this country have, by reckless talk and questionable methods, made themselves the issue rather than the cause they believe in so deeply.”

Some figures in the media, such as writers Freda Kirchway, George Seldes and I. F. Stone, and cartoonists, Herb Block and Daniel Fitzpatrick, had fought a long campaign against Joseph McCarthy. Other figures in the media, who had for a long time been opposed to McCarthyism but were frightened to speak out, now began to get the confidence to join the counter-attack. Edward Murrow, the experienced broadcaster, used his television programme, See It Now, on 9th March, 1954, to criticize McCarthy’s methods. Newspaper columnists such as Walter Lippmann and Jack Anderson also became more open in their attacks on McCarthy.

The senate investigations into the United States Army were televised and this helped to expose the tactics of Joseph McCarthy. One newspaper, the Louisville Courier-Journal, reported that: “In this long, degrading travesty of the democratic process McCarthy has shown himself to be evil and unmatched in malice.” Leading politicians in both parties, had been embarrassed by McCarthy’s performance and on 2nd December, 1954, a censure motion condemned his conduct by 67 votes to 22.

McCarthy lost the chairmanship of the Government Committee on Operations of the Senate. He was now without a power base and the media lost interest in his claims of a communist conspiracy. As one journalist, Willard Edwards, pointed out: “Most reporters just refused to file McCarthy stories. And most papers would not have printed them anyway.” Although some historians claim that this marked the end of McCarthyism, others argue that the anti-communist hysteria in the United States lasted until the end of the Cold War.



Usurpation by The Executive Branch in unjustly seizing dominant power over the Legislative Branch of our government.

Usurpation by The Federal government in unjustly seizing dominant power over the States Rights of our government.

Usurpation by Suffrage an unjust cause for Political Enfranchisement in unjustly seizing dominant power over the Original 98 percent Majority of the informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate, Protestant Christian Men. and reducing them to 30 percent of the political electorate, thereby Subjugating them by the informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiterate Secular men & Woman with a 70 percent electorate majority

Usurpation by International Psychological Warfare propaganda of Dialectic Materialism - Revisionism Psychological Warfare induced Cognitive Dissonance against we the people to be seized and dominated with a inverted perceptual reality power over them. And unjustly Persecute them by Unjustly Scientifically Shaming them into Submission.

Usurpation by Federal government Conspiracies to intentionally create an extreme economical crisis in order to seize economic power to further the finalization of the Communist Socialist ideology implementation in America.

Usurpation by The Federal Judicial Branch in seizing dominant power over the Executive and Legislative with intentionally inverted Empirical Self Evident Truth Propositions with Formal Revisionism negatively antithetical Re-interpretations of our U.S. Constitution. And their dissemination into our States and Counties and Cities by Unjust Coercive Federal Enforcement.

Usurpation by Anti-Constitutionally Transforming our Republic into a democratic scientific socialist Democracy form of civil government

Maximus Publius

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Very scarce.


NY: Henry Holt, 1955. 315 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Initials front endpaper. Very Good in clean and bright dustjacket which has spine faintly sunstruck, minor edge chipping. $11.95.

'A full & authentic exposure of the Soviet espionage system'. For those with no patience for the 'unfull' story & disdain the 'inauthentic' [are they ever flouted thus?!]. Here is the 'inside story of the 250,000 Communists agents & 500,000 collaborators...' Wow! If only the Communist Party had known...


Royal Oak: Radio League of the Little Flower, 1935. 244 pages. Original trade paperback. Heavily worn wraps, soiling, a bit tender at the binding. Good, decent reading copy. $22.

Rightwing anti-semitic Catholic priest, a fascist radio preacher who inspired the 'Silver Shirts' & commanded quite a following in his day.

129364 COUGHLIN, Rev Charles E. BY THE SWEAT OF THY BROW: A Series of Sermons Broadcast By...

Detroit (Royal Oak): Radio League of the Little Flower, 1931. 191 pages. 1st edition. Paperback. Damp effects, minor but for top of last few pages (not affecting the text). Cover has small hole worn through, chipped along the rear top edge, a reading copy. $11.95.

A series of broadcasts from the Shrine of the Little Flower, October, 1930 to February, 1931. From the notorious anti-Semite, virulent anti-communist, & proto-fascist who spawned the Silver Shirts.

131950 COYNE, John R., Jr. THE KUMQUAT STATEMENT: Anarchy in the Groves of Academe.

NY: Cowles, 1970. 213 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Intro by William F. Buckley, Jr. Very Good+ in Very Good- dustjacket with edge wear and some fading rear, price clipped. ISBN: 0402120523 $7.95.

Berkeley & the New Left movement - 'which grew up there & has spread to the rest of the country. It's about universities in general...' You get the drift, a negative appraisal of the New Left.


McLean: Freedom Press, (1938). 316 pages. 1st edition. Trade Paperback original. Cover lightly soiled, otherwise nice tight Very Good copy. $15.95.

Anti-communist, anti-Roosevelt diatribe. Uncommon tract by the cartoonist who created Skippy issued in a small printing.

173768 de TOLEDANO, Ralph & Victor Lansky. SEEDS OF TREASON: The True Story of the Hiss-Chambers Tragedy.

Funk & Wagnalls, 1950. 270 pages. 4th printing of the 1st edition, 2nd month of publication. Hardback. VG- in bright but worn dustjacket. Light dampstain along the front fore-edge of the cover. Not pretty, but a solid book that is internally clean and bright. Excellent reading copy. $7.95.

Blurb of praise by the infamous criminal Richard Nixon. Book is by two other veteran Cold War warriors.

137034 DEES, Morris with James Corcoran. GATHERING STORM: America's Militia Threat.

NY: HarperCollins, 1996. 254 pages. 3rd printing. Hardback. Photos. Index. A presentation bookplate fixed to front endpaper, to a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, 'Signed by the Author'. Tiny bump one corner, otherwise Fine in lightly used dustjacket. ISBN: 006017403X $6.95.

'Six months before the Oklahoma City bombing, Morris Dees warned the U.S. Attorney General that the fast growing militia movement posed a serious threats.' Dees explores paramilitary training, tying together events, players & history of militia armies now operating in the US. Includes Death on Ruby Ridge & Waco & Guns. The story of a very dangerous movement.

172857 DEES, Morris with James Corcoran. GATHERING STORM: America's Militia Threat.

NY: HarperCollins, 1996. 254 pages. 3rd printing. Hardback. Photos. Index. A presentation bookplate fixed to front endpaper, to a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, 'Signed by the Author'. Center's letter to supporter laid in. Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. Jacket lightly used with tiny tear ton rear corner fold. ISBN: 006017403X $6.95.

'Six months before the Oklahoma City bombing, Morris Dees warned the U.S. Attorney General that the fast growing militia movement posed a serious threats.' Dees explores paramilitary training, tying together events, players & history of militia armies now operating in the US. Includes Death on Ruby Ridge & Waco & Guns. The story of a very dangerous movement.

173908 DEES, Morris with James Corcoran. GATHERING STORM: America's Militia Threat.

HarperCollins, 1996. 254 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Photos. Index. A presentation bookplate fixed to front endpaper, to a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, 'Signed by the Author'. Center's letter to supporter laid in. Fine but for thumb smudge on fore-edge, in Near Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 006017403X $7.95.

'Six months before the Oklahoma City bombing, Morris Dees warned the US Attorney General that the fast growing militia movement posed a serious threats.' Dees explores paramilitary training, tying together events, players and history of militia armies now operating in the US. Includes Death on Ruby Ridge and Waco and Guns. The story of a very dangerous movement.


Sacramento: 20th Century Factfinder, 1971. 213 pages. 1st edition. Trade paperback. Very Good+ but for small corner piece missing one page (not affecting text). $17.95.

'The story behind the story...now read the facts about our foreign policy'. Rare.


NY: New Century, 1948. 63 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. $7.95.

Political report to the 14th National Convention of the Communist Party, August 2-6, 1948. See Seidman D142.

175684 DEUTSCH, Martin THE 1960 SWASTIKA-SMEARINGS: An Analysis of the Apprehended Youth.

NY: New York Medical College, 1962. 22 pp. First thus. Reprint from MERRILL-PALMER QUARTERLY OF BEHAVIOR & DEVELOPMENT. Very Good. Light sunning along all margins of covers. Sm. crease upper right corner of front cover. $8.95.

130799 DIES, Martin. MARTIN DIES' STORY.

NY: Bookmailer, 1963. 283 pages. Hardback. Name inside cover. Very Good in lightly worn Very Good- dustjacket with tiny tears. $11.95.

Dies headed HUAC for 7 years & here purports to tell the 'inside' story of the fight against those dirty commies.


NY: Workers Library, 1935. 62 pages. Stapled paperback. Page edges browned. Very Good-. ISBN: B00085CRMG $9.95.

Abridged compilation from 3 speeches at 7th World Congress of the Communist International. Dimitroff was General Secretary of the Communist International. See 'Seidman D206'.


NY: International Publishers, 1945. 144 pages. 5th edition. Trade paperback. Pages lightly affected throughout from dampness. Good reading copy. ISBN: B000BWUF9I $3.95.

Speeches delivered at 7th World Congress of the Communist International, originally issued under the title 'The United Front: The Struggle Against Fascism & War'. Dimitroff was General Secretary of the Communist International. See 'Seidman D206'.

170905 DOENECKE, Justus. THE LITERATURE OF ISOLATIONISM: A Guide to Non Interventionist Scholarship 1930-1972.

Colorado Springs: Ralph Myles, 1972. 89 pages. Stapled paperback. Index. Near Fine. A few very minor touches of cover soil. ISBN: 0879260165 $19.95.

Revisionist perspective, a bibliographical tool for the study of the 1930s isolationist period in American political and social life, canvassing the writings, ideas, and premises of a generation of Americans who questioned the validity of the theory of collective security, with historical context and reference to the following decades up to, and including, the Vietnam War.


Old Greenwich: Devin-Adair, 1973. 451 pages. Hardback. Index. Forward by Thomas A. Lane. Introduction by Frederic Nelson. Very Good+ in Very Good+ dustjacket but for couple tiny jacket tears head of spine, tiny minor stain bottom front. ISBN: 0815972113 $3.95.

Rightwing Cold War Warrior takes issue with liberals for pursuing a course of abject surrender to the commies. In the vein of William F. Buckley-John Birch Society. Much moralizing on the New Left & the effects of the Vietnam War.


NY: Ives Washburn, 1961. 274 pages. Stated 1st edition. Hardback. Name stamp top and front endpaper. Rear DJ flap has 'Kiplinger Book Club Edition' printed in small letters. Edge tears with short dig/tear to front panel. $4.95.

Kremlin propaganda & how it slanders the US.


NY: Ives Washburn, 1961. 274p. Stated 1st edition. Hardback. Nice copy, Near Fine- in Very Good+ dustjacket. $6.95.

Kremlin propaganda & how it slanders the US.

131283 ELLSWORTH, Ralph E. & Sara M. Harris. THE AMERICAN RIGHT WING: A Report to the Fund of the Republic .

Washington: Public Affairs Press, 1962. 63 pages. Stapled paperback. References. Owner name stamped lightly front cover and front endpaper, otherwise Very Good+. $22.

179340 EWALD, William Bragg, Jr. WHO KILLED JOE McCARTHY?.

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1984. 399 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos. Index. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. Remainder spot bottom. In protective glassine. ISBN: 067144946X $6.95.

'The first complete account, based on new documentary evidence, of the Wisconsin Senator's politically fatal confrontation with the Army.' A behind-the-scenes account, by a former Eisenhower staff member, of that administration's efforts to thwart McCarthy.

135412 FAULK, John Henry. FEAR ON TRIAL.

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1964. 398 pages. 2nd printing. Hardcover. Thin light sunning along top edge, otherwise Very Good+ in Very Good+ dustjacket but for tiny tear rear. ISBN: 0292724438 $9.95.

The Hollywood Blacklist & the author's 6-year experience trying to clear his name. See 'Seidman F58'.

141855 FLAKE, Carol. REDEMPTORAMA: Culture, Politics & the New Evangelicalism.

Garden City: Anchor/Doubleday, 1984. 300 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket with a few tiny tears. Remainder spray bottom. In protective mylar. ISBN: 0385182414 $1.

Flake has written numerous articles on popular culture & religion for the 'Village Voice', 'Nation' & other journals.

139211 FOSTER, William Z. COMMUNISM VERSUS FASCISM: A Reply to Those Who Lump Together the Social Systems of the Soviet Union & Nazi Germany.

NY: Workers Library, 1941. 31 pages. 2nd printing. Stapled paperback. Very Good. A few drops of paint or white out on cover, pages browned. ISBN: B0006AQFFI $9.95.

Examines the differences between the Communism of the Soviet Union & the Fascism of Nazi Germany. See 'Seidman F363'.

171535 FRIEDLANDER, Saul. REFLECTIONS OF NAZISM: An Essay on Kitsch and Death.

NY: Harper and Row, 1984. 141 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Notes. Translated by Thomas Weyr. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. A page corner turned down. Jacket has a tiny horizontal crack near the bottom of the spine. ISBN: 0060150971 $9.95.

137033 FROMMER, Arthur (ed). GOLDWATER FROM A TO Z: A Critical Handbook.

NY: Frommer/Pasmantier, (1964). 115 pages. Trade paperback original. Name stamp front cover and front endpaper, otherwise Very Good. $5.95.

144032 FURGURSON, Ernest B. HARD RIGHT: The Rise of Jesse Helms.

NY: Norton, 1986. 302 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Near Fine in Very Good dustjacket. DJ has light edgewear, soiling and light yellowing. ISBN: 0393023257 $6.95.

141026 GABLER, Neal. WINCHELL: Gossip, Power & the Culture of Celebrity.

NY: Knopf, 1994. 681 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Photos. Index. Fine in Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 0679417516 $6.95.

Combines biography with cultural history, of this rightwing Geraldo or Rush of his time, the most influential gossip columnist of the 30's & '40's. Bottom feeders thrive on fear, & Winchell wallowed in it.


Boston: Western Islands, 1972. 639 pages. Hardback. Foredge has a couple small light spots and touch of soil, otherwise nice clean Very Good+ copy in clean and bright price clipped dustjacket with a few tiny tears and small chip rear. ISBN: 9998446244 $8.95.

The John Birch Society director of 'research' & the publisher of 'The Red Web' bring you its clear, precise & non-ideological slant on real life. (Remember the Domino Theory? Remember that the collapse of communism in Russia is a Commie Conspiracy to take over the world?). Includes organizations & individuals it deems Ultra-Left Commie Rats. For all that, in lieu of any decent comprehensive dictionaries of the left, taken for what they are, these books provide some detail & background reference.


Boston: Western Islands, (1973). 667 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Index. Near Fine in Very Good+ dustjacket. $9.95.

John Birch Society director of 'research' & the publisher of 'The Red Web' bring you its clear, precise & non-ideological slant on real life. (Remember the Domino Theory? The collapse of Russian communism as a Commie Conspiracy to take over the world?). Includes organizations & individuals deemed Ultra-Left Commie Rats. For all that, in lieu of decent comprehensive dictionaries of the left, taken for what they are, these books provide some detail & background reference.

174082 GANNON, Francis X. BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF THE LEFT. Volume I, II, III, IV (Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4).

Western Islands, 1960-1973. 2538 pages. 4 volume set. Hardback. Vol. I is 'Signed by the Author'. Very Good to Near Fine. All book books are clean and bright and relatively tight. There are no names or markings. Two volumes are dusty on top. Dustjackets are bright and clean with light wear at the corners. Vol. I has a small chip bottom front corner and is lightly scuffed all-around. The jacket of volume IV is lightly off-color from the others, as is common with this volume. ISBN: 0882792261 $29.5.

The John Birch Society director of 'research' and the publisher of 'The Red Web' bring you its clear, precise and non-ideological slant on real life. (Remember the Domino Theory? or that the collapse of communism in Russia is a Commie Conspiracy to take over the world?). Includes organizations and individuals deemed Ultra-Left Commie Rats. For all that, in lieu of any decent comprehensive dictionaries of the left, taken for what they are, these books provide some detail and background reference. Includes Pete Seeger, Gene Debs, Saul Alinsky, Black Panthers, Ralph Abernathy, Daniel Berrigan, James Farmer, Hubert Humphrey, William Kunstler, Susan Sontag, SDS, Earl Warren, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and the Ford Foundation.


NY: Workers Library, 1943. 23 pages. Stapled paperback pamphlet. Very Good. Price blocked. Cheap paper bit browned, tiny cover tear head of spine fold. ISBN: B0007DWQ66 $11.95.

Communist take on Rickenbacker, an acclaimed war hero - & member of the America First Committee, anti-labor/labor baiter, & a Nazi sympathizer as late as 1940 when it was not so fashionable. See 'Seidman G34'.

142527 GARRETT, Garet. EX AMERICA.

Caldwell: Caxton Press, 1951. 42 pages. 2nd printing the same month of publication. Trade paperback. Good. Light cover soil. Wallet style edges have tiny tears. $12.95.

Rightwing 'libertarian' writer & editorial editor of the 'Saturday Evening Post', Garrett was a relentless critic of ideologies 'alien' to 'Americanism', etc. An anti-socialist, anti-Roosevelt, anti-New Deal tract. The American people are compared to a herd of wild bison now held captive in the Valley of Security.

168632 GIBBON, Edward [Peter P. Witonski, ed.]. GIBBON FOR MODERNS: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire with Lessons for America Today.

New Rochelle: Arlington House, 1974. 347 pages. 2nd printing. Hardback. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Name front endpaper, small dent bottom rear cover edge. Jacket edgewear along top, small tear rear. Pages clean and bright throughout. ISBN: 0870001981 $4.95.

Wintonski, a fellow at the rightwing Hoover Institution, comments on selections from Gibbon's six-volume classic, 'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'. For this rightwing publisher he identifies what he considers parallels of conditions in the late Roman Empire and American society [fags? longhaired girly-boys? pinko collectivists?]. Or American Empire as Gore Vidal would insist.

170342 GIBBS, Margaret. THE DAR.

NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969. 244 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Bibliography. Index. Near Fine in Very Good+ dustjacket. DJ has light top and bottom edge wear, price clipped. In protective mylar. ISBN: 003065565X $9.95.

History of the racist and class-based organization. Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in the 19th century as the 'American' answer to blacks, Native Americans, Jews, immigrants and the labor class, enforcing a strict social code and a system of values designed to keep 'their' country clean of the filth and rabble. One of those ironic 'un-American' organizations that hides behind the flag and rhetoric of 'patriotism'.

135891 GIRVIN, Brian. THE RIGHT IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: Conservatism and Democracy.

London: Pinter, 1994. 230 pages. First Edition. Hardcover, Dark blue printed glossy covers. Lightly rubbed, Near Fine. No dustjacket, apparently as issued. ISBN: 0861879813 $33.


171291 GITLOW, Benjamin. THE WHOLE OF THEIR LIVES: Communism in America - A Personal History and Intimate Portrayal of Its Leaders.

NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1948. 387 pages. First printing / edition. Foreword by Max Eastman. Very Good+. Nice solid copy with light corner wear. No names or markings. Lacks the dustjacket. $6.95.

Memoirs of a former 'Daily Worker' editor who became disillusioned and flipped to the right. See 'Seidman G151'.

126505 GRAVES, Ralph H. THE TRIUMPH OF AN IDEA: The Story of Henry Ford.

Garden City: Doubleday, Doran, 1934. 184 pages. 1st edition. Small hardback. Frontis. Photos. Very Good in clean but edge worn dustjacket, tape mended on reverse (blank) side. $4.5.

Highlights of 50 years in which Ford became one of America's great industrial powers. Does not deal with his anti-Semitism or pro-fascist sympathies. His company was one a number of American companies which allowed their factories to produce vital supplies for the Nazi war machine against Allied soldiers during WWII.

139223 HALL, Gus. THE ELEVENTH HOUR: Defeat the New Fascist Threat!.

NY: New Outlook, 1964. 22 pages. Tall stapled paperback. Very Good. Clean and tight. ISBN: B0007FCH72 $9.95.

Anti-Goldwater tract from the Communist Party head.

173874 HARDISTY, Jean. MOBILIZING RESENTMENT: Conservative Resurgence from the John Birch Society to the Promise Keepers.

Beacon Press, 1999. xi, 287 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Notes. Index. Some pencil underling pp. 9-45, one bottom page corner creased, otherwise this would be Fine in Fine- dustjacket. ISBN: 0807043168 $6.95.

142320 HARGIS, Billy James. THE FAR LEFT.

Tulsa: Christian Crusade, 1964. 288 pages. 1st edition, 1st printing. Mass Market paperback. Very Good. Bright copy with edge wear, spine reading crease. $11.95.

Far right whacko expose of the far left, an artifact of cold war paranoia & usual red baiting. Cartoon of the statue of liberty stabbed with a hammer & sickle sword on cover. Hargis was head honcho of the Christian Crusade. Surprisingly uncommon given the large number (50,000) printed.

175365 HAYEK, F.A. [Friedrich]. THE COUNTER-REVOLUTION OF SCIENCE: Studies on the Abuse of Reason.

Liberty Press, 1979. 415 pages. 1st printing of the 2nd edition. Hardcover. Index. Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. Jacket has a tiny tear top front edge. ISBN: 0913966665 $40.

Standard rightwing preference for the cash-register over humanity, an apologia for authoritarianism on the right rather than the left.

174818 HEDGES, Chris. AMERICAN FASCISTS: The Christian Right and the War On America.

Free Press, 2006. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Fine unread book in Fine- dustjacket. ISBN: 0743284437 $9.95.

Challenges the Christian Right's religious legitimacy and argues that at its core it is a mass movement fueled by unbridled nationalism and a hatred for the open society. Examines the movement's origins, its driving motivations and its dark ideological underpinnings - and lays out its subversion of democracy with its hate-driven totalitarianism.

174199 HELVARG, David. THE WAR AGAINST THE GREENS: The 'Wise-Use' Movement, the New Right, and Anti-Environmental Violence.

Sierra Club Books, 1997. 502 pages. 1st printing / edition. Trade paperback. Notes. Index. Near Fine. No names, marks, or spine creasing. Tiny tear bottom front cover edge. ISBN: 0871569078 $4.95.


NY: Taplinger, 1967. 212 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos. Selected bibliography. Index. Very Good in Very Good- dustjacket. DJ has short tear top front edge, tiny tear top rear. Price clipped, tiny label removal scar front endpaper. Clean and bright throughout. ISBN: B0007DQGNA $6.95.

A journalist chronicles Ford's effort to engineer a cease-fire during the Great War to End All Wars. (Ford, of course was a vicious and active Jew-hater and was a Hitler sympathizer during WWII, making money in Germany while the American boys were dying).

170713 HESS, Ilse. RUDOLF HESS: Prisoner of Peace; The Flight to Britain and its Aftermath.

Torrance: Institute of Historical Review, 1984. 151 pages. Trade paperback. Translated by Meyrick Booth, edited by George Pile, Foreword to the English edition by G.S. Oddie. Fine but for small stray felt tip mark inside front cover. Unread. ISBN: 0939484021 $11.95.

Collection of letters between Hess, his wife and relatives, and her letters to him from an internment camp post-WWII. Reprinted by a publishing house notorious for its Holocaust denial, efforts to vindicate Hitler and his Nazi regime, and one-time darling of American rightwing-nuts and politicos.

173214 HILL, Ray with Andrew Bell. THE OTHER FACE OF TERROR: Inside Europe's Neo-Nazi Network.

Grafton, 1988. 315 pages. 1st printing / edition. Mass Market paperback original (PBO). 12 pages of b&w photos. Very Good+. Bright tight copy with distributor stamp inside cover, thin spine crease. ISBN: 0586069356 $14.95.

'The story of an ordinary working man drawn into the ranks of right-wing extremism through a concern with immigration.' A Nazi Mole provides insights into the workings of European groups dedicated to fomenting race hatred via terrorist outrages.

170761 HOROWITZ, David. HATING WHITEY And Other Progressive Causes.

Spence Publishing, 1999. 1st printing, 1st edition. Hardback. Fine in Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 189062621X $4.95.

From dishonest Lefty to dishonest RightWingNut, much in the mold of TailGunner Joe McCarthy - and a bigot to boot - now camped over on FoxNews.


LA: Center for the Study of Popular Culture, 2002. 1st printing, 1st edition. Stapled paperback. Fine. $25.

Shameless right-winger, red-baiter, and happy camper on FoxNews, etc., a NeoCON who has been caught out numerous times for his lousy 'research' and bald lies.

133956 HUIE, William Bradford. THE KLANSMAN.

NY: Delacorte, 1967. 303 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. DJ scuffed, shelfworn, Very Good in Very Good dustjacket. ISBN: 0491004400 $5.95.

Novel of post-1965, in the aftermath of the Selma March, where the Klan is revived with devastating effects on white & black citizens alike.

137032 HUTTON, J. Bernard. THE SUBVERTERS.

New Rochelle: Arlington House, 1972. 266 pages. First Edition. Hardback. Photos. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket, light spine sunning, price clipped and tiny closed tear rear. ISBN: 0870001698 $6.95.

Red Icebergs & a commie under every bed revealed - the communist plot to subvert the West, spelling out the techniques being used. From a rightwing publisher.

137035 JANSON, Donald & Bernard Eisman. THE FAR RIGHT.

NY: McGraw Hill, 1963. 259 pages. Hardback. Very Good+ in bright Very Good+ dustjacket which has two tiny edge tears. In protective mylar. ISBN: B0007DETPW $12.95.

Report on the character, activities, & background of right-wing groups in America in the late 50s & early 60s..


Chicago: Regnery, 1962. 230 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Presentation copy, inscribed and 'Signed by the Author' and dated the year of publication. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket but for tiny edge chips and a few small edge tears. $9.95.

An expert on the Soviet Union, having served with the Office of Naval Intelligence, exposes the facts behind the Cold War & argues we have abandoned the will to win, are subservient to the United Nations, allies, etc.

127758 JOHNSON, Frank Woodruff. THE OCTOPUS.

Omaha: published by the Author, (1940). 256 pages. Trade paperback. Frontis. Index. Very Good. Nice clean copy with a page corner turned down. $29.

Rightwing anti-Semitic hate literature by a loving Reverend. Rant against Jews & the B'nai B'rith & its part in the horrid Commie plot to take over the US, eliminate Christianity, & other minor schemes such as taking over the world. Names many important persons involved in the alleged conspiracy & their transgressions & unsavory affiliations. Scarce.

121159 KAUFFMAN, Bill. AMERICA FIRST!: Its History, Culture & Politics.

NY: Prometheus Books, 1995. 296 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Foreword by Gore Vidal. 'Review copy' with promo sheet laid in. Fine in lightly rubbed DJ. ISBN: 0879759569 $8.95.

The heritage, present, & political future of a nationalist movement known for its isolationist stance & opposition to giant government bureaucracy, & economic globalism. Looks at past proponents, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Jack Kerouac & Senator J. William Fulbright, as well as today's Ross Perot & Pat Buchanan.


Louisville: Kentuckians Against KUAC, n.d. (ca. 1970?). 23 pages. Stapled paperback. Illustrated. Near Fine. $14.95.


Louisville: Kentuckians Against KUAC, n.d. (ca. 1970?). 23 pages. Stapled paperback. Illustrated. Near Fine. $14.95.

With Herblock cartoon on the front cover, with HUAC grilling a 'wintess': 'All we want is the truth as we see it.' Well said.

139217 KUCZYNSKI, Jurgen & M. Witt. ECONOMICS OF BARBARISM: Hitler's New Economic Order in Europe.

NY: International Publishers, 1942. 64 pages. Small Trade paperback. Tables. Very Good. Clean and tight copy. ISBN: B0006DCSFG $14.95.

170021 LANE, Thomas A. VIETNAM: Observations on American Policies.

Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1967. 20 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good+. Light browning at the cover edges. ISBN: B0007GRPVY $30.

Right-wing attacks on American military policy, reprinting a number of his newspaper columns from 1966-67. Former president of Americans for Constitutional Action, he opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and most government regulatory offices. They did not appear to oppose socialism or welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1965. 11 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. 4 sentences ink underlined. Light browning at the cover edges. $30.

Lane was president of the right-wing Americans for Constitutional Action. They opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and most government regulatory offices. They did not appear to oppose Corporate socialism or welfare or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget). Rare.


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1966. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. 5 sentences pages have ink underlining. Light browning at the cover edges. $30.

Lane was president of the right-wing Americans for Constitutional Action. Opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and most government regulatory offices. They did not appear to oppose Corporate socialism or welfare to the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget). Rare.

171283 LEISER, Erwin. NAZI CINEMA.

NY: Macmillan, 1975. 179 pages. 1st US printing / edition. Hardback. Illustrated. Bibliography, filmography, appendix, index. Translated from the German by Gertrud Mander and David Wilson. Very Good+ but for faint fore-edge stain, in Very Good+ dustjacket but for spine fading to red lettering. Book is clean and solid, no names or markings. Jacket is clean and bright, no tears. $14.95.

Examination of notorious and forgotten Nazi films including Triumph of the Will, Friesennot, Heimkehr, Jud Suss, Ich klage an and others, showing how Hitler's Ministry of Popular Entertainment converted German cinema into a cog in the Nazi propaganda machine.

134449 LENS, Sidney. THE FUTILE CRUSADE: Anti-Communism As American Credo.

Chicago: Quadrangle, 1964. 256 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Intro by Linus Pauling. Nice Very Good copy in Very Good dustjacket. $8.95.

'This provocative book, based upon solid research, demands a fresh reappraisal of America's posture in world affairs.' See 'Seidman L177'.


Washington: Monticello Books, 1976. 98 pages. 1st printing / edition. Trade paperback, printed yellow-orange wraps. Bibliographical note. Very Good+. ISBN: B0006CV71I $6.95.

Rightwing tract. 'The anatomy of the Soviet threat in the Caribbean and its violation of the Monroe Doctrine revealed in the light of the aggression of the Russian-Cuban Axis in Angola'.

173263 LEWIS, Wyndham. THE ENEMY: A Review of Art & Literature. Volume 1 (I): Number 1. Jan. 1927.

Black Sparrow Press, 1994. 214 pages. Trade paperback. Fine-. Tight bright book, unread. Minuscule crease top rear corner, small light bump and crease top front. Small light area top right corner from label removal. ISBN: 0876859473 $14.95.

Facsimile edition of his magazine from the 1920s. Lewis was a Vorticist painter, writer, Fascist sympathizer, satirist.

173264 LEWIS, Wyndham. THE ENEMY: A Review of Art & Literature. Volume 1 (I): Number 1. Jan. 1927.

Black Sparrow Press, 1994. 214 pages. Trade paperback. Fine-. Tight bright book, unread. Front cover has light scrape, small light area top right corner from label removal. ISBN: 0876859473 $15.95.

Facsimile edition of his magazine from the 1920s. Lewis was a Vorticist painter, writer, Fascist sympathizer, satirist.

174883 LEWIS, Wyndham. THE ENEMY: A Review of Art & Literature. Volume 2: Number 2. 1927.

Black Sparrow, 1994. 158 pages. Large Trade paperback. Fine-. Tight bright book, unread. ISBN: 0876859503 $14.95.

Facsimile edition of his magazine from the 1920s. Lewis was a Vorticist painter, writer, Fascist sympathizer, satirist.

174884 LEWIS, Wyndham. THE ENEMY: A Review of Art & Literature. Volume 3: Number 3. 1929.

Black Sparrow, 1994. 179 pages. Large Trade paperback. Fine-. Tight bright book, unread. ISBN: 0876859538 $14.95.

Facsimile edition of his magazine from the 1920s. Lewis was a Vorticist painter, writer, Fascist sympathizer, satirist.


Berkeley: Institute of Industrial Relations, 1960. 38 pages. Stapled paperback pamphlet. Notes. Very Good. $11.95.

Offprint from the 'British Journal of Sociology', Reprint #141.

174232 LIPSET, Seymour M. & Earl Rabb. THE POLITICS OF UNREASON: Right-Wing Extremism in America, 1790-1970.

Harper Torchbooks, 1973. xxiv+547 pages. 1st edition. Numerous tables. Appendix. Indexes. Very Good+. Nice tight book, no names, marks or tears. Cover has tiny insignificant horizontal crack on the spine. ISBN: 0061317446 $5.95.

Definitive study from the University of California's Five-year Study of Anti-Semitism in the US, this being the 5th in their 'Patterns of American Prejudice' series.

134424 LOKOS, Lionel. HOUSE DIVIDED: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King.

New Rochelle: Arlington, 1968. 567 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Minor soil pages edges. DJ edge worn. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket. ISBN: B00005W30T $2.95.

A right-wing view - Lokos believes King's primary legacy is lawlessness, that his nonviolent movement could only plant the seeds of violence.

170689 LUCE, Phillip Abbott. ROAD TO REVOLUTION: Communist Guerilla Warfare in the USA.

San Diego: Viewpoint, 1967. 174 pages. 2nd printing of the 1st edition (same year of publication). Mass Market paperback. Index. Near Fine-. Tiny touch of discolor top, thin vertical reading crease front cover along the spine. Bright, clean and tight, no names, markings. $3.95.

By a former Communist Party member and radical who once edited the Progressive Labor magazine who now sensationally determines to expose their intentions, Reader's Digest style: 'Negro Ghettos,' 'Riots and Terror in American Cities' - eatcher heart out Geraldo Rivera!.


NY: Random House, 1988. 165 pages. 1st US edition. Hardback. Photos. Intro by John Fowles. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 0394570022 $2.95.

Story behind the murder of nearly all 700 inhabitants of a French village by the German SS during WWII.


Beverly Hills: New Millennium, 2002. 132 pp. Third printing. Hardcover, 9.5 x 11 inches. Black, paper boards with bronze stamping on spine. Multiple color illustrations. Fine, in a Very Good+ dust cover. Dj: with light creasing about upper & lower edges, mostly front panel - in protective glassine. ISBN: 1893224740 $14.95.

Rightwing stuff.

125962 MAYER, Andrew, John Mayer & Jim Becker, (eds.) [William Loeb]. PROTECT THE PRESIDENT! & other Outrageous Editorials From the Ultra-right Newspaper Publisher.

Meredith: Intervale Publishing, 1979. 101 pages. 1st edition. Large trade paperback original. Illustrated. Very Good+. ISBN: 0932400019 $14.95.

Reproduces Loeb's editorials. Proof it doesn't take any smarts to publish a newspaper or anything other than being whacko to corner the market on 'patriot,' as he one-handedly saves America from the Reds. Scarce.


Dell, 1987. 251 pages. 1st printing / edition. Mass Market paperback original (PBO). Very Good+. Bright tight copy but wood smoke has darkened the top (no odor). Two light thin spine reading creases. ISBN: 0440181240 $2.5.

Rightwing mercenary account of his experiences in Nicaragua. Surprisingly scarce account by a Vietnam veteran who joined with the US/CIA-sponsored rightwing Nicaraguan Contras.

133827 McINTYRE, Thomas J. with John C. Obert. THE FEAR BROKERS.

NY: Pilgrim, 1979. 350 pages. Hardback. Intro by Senator Mark Hatfield. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket. Faint ink stamp front panel of the dustjacket, name inside cover. ISBN: 0829803572 $4.95.

A book on the dangers of the emerging New Right by this US Senator.

133828 McINTYRE, Thomas J. with John C. Obert. THE FEAR BROKERS.

NY: Pilgrim, 1979. 350 pages. Hardback. Intro by Senator Mark Hatfield. Name inside cover. Tiny edge tear rear of dustjacket, otherwise Very Good+ in Very Good+ dustjacket. ISBN: 0829803572 $9.95.

A book on the dangers of the emerging New Right by this US Senator.

173265 MICHEL, Lou and Dan Herbeck. AMERICAN TERRORIST: Timothy McVeigh & the Oklahoma City Bombing.

ReganBooks / HarperCollins, 2001. 426 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Photos. Notes. Appendices. Index. Fine but for tiny faint spot on fore-edge, in lightly rubbed Fine- dustjacket. No names or markings. ISBN: 0060394072 $4.95.

Background and the events leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing, told by two journalists who covered the story from the beginning. Includes their interview with the Vietnam vet, as well as family and friends to determine why he decided to bomb a federal building. Also includes a letter by Unabomber Ted Kaczynski about his impressions of the McVeigh case.


Doubleday, 1952. 220 pages. Hardcover. Foreword by Robert E. Sherwood. Introduction by Ernest Angell and Patrick Malin. Cover fading along top edge, otherwise Very Good in dustjacket which has 4 small closed edge tears. $11.95.

'The report on black-listing in radio & television for The American Civil Liberties Union.' Spotlights groups & individuals who took upon themselves the responsibility of deciding who & what are menaces to our country, & their methodology. Rightwing grab-bag of anti-American whackos kow-towed to by unworthy American politicians & media.

169759 MOREELL, Ben. OUR DESTINATION -- Bondage or Freedom?.

Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1964. 14 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Short, neat ink underlining on 3 pages. Cover has a little age-tanning along the spine. ISBN: B0007I8R7I $18.95.

Moreell, Chairman of the Board of Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation in the 1950s, didn't like government ownership of land, aid to higher education, anti-14th Amendment (equal rights), and many government regulatory agencies. A former Admiral, we don't see him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1962. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Short, neat ink underlining on two pages (two sentences on one, a single line on the other). Cover has a little age-tanning along the spine. ISBN: B0007I04LU $18.95.

Moreell, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, aid to higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, and most government regulatory offices. A former Admiral, we don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1963. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has a little age-tanning along the spine. $18.95.

Address to the 6th Human Events Political Action Conference. Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, and most government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1964. 16 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Cover has a little soiling along the spine and edges. Short, neat ink underlining on six pages (usually a word or two). $18.95.

Address to the 6th Human Events Political Action Conference. Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, and most government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1963. 11 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Short, neat ink underlining on two pages. Cover has a little age-discoloring along the spine and edges. $18.95.

Address to the Regional Conference for Conservatives, Birmingham, Alabama. Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, 14th Amendment (equal rights) and most government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1963. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has a little age-discoloring along the spine and edges. ISBN: B0007I8JB2 $18.95.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and many government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Philadelphia: Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, 1964. 20 pages. Stapled paperback. With printed memorandum laid in, asking the reader to pass along to their personal doctor or dentist. Near Fine. Cover has a little age-discoloring along the spine and edges. ISBN: B0007I9Q3C $18.95.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and many government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1966. 15 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has faint age-tanning along the spine and edges. ISBN: B0007G3L3U $18.95.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and many government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1964. 15 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has faint age-tanning along the spine and edges. Extremely neat ink underlining throughout. $13.95.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, and many government regulatory offices; he argues free men in a free republic need no other ruler than a Sky God. He doesn't appear to oppose socialism and welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (the black hole where over half the government budget goes).


no place: J and L Steel, 1955. 22 pages. Stapled paperback. Good. Clean and solid, but ink underlining and a few sentences crossed out (appears to have been edited for some purpose of the owner); readable throughout, a reading copy. ISBN: B000I85ISS $9.95.

Moreell, Chairman of Jones and Laughlin Steel, and right-wing Americans for Constitutional Action activist, in a speech delivered in Houston, Texas, October 1955. He opposed big government and social welfare programs for the poor and middle class but appeared to support Corporate welfare and the American military state and it's burgeoning global empire.

139232 MORTON, Joseph. HOW THE CRADLE OF LIBERTY WAS ROBBED: The Awful Truth About a Law to Muzzle People & Leash Unions.

NY: New Century, 1955. 15 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. ISBN: B0007FLLQ0 $9.95.

Denunciation of the Communist Control Law of 1954 as a grave blow to liberty. See 'Seidman M424'.

173656 National Americanism Commission of the American Legion. ISM'S: A Review of Revolutionary Communism and Its Active Sympathizers in the United States.

Indianapolis: The American Legion, 1936. 207 pages. 1st printing / edition. Trade paperback, red cover. Illustrated (photos, facsimiles, and political cartoons). Index. Very Good+. Nice bright copy with quite minor wear at the cover corners. $50.

A wonderful collection, with, for example, a list of American bookshops selling Communist literature, a complete 1935 catalog of books and pamphlets from 'The Workers Library' publisher sold through these stores, etc. wonderful reproductions of magazine covers, posters, flyers, etc.

127674 National Federation for Constitutional Liberties. INVESTIGATE MARTIN DIES!.

Washington: National Federation for Constitutional Liberties, 1942. 51 pages. 1st edition. Stapled paperback. Appendices. Index. Edges of cover lightly discolored, one corner lightly bumped, otherwise Very Good. $28.

'A statement submitted to the Department of Justice ... calling for a Grand Jury investigation of Rep. Martin Dies' relationship to the pro-Axis network in the US. An appendix documents the friendly relations between the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, headed by Dies, & pro-Axis propagandists indicted for conspiracy.' - Seidman. Very scarce.

175143 NOCK, Albert Jay. A JOURNAL OF FORGOTTEN DAYS: May 1934-October 1935.

Henry Regnery, 1948. xii, 145 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardcover. Biographical index. Near Fine in Very Good dustjacket. Small neat name on front endpaper. Jacket is bright with three numbers penciled on the rear, and a few tiny edge chips. $30.

From the rightwing anarchist and author of Our Enemy the State.


Tulsa: American Christian College, 1974. 346 pages. 1st edition stated. Trade paperback. Appendices. Notes. Index. Would be close to Fine but for the usual light scuffing of the front cover and a tiny name inked out. Internally clean & bright, apparently unread. No names, marks or spine creasing. The publisher's printed text on the rear cover have been pasted over by the Colorado-based Summit Ministries Publications own replacement notes on Noebel. $11.95.

Expose of all those commie & Negroid pulsating evils destroying our white youth & polluting our God-given gene pool. Some of this stuff has to be read out loud. You can regal your friends & have them rolling on the floor with a good thumping fundamentalist delivery. Among Noebel's mighty tomes are 'Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles' and 'Rhythm, Riots and Revolution.' Hey, this guy was a serious music critic with college credentials.

174606 NOORANI, A.G. [Abdul Gafoor]. THE RSS AND THE BJP: A Division of Labour. Updated.

New Delhi: LeftWord Books, 2001. xiv+112 pages. Updated edition. Trade paperback. Notes. Very Good+. Bright, tight and clean; no names, marks or spine creasing. Cover has light bumping at the tips. ISBN: 8187496134 $5.95.

A look at the fascist RSS and its political arm, the BJP, which is at the center of Indian politics, based on factual and archival materials.

138397 O'NEILL, William L. [Max Eastman]. THE LAST ROMANTIC: A Life of Max Eastman.

Oxford University, 1978. 339 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Illustrated. Notes. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket but for short tear, touch of fading along top cover edge. ISBN: 0195024052 $5.95.

Reveals the dynamics behind Eastman's several careers & political transformations from left to right. Provides, through an examination of Eastman's papers, new insight into his life as editor, poet, journalist, & intellectual.


Garden Grove: Organizational Research Associates, nd. 9 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good-. Front cover foredge is chipped and the pamphlet has a vertical crease from having been folded in half. $15.

Rightwing tract painting the American Civil Liberties Union as a communist front. The letter 'C' in ACLU on the cover title is, of course, a hammer and sickle.

132756 PERIODICAL. BOROSON, Warren (ed.). FACT: Volume Three Issue Two. March-April 1966. Reader's Digest is Dishonest, Ignorant, Irresponsible, John Birchite...

NY: Fact Publishing, 1966. 64 pages. Oversize trade paperback, illustrated wraps. Illustrated. Very Good+. $12.95.

Guest illustrator Etienne Delessert. Bimonthly magazine, 'An antidote to the timidity & corruption of the American Press'. A worthy, if lost, cause.

125925 PERIODICAL. HUNTER, Edward (ed.). TACTICS. [Volume 1-7, 1964-1970].

Arlington: Privately published by Edward Hunter, 1964-1970. 7 volume set, 1-7, 1964-1970. 1st editions. Oversize Hardbacks. Burgundy cloth with gold lettering on spine and cover. Illustrated. Indexed. Two presentation copies, 'Signed by the Author' and two other copies 'Signed by the Author' (four total). Each volume Fine to Near Fine condition, no dustjackets, as issued. $160.

Each volume consists of 12 issues of the monthly periodical, 'Tactics', 'a monthly publication for Anti-Communist Liaison' Edited by the veteran Cold War Warrior /anti-Red author of 'The Black Book on China', prepared for 'The Committee of One Million (Against the Admission of Communist China to the United Nations)', & 'Brain-Washing in Red China' (1951). Hunter was also a journalist with 'Newsweek' & 'The New Leader'.

171276 PERIODICAL. MILLS, Alden (editor). ARETE: Forum For Thought. January / February 1989, Volume 1, Issue 4.

San Diego: Arete, 1989. 80 pages. Large stapled magazine. Illustrated. ISSN 1041-0414. Very Good+. Bright and clean. $25.

Includes articles on white supremacy movement, the streets of Amsterdam, profile of Malcolm McLaren and much more.


March-April, 1981. 167 pages. Trade paperback. [Vol 11, #2]. VG+. $4.95.

Articles on Women's Role in the 1980s, the Right Reconstructs America, The Roots of Italian Terrorism.


Kanona: J&C Transcripts, 1964. 81 pages. Paperback. Very Good. $7.95.

Anti-communist crank, none-to-pleased with a country gone-to-hell (liberalism) either.

172718 PODHORETZ, Norman. BREAKING RANKS: A Political Memoir.

NY: Harper & Row, 1979. 375 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. Two page numbers inked on the front endpaper. Price clipped. In protective mylar. ISBN: 0060133783 $21.

By the longtime editor of 'Commentary' and essayist for 'Partisan Review', the 'New Yorker,' 'Esquire,' 'New Republic' & such. A lefty gone right-liberal and rather successfully so. 'Poddy' became an apologist for everything stamped 'American government approved,' including the Vietnam War. He was married to the rightwing knee-jerk writer Midge Decker.

126698 POWELL, S. Steven. COVERT CADRE: Inside the Institute for Policy Studies.

Ottawa: Green Hill, 1987. 469 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos, appendices. Notes. Index. Intro by David Horowitz. Large gift stamp from right wing foundation front endpaper, otherwise quite close to Fine in lightly rubbed dustjacket. ISBN: 0915463393 $9.95.

Rightwing Cold War warrior book, concerned with traitors, subversives & Bolshies at the IPS serving Russian masters in a plot to put a commie under every American bed. Horowitz, who does the intro is a former left-wing ideologue now gone 'right', & the fall is shameless.

174728 RADOSH, Ronald. COMMIES: A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left and the Leftover Left.

Encounter Books, 2001. 216 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Index. Fine- in Fine- dustjacket. ISBN: 1893554058 $4.95.

Another Lefty comes full circle, from knee-jerk left to knee-jerk right (an epiphanous admirer of Sydney Hook) NeoCon, casting doubt on any prior claim to independent or scholarly work.


NY: Stein & Day, 1982. 819 pages. Book Club edition, Trade paperback. Photos. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Tiny tear foot of front cover fold, otherwise a nice tight Very Good copy. ISBN: 0812823370 $5.95.

Biography of a thorough anti-American best known for his legacy of peeping into American bedrooms, bald-faced lies, phony lists of 'known communists' & the darling of right-wingers & liberals during the 1950s.


NY: Action Books, 1960. xxii+210 pages. 6th printing, (new edition). Hardback. Chronology. Appendix. With a new preface. Presentation copy, warmly inscribed and 'Signed by the Author'. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Jacket has small tears at the corners. $14.95.

Rueben also wrote 'The Atom Spy Hoax,' and was a publicity director for the American Civil Liberties Union. He previously wrote a series of magazine articles on the Rosenberg-Sobell trial and brought world attention to the Trenton Six case.


No place, no publisher, no date [circa 1939]. 56 pages. 1st printing / edition. Stapled paperback. With complimentary slip from the President of Standard Oil Co. tipped in. Good. Light damp buckle throughout, faint dampstain front cover, otherwise internally clean solid copy. $7.95.

Anonymously published, apparently by Standard Oil and printed by Arrow Press in New York. Richberg, right-wing author of an anti-union book, was counsel for American oil companies in Mexico which were seized by the government in 1938, and here presents the high moral road of plunder by Big Oil.

174049 RIDGEWAY, James. BLOOD IN THE FACE: The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazi Skinheads and the Rise of a New White Culture. [2nd edition, Revised and Updated.].

Thunder's Mouth Press, 1995. 223 pages. 1st printing of the 2nd edition, Revised and Updated. Large Trade paperback. Illustrated. Photos. Index. Very Good+. ISBN: 1560250038 $5.95.

Armed underground extremists to mainstream lobbyists and state legislators.

138168 ROBERTS, Archibald E. PEACE: By the Wonderful People Who Brought You Korea & Vietnam.

Fullerton: Educator Publications, 1972. 376 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Intro by John Rarick. Very Good in Good dustjacket. Light foxing outside page edges. Jacket spine sunned, with a two large chips. In protective mylar. $12.95.

Extreme rightwing indictment of the forced wars, mongrelization of America, & it's UN dupes (mattoids, etc.). Basically an anti-United Nations tract by a former Army officer. 'The house god of the United Nations Organization was originally billed as Zeus, great fornicator & father of Ares, god of war. This seven-foot pagan deity was recently renamed Poseidon, god of the sea, by the world government body.' Goes downhill from here...

173170 ROBINSON, Peter (ed.). HOOVER DIGEST: Research and Opinion on Public Policy. 2003, No. 4.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University, 2003. 140 pages. 1st printing / edition. Trade paperback. Illustrated. ISSN 1088-5161. Fine-. Bright tight copy, no names or reading creases. $4.95.

Variety of articles from many Hoover Fellows, from this rightwing foundation. Features include National Security, Iraq, Iran.

170031 ROCHE, George Charles III. FREDERIC BASTIAT: A Man Alone.

NY: Arlington House, 1971. 256 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Notes. Index. A volume in the 'Architects of Freedom' series. Near Fine- in Very Good dustjacket. Jacket and book clean and bright. Jacket has a little scattered light scuffing and edge wear, very tiny tears head and foot of the spine, small closed tear top front edge. ISBN: 0870001167 $6.95.

Bio of a popular 'lazy faire' propagandist of 19th century France (alone? not hardly). Advocate of free trade and economic individualism (rough translation: owners of the country are free to loot the people, and the commoners get none of the support (state socialism) business interests wallow in. A contemporary rightwinger perspective from this conservative publisher. (It's a theme!).

130688 ROCHE, George. THE FALL OF THE IVORY TOWER: Government Funding, Corruption, & the Bankrupting of American Higher Education.

Washington: Regnery, 1994. 310 pages. 1st edition. Trade paperback. Notes. Index. Foreword by Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr. Bookplate affixed front endpaper, 'Signed by the Author'. Fine. ISBN: 0895264870 $5.95.

Rightwing perspective.

136685 ROSS, Walter S. THE LAST HERO: Charles A. Lindbergh.

Harper & Row, 1968. 402 pages. Later printing. Hardback. Photos, notes, index, bibliographic references, index. Near Fine- in lightly scuffed Very Good+ dustjacket with a few tiny edge tears. ISBN: B000EOAE12 $4.95.

Biography of the pioneer aviator, his trials & tribulations from his barnstorming days to his overtly pro-Nazi days to his later years.


Amana Books, 1984. 288 pages. 1st printing / edition. Trade paperback. Notes. Appendices. Index. Edited by Evan Hendricks. Foreword by Stephen Green. Very Good. Clean and solid throughout, no names, markings or spine creases. ISBN: 0915597071 $11.95.

Close look at Americans criminally providing secret US intelligence to Israel, focused on Richard Perle (best known now as part of the Bush White House NeoCon Cabal) and Stephen Bryen, both then hawks working for the Department of Defense.

172900 SACCO, Joe [Christopher Hitchens, foreword]. SAFE AREA GORAZDE: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95.

Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2000. 227 pages. 1st printing / edition. Large Trade paperback. Illustrated. Foreword by Christopher Hitchens. Fine. Appears unread. ISBN: 1560974702 $14.95.

Fusion of comics and reportage based on Sacco's four months in the Muslim enclave of Gorazde, a UN-designated safe area during the Bosnian War. Explores the roots of the violence, the rise of Serbian nationalism and the ethnic killings that followed.


Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2003. 215 pages. 1st printing / edition. Large Trade paperback. Illustrated. Foreword by Christopher Hitchens. Fine-. Cover has a little trivial shelf wear. Appears unread. ISBN: 1560975105 $11.95.

Fusion of comics and reportage based on Sacco's four months in the Muslim enclave of Gorazde, a UN-designated safe area during the Bosnian War. Explores the roots of the violence, the rise of Serbian nationalism and the ethnic killings that followed.

174789 SERRANO, Richard A. ONE OF OURS: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Norton, 1998. 321 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Photos. Fine in Fine dustjacket. Bright, tight and clean. Appears unread. ISBN: 0393027430 $11.95.

171135 SETON-WATSON, Hugh. THE IMPERIALIST REVOLUTIONARIES: Trends in World-Communism in the 1960s and 1970s.

Stanford: Hoover Institution, 1979. x,157 pages. 2nd printing of the 1st edition. Trade paperback. Index of names. Foreword by Richard Staar. Publications Series No. 193, Hoover International Studies. Very Good+. Light corner crease top front corner of the cover. Bright and clean, no names, markings, spine creases or tears. ISBN: 0817969322 $7.5.


Jonathan David, 1984. 172 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Forward by Emmanuel Rackman. Near Fine in rubbed Very Good dustjacket. ISBN: 0824603301 $1.

The authorized official version of Falwell's public postures. Everyone is going to hell...politicians please step to the front, right behind the religious whackos.


London/NY: J.M. Dent / E.P. Dutton, Everyman's Library, 1977. xxvi,441, 455 pages. 2 Volumes in One. Hardback, gilt-stamped powder blue boards. Index. No. 412 in the 'Everyman's Library' series. Introduction by William Letwin. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Clean bright book with outer page edges age-tanned. DJ has light edge wear and wear at the corners. ISBN: 0460004123 $30.

Smith proposed the doctrine of laissez-faire - that governments should not interfere in economic affairs and that free trade increases wealth.

172756 STERLING, Claire. THE TIME OF THE ASSASSINS: Anatomy of an Investigation.

Holt Rinehart & Winston, 1983. 264 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Fine in Very Good+ dustjacket. Bottom of jacket spine lightly sunned. ISBN: 0030635543 $1.95.

Investigates the plot to kill the Pope. Author was a journalist, infamous for seeing reds under every bed, a commie under every detente.


NY: Scribner's, 1922. xxxii+320 pp. Hardback. Fold-out map. Index. Good. Name to front endpaper; back hinge starting to crack. ISBN: B0006DDT8G $25.


NY: American League Against War & Fascism, 1935. 19 pages. Stapled paperback. Good. Bit worn all-around, fold crease, ink spot front cover with show-through affecting text on inside cover note (still readable). $9.95.

131781 SUALL, Irwin. THE AMERICAN ULTRAS: The Extreme Right & the Military-Industrial Complex.

NY: League for Industrial Democracy, 1962. 64 pages. Revised edition. Stapled paperback. Introduction by Norman Thomas. Cover spine discolored, small tear head of spine, light scuffing, Very Good. $13.

Covers the John Birch Society, Fred Schwarz' so-called Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, Billy Hargis & other proto-fascist precursors to Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson, & the present hip New Right. Suall was active in the Socialist Party & a trade union activist with the Seafarers' & ILGW.

171317 SWAIN, Carol M. THE NEW WHITE NATIONALISM: It's Challenge to Integration.

Cambridge University, 2002. 526 pages. 1st printing / edition. Bibliography. Index. Fine in Fine- dustjacket. Appears unread. ISBN: 0521808863 $10.95.


NY: Monthly Review, 1954. 23 pages. Stapled paperback pamphlet. 'Monthly Review Pamphlet Series, #8'. ISBN: B0007FF7ZQ $5.95.

170664 TAYLOR, Edmond, Edgar Snow, and Eliot Janeway. SMASH HITLER'S INTERNATIONAL: The Strategy of a Political Offensive Against the Axis.

NY: Greystone, 1941. 96 pages. 1st printing / edition. Small Hardback. Near Fine in Very Good dustjacket. Bookplate front endpaper. Light corner wear to covers. Jacket spine quite sunned, otherwise bright with small chip top front edge. $13.95.

Three journalists expose fascist propaganda techniques and present countermeasures for democracies.

173013 The Committee On Socialism And Communism , Chamber of Commerce of the United States. COMMUNIST INFILTRATION IN THE UNITED STATES: Its Nature And How To Combat It.

Washington: Chamber of Commerce of the United States, 1946. 38 pages. 4th printing. Stapled paperback pamphlet. Good. Clean bright copy but with the covers separated. $11.95.

Report of The Committee On Socialism And Communism, Approved Unanimously by the Board of Directors, September, 1946. See 'Seidman C118'.

128273 TRYTHALL, J.W.D. EL CAUDILLO 1892-1970: The Political Biography of Franco.

NY: McGraw-Hill, (1970). 304 pages. Hardback. Maps. Photos. Foreword by Raymond Carr. Near Fine, DJ price clipped, with a few minor scuffs. $9.95.

The political life of the Fascist ruler of Spain for 30 years, & a chronicle of the historical events that shaped his career.

170418 TUCCILLE, Jerome. RADICAL LIBERTARIANISM: A New Political Alternative.

NY: Harper and Row/Perennial Library, 1971. 130 pages. 1st edition thus, with a new introduction. Quality Mass Market paperback. Perennial # P225. Very Good+. $14.95.

Rightwing anarchism. Documents a breakaway from Conservatism by many 60s capitalists and an emerging Left-Right Coalition politics.

172731 TYRRELL, R. Emmett, Jr. (ed.). THE FUTURE THAT DOESN'T WORK: Social Democracy's Failures in Britain.

Doubleday, 1977. 208 pages. Hardback. Notes. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Jacket has tiny edge tears. ISBN: 0385121865 $2.95.

10 essayists argue that many of the progressive policies that tried in England are failing. [Almost as bad as Thatcherism?!] Irving Kristol, Samuel Brittan, Patrick Cosgrave, Peter Jay, Leslie Lenkowsky, Harry Schwartz, Colin Welch, James Q. Wilson, and Peregrine Worsthorne. They whine, for example, of Britain's health care system. Fortunately in the US only the rich have health care.

134756 TYSON, James L. TARGET AMERICA: The Influence of Communist Propaganda on U.S. Media.

Chicago: Regnery Gateway, 1981. 284 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Appendices. 'Signed by the Author'. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket in protective mylar. ISBN: 0895266717 $6.95.

Preface by Reed Irvine (editor of the right-wing Accuracy in Media newsletter). (And you thought the U.S. media & Commie propaganda were one & the same!?!).

174772 U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES; Consultation with Klaus Samuli Gunnar Romppanen. [ HUAC ]. LEST WE FORGET! A Pictorial Summary of Communism in Action.

Washington: USGPO, Jan 13, 1960. 48 pages. Stapled paperback pamphlet. Many black and white photos. Index. Very Good. Covers have some foxing, light soil and corner creasing. $9.95.

Covers Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union. Numerous gruesome, photos of purported Communist atrocities in Russia and the Eastern Bloc.

166019 U.S. SENATE, Committee on the Judiciary. [Otto F. Otepka]. STATE DEPARTMENT SECURITY -- 1963-1965 THE OTEPKA CASE - XI: Hearings Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-Ninth Congress, Second Session; Part 13.

Washington: US Government Printing Office, 1966. vii, pp951-1028 +3p index. Stapled paperback. Very Good+. $30.

Testimony of Otto F. Otepka [a top-level State Department security official booted by the department], et al. Part 13 of an extensive series of hearings held during 1963, 1964 and part of 1965 on 'State Department Security'. This volume presents partial testimony of Otto F. Otepka, with other testimony released in other volumes grouped on the testimony of a particular subject.

127784 U.S. SENATE, Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act & Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary. LIMITATION OF APPELLATE JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT (THE 'SUPPRESSED' REPORT).

Belmont: American Opinion, n.d. [ca 1962]. Stapled Paperback. Near Fine. $11.95.

James Eastland committee sees the Supreme Court as a tool of communist conquest of America as it espouses the Commmunist Party line. Bound with a speech by Eastland & a petition to impeach Earl Warren. Reprint by rightwing publisher.

175288 WALLACE, Max. THE AMERICAN AXIS: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich.

St. Martin's Griffin, 2004. 465 pages. 1st printing / edition. Trade paperback. Photos. Index. Quite close to Fine. No names, marks, tears or creasing. ISBN: 0312335318 $5.95.

127098 WALSH, Edmund A. TOTAL EMPIRE: The Roots & Progress of World Communism.

Milwaukee: Bruce Publishing, (1951). 293 pages. 2nd printing. Hardback. Appendices. Index. Name front endpaper. Very Good in clean and bright, but heavily chipped dustjacket with small tears. $9.95.

A Catholic priest fulminates on Communism & Russia, favorite topics of the 50s.


NY: Macmillan, 1961. 210 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Index. A volume in the 'Crucial Age' series. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket but for a few tiny jacket tears. ISBN: B0006AXAR4 $3.95.

'What you must know about Mao Tse-tung's plan for world conquest'. Yup.


Olympia: State of Washington, 1948. 622 + 406 pages. 2 volumes, Trade paperbacks. Index. Very Good+. Nice clean and bright copies. $45.

Ahhhh! The 'Good Ol' Days'.

138681 WELLS, Charles A. THE GREAT ALTERNATIVE: An Examination of Six Pressing Concerns in Today's World.

NY: Between The Lines Press, 1951. 142 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Illustrated boards. Political cartoons illustrated by the author. Very Good+ in Very Good- dustjacket which has a few small tears along top edge, small piece missing head of spine, a few small stain bottom front panel. ISBN: B0007EPD06 $2.95.

Christian tract from the publishers of the Between the Lines newsletter, 'dedicated to the preservation of the American way of life through the revival & extension of Christian sharing & the prevention of war by the revelation & correction of the causes of war.' Includes 'A Protestant Awakening - Or A Catholic America,' 'Why Should We Fight Russia?,' 'When Labor Rules America: Christian Statesmen or Mob?,' & topics reflecting a post-WWII & Cold War America setting.

127999 WESTIN, Alan. THE CONSTITUTION AND LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Public Employment & Governmental Security.

NY: Freedom Agenda Committee of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial, 1954. 53 pages. 1st edition. Stapled Paperback. Very Good+. $11.95.

'A Community Adventure in the Discussion of Freedom'.

179187 WHITE, Dan. THE SPLINTERED PARTY: National Liberalism in Hessen & the Reich, 1867-1918.

Cambridge: Harvard, 1976. 303 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Index. Fine in Fine dustjacket in protective glassine. ISBN: 0674749953 $15.95.

168108 WHITNEY, R.M. REDS IN AMERICA: The Present Status of the Revolutionary Movement in the United States Based on Documents Seized by the Authorities in the Raid upon the Convention of the Communist Party at Bridgman, Michigan, Aug. 22, 1922, Together With Descriptions of Numerous Connections and Associations of the Communists Among the Radicals, Progressives and Pinks.

Belmont: Western Islands, 1970. xii,284 pages. Reprint of the 1924 edition. Hardback. Illustrated. Appendices. Index. Very Good+ but for large mildew (no longer present) stain bottom rear cover. Very Good+ dustjacket. ISBN: B0006CYL0M $8.95.

Possibly the first of the 'Commies under every bed book,' these so old they qualify as skeletons in the closet. 'A shocking expose' of Communist infiltration in America... fact-filled chapters give clear proof of the Communist advances in every facet of American life by as early as 1924'. Damn furriners.

138321 WILLS, Garry. THE SECOND CIVIL WAR: Arming for Armageddon.

NY: New American Library, 1968. 169 pages. 2nd printing. Hardback. Very Good+ in Very Good+ dustjacket, jacket has small closed tear bottom front falp fold. In protective mylar. $4.95.

'Our crime is not that America is white, but that we do not even know it is. The Negro does. He knows it every time a policeman passes . . . this is two countries . . . war could arise between the two'. By a rightwing journalist.

175583 ZEPP-LaROUCHE, Helga (ed.). THE HITLER BOOK.

NY: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1984. 358 pp. First edition. Mass-market paperback. B&W photos & illustrations. Very Good. One corner lightly bumped, shelf-wear to back cover. Text is beginning to brown, but is tight. Looks unread, no creases in spine or signs of being thumbed through. ISBN: 0933488378 $25.95.

A very scarce book published in paperback only by this neo-fascist publishing arm of Lyndon LaRouche.


NY: Public Opinion, 1959. 161 pages. 1st edition. Hardback, red cloth. Photos. With a separately printed 16-page 'supplement' affixed to front endpaper. Near Fine, rubbing to the extremities, in a bright but lightly scuffed dustjacket which has tiny chips and tears head and foot of the spine. $16.5.

Rightwing Birchite publication. 'An exposition on the disastrous genetic effects of the Thugs & Communists murdering, & the revelation of the spurious philosophic foundation of Communism.' Draws analogies between the Thugs & Dacoits of India, positing that Communists are the present-day Thugs. This book has a great macabre dustjacket: A dark green skull on a black background, with 'thugs' lettering done in twisted rope & 'communists' in bright red lettering dripping with blood. Zoul on the cover easily brings to mind ghoul.


NY: Public Opinion, 1959. 161 pages. 1st edition. Hardback, red cloth. Photos. Near Fine but for small scars from where the 16-page 'supplement' affixed to front endpaper has been removed (no present). In a bright Very Good dustjacket, in protective mylar. $9.95.

Rightwing Birchite publication. 'An exposition on the disastrous genetic effects of the Thugs and Communists murdering, and the revelation of the spurious philosophic foundation of Communism.' Draws analogies between the Thugs and Dacoits of India, positing that Communists are the present-day Thugs. This book has a great macabre dustjacket: A dark green skull on a black background, with 'thugs' lettering done in twisted rope and 'communists' in bright red lettering dripping with blood. Zoul on the cover easily brings to mind ghoul.

Back to Recollection Books or our Catalog Page

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Just discovered this posting series on The American Security Council...started by John Dolva and there are some

very interesting items to consider posted there 2-3 years ago which led me to summarize some additional related factoids:


(1) Major Carleton S. Coon worked with Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker in Italy during World War II

(2) Carleton Coon's pistol was found at the scene of the Assassination of Admiral Darlan I believe according to Peter Tompkins (in his book) who was also from the OSS

(3) Theodore Oberlander, part of the ICDCC of Nelson Bunker Hunt, and a friend of Walker's led the Ukrainian Nightengale Division (Vonsiatsky was the number one Ukrainian Nazi of course)

(4) George Lincoln Rockwell, E. Howard Hunt and Anastase Vonsiatsky all attended Brown University together in the 1940's where they were all introudced to William F. Buckley, Jr.

(5) Larrie (Larry) Schmidt was also part of Dallas John Birch Society, ICDCC and was somehow involved with the "Wanted for Treason" poster in Dallas on 11/22/63

(6) Carleton Coon and Ulius S. Amoss originated the idea of political assassinations of foreign (or domestic) leaders using programmed assassins for the OSS and then the CIA

(7) The American Security Council leaders were Willoughby, Morris, Angleton and Ray S. Cline during the 1960's

ICDCC is the International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture... a project of the Dallas Hunt family

This only confirms what I have come to believe about the ASC, the John Birch Society, the Pioneer Fund, WACL and those involved with MKULTRA and ManCand training

These people and groups were behind the Assassination of JFK.... No doubt about it anymore.

Stick a fork in it. It's done.

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  • 3 months later...

The Winnipeg Airport incident overheard by Richard Giesbrecht...

Then when Charles Higham in American Swastica stated that Vonsiatsky had a nickname of "Annie" and when Condon

referenced Vonsiatsky in (shudder) and anagram and had another paragraph on his wife in ManCand, and when Prof. John Stephan confirmed all of these physical characters observed by Giesbrecht about the mystery man identified by me as Vonsiatsky:

(1) had his headquarters in Manchuria for decades and trained assassins to penetrate back into Russia

(2) "shaved his head bald" every year - sometimes causing razor burns on his scalp by his Providence barber

(3) had boils on the back of his neck in the 1940's which would obviously result in a "pock-marked" neck later

(4) wore a hearing aid in later life due to both cannon fussilades during the Russian Revolution and the firing of a Thompson sub-machine gun in his private shooting gallery in Thompson which had ceiling only 7 feet high as

personally observed by me in the 1990's in Putnam, Connecticut only 20 miles from my home (amazing)

(5) was well over 6 feet tall and weighed well over 200 pounds

(6) had blemishes and freckles on his hands which he hid in every single picure ever taken of him

(7) ...was born in Poland but lived in the Ukraine for most of his life after border changes were made

(8) usually wore very expensive and fashionable clothing like the light brown designer shoes and the tropical lightweight beige outfit he had on that day during the dead of winter in the Candadian tundra (He lived in both

Arizona and Florida and had a constant tan)

(9) had Richard Giesbrecht type very fine hair which was "sandy colored" as in yellowish-red like fine lanugo

(10) everyone spoke way too loud because of his deafness making it very easy for Giesbrecht to overhear the conversations... plus Gerald L K Smith spoke very loud because his speeches sometimes had no microphones

(11) His nickname was indeed "Annie", a term overheard at the Giesbrecht Incident

(12) and he had worked for Wickliffe Draper as a strike breaking goon in New England and as a publisher, too

living less than 25 miles from his Hopedale, MA home

...his guilt was established beyond a reasonable doubt. All of these characteristics were attributed by Giesbrecht

to the person with his back to him speaking with the Eastern European accent. All of them.


William Turner said you only need 5-7 descriptive items like those above to establish identity to a 99.5% level

and if you have a 12 for 12 score it is considered to be off the charts... Beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do you find this evidence convincing about Vonsiatsky? If not, why not?

Feedback appreciated... as long as it is logical and consistent.

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Listen closely to Senator William Fulbright, author Richard Condon and President Eisenhower on the subject of JFKs Killers:

When I first picked up a copy of The Manchurian Candidate almost 25 years ago, which was written by Richard Condon in the late 1950s, I had only the vaguest of notions that it might have been intended by him to be somehow predictive of the actual upcoming assassination plots pending against John F. Kennedy at that time, which did not even succeed until almost 5 years AFTER the book was first completed. Now that we are approaching the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK and since Paramount Studios has remade the original movie based on Condon's book: The Manchurian Candidate, the time is quite ripe to revisit these topics and shed some light on both of these closely related mysteries. Professor Jerry Rose, wrote about the Orange County, California based plot against then Senator Kennedy called "The California Bombers" which was interruped shortly after Condon's book was published. See "The Fourth Decade" article published in the mid-1990's by Dr. Jerry Rose who was at that time a professor at Fredonia State College in Fredonia, New York. He cites just about the same list of like-minded kinsmen in that earlier assassination attempt against JFK. Kinsmen as Klansmen?

As a result of my analysis of 'The Manchurian Candidate' (the novel and the first movie) I have been able to identify the person who was Condon's model for 'The Manchurian Candidate', Czar Anastase A. Vonsiatsky, 'The Count from Killingly' in Connecticut near Putnam and Thompson, who served 5 years in the Springfield, MO Federal Penitentiary after being convicted for violations of the Alien and Sedition Act of 1917 by former FBI agent and Nuremburg prosecutor, and the eventual Senator from Connecticut, Thomas J. Dodd. Check out the FBI website where Vonsiatsky is featured as one of their Top 25 cases of the 20th Century. Vonsiatsky is also featured in 'The Russian Fascists' (Little, Brown 1979) by Professor John Stephan who is related to Max Stephan, the attorney for Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith who headed up the Nazi Silver Shirts based in Asheville, NC during World War II long after the onset of that war. William Dudley Pelley was one of the other founders and he too, was tried and convicted for his acts of espionage and support for the Axis powers during World War II. These people who joined together to murder JFK, will someday be recognized as the biggest villains and some of the most despicable miscreants of the entire 20th Century.

Suffice it to say that 'Czar' Anastase Vonsiatsky who had his anti-Soviet pro-Czarist headquarters in Harbin, Manchuria (known as Manchuoko under the Japanese occupation), was the biggest bastard of them all and perhaps the greatest unknown villain of the entire 20th Century along with Wickliffe Preston Draper who was from Hopedale, Massachusetts where he and his family originated the concept of 'The Company Town' which was emulated by the textile mill owners who depended on the Drapers to produce textile looming equipment from the late 1800's until 1967 when they sold their failing and doomed business to Rockwell-Standard, later Rockwell International for $100 million in Preferred Stock. Why did Rockwell bail out Wickliffe P. Draper when his company was nearly worthless? Let's see if you can figure it all out like I did. Draper and Vonsiatsky lived only about 20 miles apart for decades which is the rough distance between Hopedale, MA and Killingly, CT. Vonsiatsky was the penultimate 'White Russian' always trying to defeat the 'Red Russians' and bring down the Iron Curtain. Annie joined forces with Hitler to defeat the Communists and even dressed in a full Nazi uniform including a Swastika with a shaved skull, brown uniform and riding boots. He drove from Putnam, CT to Brown University in Providence, RI right down Route 44 in a 1936 Pierce-Arrow convertible dressed in full Nazi regalia to attend football games against Yale University. Vonsiatsky was a special student at Brown, studying English and was a classmate of both E. Howard Hunt of the CIA and another impressionable student at Brown named George Lincoln Rockwell, who later formed the American Nazi Party. Rockwell most certainly had to know E. Howard Hunt as well as Anastase Vonsiatsky and even William F. Buckley, Jr. who was the Godfather of E. Howard Hunt's children. Buckley is also mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate as "...that fascinating young man who wrote about Man and God at Yale" which is an exact quote from Richard Condon. Buckley wrote "Man and God at Yale" published by Henry Regnery Press. Henry Regnery's father, William Regnery, another cotton and textile millionaire, was another founder of The America First Committee along with Douglas Cady which sought to keep the U.S. out of the war against Germany. They even gave the legitimate Isolationists a bad name.

In this article I will attempt to retrace the steps taken in the ensuing years which have resulted in the identification of about a dozen of the persons referred to in The Manchurian Candidate either via direct reference when Condon named them, or indirectly as a result of Condon’s references to organizations which they founded or headed, or somewhat more obliquely, by Condon’s construction of deliberate word plays and sometimes convoluted anagrams referring to them indirectly if they were still alive and considered potentially threatening or harmful to him at that time.

I believe that Condon chose this method of coded messages and the use of cryptography because one of his main protagonists in the novel was none other than Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, who worked as a civilian Army cryptographer during World War II and was one of the founders of the John Birch Society. Oliver was not only a virulent racist and a Eugenicist in the mold of Wickliffe P. Draper, but he was also a staunch anti-Communist and McCarthy supporter, an anti-Semite and quite likely an avowed White Supremacist and a secret supporter and admirer of everything to do with Hitler and Nazism as well. Oliver’s list of Board Memberships included the “Patriotic anti-Communist and anti-Liberal” John Birch Society, the “White Supremacist” Church of the Creator and the “anti-Semitic” Institute for Historical Review. Dr. Oliver was an equal opportunity hater and a professional xenophobe. Many of the others cited in “The Manchurian Candidate” shared at least 3 and sometimes even more of Oliver’s xenophobic proclivities.

The first two organizations mentioned by Condon in his novel which started me on this odyssey were called “Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Tomorrow” and “Defenders of American Liberties”. Both of them had closely named counterparts in the nether world of Patriotic right wing extremist organizations active at that time and their founders and Board of Directors were predominantly members of “The John Birch Society”, “The Pioneer Fund”, “The Shickshinny Knights of Malta” and “The American Security Council”. It is from within these blatantly pro-Fascist and anti-Semitic groups that the plot to murder President John F. Kennedy was originated, propagated and consummated, in my honest opinion. I have even traced the final payback to the takeover of The Draper Company by Rockwell Standard on 3/22/67. The exact role played by H. Smith Richardson and the Foundation named for him is being further investigated at this time.

Two of the persons named directly by Condon were described as “clerical fascists” and “Demagogues of the Depression” by several others. Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith and Rev. Charles E. Coughlin were both World War II isolationists from the “America First Committee” and considered to be seditionists and pro-fascists in some of their sermons and writings of the time. Others named directly included several right wing authors and commentators involved with either “The American Mercury” or “The Spotlight” of The Liberty Lobby, some of the most anti-Semitic and pro-Eugenics publications ever disseminated. They included George Sokolosky, David Laurence, Arnold Bennett and even Westbrook Pegler, whom Pat Buchanan once described as one of his father’s favorite commentators.

It was from this humble list of organizations and publications and about half a dozen of the closely associated right wing extremists that I embarked on my investigative journey. Little did I expect that I would discover half a dozen more right wing extremist organizations which shared interlocking directorates with those persons identified by Richard Condon. It is from this list that I have compiled what I believe is Condon’s list of the most violent and virulent and vocal of all the anti-Kennedy demagogues from that time period which I refer to as “Condon’s Dirty Dozen”. Was Condon trying to warn us in the late 1950’s that these people were mobilizing resentment against then Senator Kennedy which would lead to assassination attempts against his life in the very near future? The first attempt involved Edgar Eugene Bradley and William Potter Gale in California in 1960 and the final one was in Dallas in 1963 which very likely involved some or most of the members of “Condon’s Dirty Dozen”.

Richard Condon refers at least twice to a television program called: “Defenders of Our Liberty” upon which Senator John Yerkes Iselin, was scheduled to appear. (Iselin was the paradigm for eventual World Anti- Communist leader and MK/ULTRA operative Ray S. Cline by dint of a matching persona and by use of an anagram.) I knew that the head of the Dallas John Birch Society, Dr. Robert J. Morris, the close associate of Major General Charles Willoughby and Larrie Schmidt, who was Bernard Weissman’s contact for the “Wanted For Treason” poster in Dallas was head of an organization with a very similar sounding name.

Or perhaps he edited a publication with a name just like the fictitious television program in The Manchurian Candidate. Sure enough, Eric G. Olson came up with a sample of the Quarterly Publication of “Defenders of American Liberties”, titled: “Our Liberties” which had as its “Editor” none other than Robert Morris and he used an address of: The Adolphus Tower, Dallas, Texas. The Adolphus Tower was probably just in the neighborhood of the Adolphus Hotel where the 1993 ASK conference (Assassination Symposium Kennedy) was actually held. The Publisher of Our Liberties was Defenders of American Liberties at P.O. Box #562 in Bensenville, Illinois the same address used by right wing extremist Dean Richards of Dean Richards, Inc. an employee of Fred Flick of the Flick-Reedy Corporation who advertised often in The John Birch Society’s American Opinion Magazine, as well as other right wing publications. Who was the founder of Defenders of American Liberties? Robert J. Morris. The President of DAL? J. Fred Schlafly.

Fred Flick, who was not mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate, shows up later during his involvement with The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation from St. Louis and The St. Michael’s Abbey from Orange County California on their lay advisory board which also included Dr. Robert J. Morris, L. Brent Bozell, (William F. Buckley’s brother in law), Phyllis J. Schlafly, (J. Fred Schlafly’s wife), Patrick J. Frawley, Jr. (On the Boards of Schick Razor and Technicolor with Robert J. Morris) and General Thomas A. Lane. Buckley is only referred to obliquely in The Manchurian Candidate as “…that fascinating young man who wrote about man and God at Yale.” Buckley’s book was actually titled: “God and Man at Yale” for Henry Regnery Publishing Company in the early 1950’s. Henry’s father William Regnery was a cotton and textile millionaire and a founder of The America First Committee as well, along with Henry Smith Richardson who donated $100,000 to the American First Committee knowing its goal was to prevent America from entering the War against Hitler. His Smith Richardson Foundation eventually funded the MK/ULTRA experiments at Bridgewater State Hospital and elsewhere.

From this select group associated with the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation originated four of the most important books ever written as far as the radical right is concerned: “No Wonder We Are Losing” and “Disarmament, Weapons of Conquest” by Robert J. Morris published by former CIA agent Lyle Munson’s Bookmailer Publishing and “The Gravediggers” and “Strike From Space“ written jointly by Phyllis Schlafly and Admiral Chester A. Ward for the right wing Pere Marquette Press in Alton, Illinois. These four books along with “Brainwashing” by Dr. Edward Hunter for Henry Regnery Press also mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate, laid the cornerstone and set the marching orders for all the Cold War arguments about the magnitude of the alleged “ICBM Missile Gap”, “Sputnik Satellite Gap” and “Mind Control Gap” between the United States and Russia.

Brief Book Reviews about the Schlafly-Ward jointly written books by Helene Charmillon-Pohl from the University of Wisconsin are included for illustrative purposes.

(Phyllis Schlafly With Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward). Strike From Space: How the Russians May Destroy Us. New York: Devin-Adair Co., 1966 1965. 218 p. Bibliography: p. 205-216. OCLC no. 1627435.

Playing footloose with mainstream historiography, Schlafly and Ward interpret Khrushchev’s dismissal as punishment for his betraying state secrets, Eisenhower’s Farewell message and his warnings against the military-industrial complex as directed to domestic Socialists and the Vietnam War as a Russian diversion. Subscribing to multiple conspiracy theories and to the notion that Communists from the all over the world speak in code (Aesopian language), the authors strike at their panoply of usual villains: McNamara, Rostow, the Pughwashers (named after a secret meeting held in Pugwash, Nova Scotia), Nitze, Fulbright and even Kennan the father of the containment doctrine. Bordering on the slanderous, this work attempts to convince the general public with highly emotionally charged language that the American government is determined to sell out to the Soviet Union rather than strengthen its military.

(Phyllis Schlafly With Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward). The Gravediggers. Alton, Ill.: Pere Marquette Press, 1964. 126 p. Includes bibliographical references (p. 119- 126). OCLC no. 644538.

Seeking to arouse suspicion and distrust, Ward and Schlafly relentlessly accuse the Kennedy Administration of jeopardizing the country and practicing appeasement with the Soviet Union. Highly critical of the politics of deterrence, the authors suggest that the elite is either duped by the Russians or guilty of collusion: by agreeing first to a nuclear testing moratorium and then to a test ban treaty, the United States is falling prey to Russian psychological warfare. According to The Gravediggers, the only redemption possible is through the election of Goldwater, endowed with the MacArthurs heroic qualities.

(Phyllis Schlafly With Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward). The Betrayers. Alton, Ill.: Pere Marquette Press, 1968. 125 p. Bibliography: p. 121-125. OCLC no. 42847.

Engaging in hyperbole and inflammatory rhetoric, Schlafly accused the government of not putting all its energy to winning the Vietnam War and of allowing the USSR to dominate in the arms race. Allegedly examining the issues of whether officials are fools, dupes or traitors, the author lunges in a rambling diatribe about both an increase in urban crime and the widespread employment of communist sympathizers. Not unlike the infamous McCarthy, she rails and rants against the whiz kids and the intellectuals and calls for their removal notably from the Defense Department for consistently kowtowing to Communist powers. Schlaflys program for the nation’s improvement include the restoration of morality, law and order, the winning of the Vietnam war, nuclear superiority and the election of Richard M. Nixon.

While there is not sufficient space to develop this theme now, you should be made aware that the first cause celebre of the far right in the late 1940’s which attempted to make a case for a “Mind Control Gap” in order to fan the flames during the McCarthy era, was the Cardinal Mindszenty “brainwashing” incident in Communist Hungary. A few years later, this identical Cold War cadre from the Catholic ultra- Right returned shortly after Sputnik became a reality, to use that incident for their “Sputnik Missile Gap” arguments. They had been using the clout and the arguments of Hungarian Edward Teller, the father of the Atomic Bomb, as their cause celebre for their “ICBM Missile Gap” arguments and would continue to do so for 25 years or more until the Ronald Reagan Era ended with the fall of the Iron Curtain. The failure of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 also figured prominently in right wing rhetoric for several decades and of course, preceded the Sputnik crisis initiated in 1957 which was exacerbated when Yuri Gargarin later became the first human to orbit the Earth.

These events with a common link to Hungary are only noted because of my ancestry as an Austro-Hungarian. Ah, yes, for those who tried to claim I am Italian and therefore pro-Mafia, guess again. These subjects were discussed constantly in my home, at the parochial school I attended and from the Church pulpit during my early formative childhood years. The concepts, discussions and goals of “Freedom Fighters” were constant and prevalent in South Florida during the 1950’s and 1960’s, whether it involved Hungarian Freedom Fighters, Polish Freedom Fighters or somewhat later the Cuban Freedom Fighters. All of them shared several common goals, preserving the Church against the advances of “Godless, atheistic Communism”, regaining a lost homeland from a foreign occupation force, restoring property, titles and valuables viewed as having been taken by the Communists, being reunited with aging family, childhood friends and compatriots caught behind the Iron Curtain, and destroying the menace that was perceived as a threat to the very practice of the Catholic Religion and the sovereignty and the safety of the haven in the United States.

Other than this little list which included God, Family, Country and Property, Communism was considered just a benign alternative political system by the arch-Catholic right wing in the United States as evidenced by the John Birch Society. Yeah, right. Why the Catholic Church became convinced that an alliance with former Nazis or active ex-Nazis and otherwise unrepentant Nazis was the surest method of attaining their goals will remain a question for the ages. Was it a moral question of lesser evils or a more pragmatic decision based on some perceived reality? To what extents were they deluded or tricked into playing into the hands of these people is debated to this day. I personally believe that Psychological Warfare experts like James J. Angleton, William Donovan, Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner and Philip J. Corso could convince anyone about anything once they set their minds to it. Giovanni Battista Montini was, quite frankly, no match for either Angleton, Dulles or Corso.

Condon refers to a group headed by “Fightin Frank” Bollinger (Bonner Fellers) involving John Yerkes Iselin (Ray S. Cline) called “Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Tomorrow”. It was an obvious reference to the real group called “Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice” (abbreviated: TMA) which was a McCarthyite support organization which worked tirelessly to prevent the censure of Senator McCarthy. The national chairman of TMA was Lieutenant General George E. Stratemeyer, who was also one of the national directors of “For America”, the Bonner Fellers directed organization. Stratemeyer was also on the original Board of Policy of The Liberty Lobby which often called for opposition to JFKs Foreign and Domestic Policies.

Consider this overly optimistic quote from Cross-Currents by Epstein and Forster from the mid-1950’s about Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice (for McCarthy) on what they perceived to be a rather slow and ineffectual start to this blatant McCarthyite support organization: “Which is why the anxious efforts of Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin [soon to be the Presidential Candidate of the NSRP that Joseph A. Milteer was involved with in 1963] and Major George Racey Jordan [of Major Jordan’s Diaries and The Manchurian Candidate] to turn TMA’s mass following into a permanent national body are failing.

” “The big Madison Square Garden rally, held by TMA on November 29 (in 1955) was an obvious fizzle. Gerald L. K. Smith, Joseph P. Kamp (another notorious anti-Semite), and a generous representation of other ‘pros’ were sprinkled around the vast auditorium.” The term “pros” referred to professional anti-semites and professional pro-fascists as referenced elsewhere in Cross-Currents. Gerald L. K. Smith was mentioned by name in The Manchurian Candidate directly and Major George Racey Jordan was described obliquely by using an anagram implying that he was in fact a member of the Waffen SS of Adolph Hitler.

Others associated with the real TMA included General Pedro A. del Valle of Shickshinny Knights of Malta fame, General George Van Horn Moseley the “man on the white horse” who was chosen as champion of the 1930’s coup d’etat attempt against FDR called the General Smedley A. Butler affair, which was documented by Jules Archer in “The Plot to Take the White House”. Other TMA dignitaries included John B. Trevor, Sr. of the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies who was Wickliffe Draper’s crony on The Pioneer Fund and Louis D. Carroll who was active very early in both of these eventual Willis Carto organizations: the Constitution Party (begun around 1952) and the Congress of Freedom (which reached national prominence in 1955 but according to Dr. Revilo P. Oliver may actually have been started as early as 1951).

Russ Bellant in Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party had this to say about John B. Trevor, Sr. of The Pioneer Fund and the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies and TMA: John Trevor, Sr. was a leader of a group, Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice, attempting to prevent the censure of Joe McCarthy. Its leadership represented a Whos Who of American anti- Semitism. At their 1954 rally for McCarthy, a female photographer taking pictures of the special guest section for magazine was physically assaulted amid shouts of Dirty Jew and Hang the communist bitch! The German-born American Generals Fellers and Wedemeyer as well as Robert Morris and Senator McCarthy were mentioned as Chronoscope guests during that period and both Fellers and McCarthy often appeared on Robert Morris’ Defenders of American Liberty program, cited directly by Richard Condon. Condon implied that John Yerkes Iselin’s attendance on that show was as a proxy for Ray S. Cline, “Johnny” is Rey S. Kline, who was eventually Deputy Director of the CIA and World Chairman of WACL during its most Fascist periods. Richard Condon REALLY KNEW what he was talking about beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Of the four most popular radio commentators in the early 1950’s Westbrook Pegler, Fulton J. Lewis, Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson, Walter Winchell was closest to being a moderate. Pearson wrote courageous scathing exposés of McCarthy’s devious backroom dealings. Two of the most popular pulpit bullies in America, Pegler and Lewis, pandered to McCarthy, voluntarily slanted news stories for him and ignored unfavorable press reports to enhance the Senator’s public image. Another televised political discussion program, Longines Chronoscope, aired from 1950 to 1955 on stations with a CBS franchise. Chronoscope borrowed from the news magazine format. Interviewers or co-editors steered the conversation along, usually William Bradford Huie, publisher and editor of American Mercury Magazine; (mentioned at the Richard Giesbrecht Incident and mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate via direct naming of American Mercury writers like Arnold Bennett, George Sokolosky, David Laurence and Westbrook Pegler) Henry Hazlitt, a political economist and contributing editor of Newsweek, publisher of Freeman magazine; and Larry Lesueur, a reporter for CBS News.” Guests on CBS Chronoscope during the McCarthy Era included the following (CBS executives from that time: included both Frank Shakespeare and William Paley, both notable right wingers themselves.) Notable guests on Chronoscope from that period, who were described or mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate, included the following luminaries from the far right:

1) Brig. Gen. Bonner F. Fellers (October 3, 1951), strategist and psychological warfare expert. Mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate as Fighting Frank Bollinger and under his thinly veiled slightly renamed organization: Ten Million Americans Fighting “for Justice” instead of “for Tomorrow”.

2) Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer (June 18, 1952), national chairman, Citizens for Taft Committee, director of the U.S. Liberty Lobby, and Nazi operative. Wedemeyer was suspected of leaking U.S. war plans to the Germans early in World War II.

3) Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-WI) (June 25, 1952). (The entire novel, The Manchurian Candidate is about the reactionary McCarthy era and its aftermath for all intents and purposes.

) 4) Dr. Robert J. Morris (July 2, 1952:), special counsel, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, otherwise known as the McCarran committee). Morris is the person named the most often in The Manchurian Candidate by far. At least a half dozen time.

The Shickshinny Knight of Malta Order (SKOM), officially called The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, has been headed by Col. Thourot Pichel in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, although a few years ago the Order was torn by serious internal rifts between Pichel and the late Frank A. Capell, [Capell was reknowned as the “chief propaganda researcher” for Dr. Revilo P. Oliver a founding stockholder in the John Birch Society, one of the protagonists in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon. Oliver eventually appeared in front of The Warren Commission and was on the Board of The Church of the Creator.] How Richard Condon could have predicted this close association of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver with the JFK murder and the Warren Commission more than 5 years in the future appears to be a feat of magic until you listen to the tape recorded speeches of Dr. Oliver on his website shrine. The level of vitriol and hatred Oliver spewed against John F. Kennedy between 1960 and 1963 at these meetings of The Congress of Freedom and The National Indignation Committee should have been enough to place him high on the FBI and the Secret Service watch lists. But the FBI considered the John Birch Society as a harmless Patriotic organization, and did not see any reason to monitor them. Frank A. Capell was also a Contributing Editor of the John Birch Societys Review of the News and the founder of a survivalist right group called Zarepath-Horab near the Arkansas-Missouri border as well as the publisher of The Herald of Freedom from New Jersey.

This SKOM Order achieved some notoriety a few years ago when it officially recognized the claims of controversial defector Michael Goleniewski to be Aleksei Romanoff, heir to the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff. [Anastase Vonsiatsky, Draper’s hired thug, union strikebreaker and mercenary worked for The Romanoff Caviar Company in America for several years and worked tirelessly to restore the Czarist Monarchy which he himself claimed as part of his controversial heritage. Vonsiatsky was also featured in “ The Manchurian Candidate” by Richard Condon as THE Manchurian Candidate himself. Vonsiatsky’s International Headquarters were located in Harbin, Manchuoko, Manchuria for decades before his prison term from 1942-46 for violating The Espionage Act of 1917.]

The Romanoff dynasty case would be less interesting if the CIA’s MK/ ULTRA specialist James Angleton and Anastase Vonsiatsky who both also merited mention by Condon in The Manchurian Candidate, were not two of the principal supporters of Goleneiwski and some extremely rightwing members of the military intelligence community were not listed as members of SKOM in a document issued by the Order in 1970. The Order listed as members of its Military Affairs Committee, under the Chairmanship of General Douglas MacArthur’s displaced Korean War team that included these four right wing ultra-hawks: (1) Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd, (2) Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby, Robert Morris’ constant compatriot (Willoughby was also part of Billy James Hargis’ Anti- Communist Liaison Committee of Correspondence along with General Bonner Fellers and Edward Hunter, the author of the term “Brainwashing”), (3) Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers (TMA and The Manchurian Candidate), and (4) Gen. Pedro A. del Valle (TMA and Defenders of the American Constitution), who according to Stuart Christies “Stefano delle Chiaie, Portrait of a Black Terrorist” (London: Anarchy Magazine, 1984), invited Italian neo-Nazi Guido Giannettini to the U.S. to conduct a seminar at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, where del Valle was Commander at the time.

Both Foster & Epsteins Danger on the Right (New York: Random House, 1964) and Janson & Eismanns The Far Right (New York: McGraw Hill, 1963) called del Valle an anti-Semite. And Professor William F. Tucker while doing a book about Wickliffe Draper and The Pioneer Fund The Funding of Scientific Racism, found several references in the Pedro del Valle papers to del Valles anti-Semitism and racist beliefs. Pedro A. del Valle was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and considered himself part of some special Draper styled Master Race after he became a high ranking officer in the Marine Corps. Del Valle actually lost a job with Sosthenes Benes in South America with ITT after his controversial opinions on the topics of anti-Semitism and racism became obvious.

Revealing insights into these Shickshinny Knights of Malta, Charles Willoughby and Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso were provided by Michael Cannon in this Usenet posting from July 8, 1997. It just further confirms the Nazi based alliances behind almost everyone involved with the leadership of these Shickshinny Knights including Charles Thourot- Pichel.

Corso has a history of disturbing ties to racists, fascist sympathizers and nutball theories. He had worked with Reinhard Gehlen (formerly Hitlers chief intelligence officer) and the BND in trying to set up terrorist operations within Eastern Europe. Washington considered such schemes risky in the nuclear age, so the plug was pulled. Corso soon counted himself among that weirdo coterie of military intelligence staffers who considered the CIA soft on communism, and most likely heavily infiltrated by the KGB. Similar beliefs were held by Corsos ally, General Charles Willoughby, who had been Douglas MacArthurs intelligence chief. Theres a lot of published material on and by WIlloughby, and its all worth reading. In short, Willoughby was an anti- Semite, and an extremist who saw the world in conspiratorial terms. His politics leaned so far to the extreme Right that one can only wonder why he served on the Allied side during World War II. (MacArthur called him ‘My Little Fascist.

’) When Corso left military intelligence in 1963, he became a key aide to J. Strom Thurmond, who helped lead the pro-segregation crusades of the 1960s. But he did not sever his ties to Willoughby. Corso also became a leading member of a bizarre organization called the Shickshinny Knights of Malta. (After Napoleon attacked the island of Malta, the story goes, a number of knights migrated to Russia and joined the Czars inner guard; after the revolution, these staunch White Russians migrated to America – many going to Shickshinny, PA, hence the name.

) At the time Corso joined the exclusive sect, its leader was one Colonel Charles Thourot-Pichel who was an explicit, undeniable Nazi. During the Third Reich, he had begged Hitlers government for the job of representing Nazi political interests in the United States. He communicated directly with Ernst Hanfstangel, one of Hitler’s top aides. Willoughby had also joined the Shickshinny Knights at this time, and co-published with the organization a periodical called the ‘Foreign Intelligence Journal.’ This journal specialized in anti- Semitic theories and the kind of extremist enemy-within anti- Communist blather we associate with groups like the John Birch Society. Apparently, this rather odd group had become, in the early 1960s, something of a dumping-ground for military intelligence veterans who were so zealous they had come to consider the CIA hopelessly ‘pink.

’ “The darling of Corsos ‘Knight-ly’ friends was a very strange man named Michael Goliniewski, whose name pops up in most histories of the CIA ‘mole-hunts’ of the 1960s. Goliniewski was a high-ranking Polish intelligence officer who sympathized with ‘the West,’ and began feeding information to the CIA. Apparently, his info was rather good at first. The Soviets became suspicious of him, so he had to scuttle off to America quickly. It soon became apparent to the saner CIA analysts that Goliniewski was, to put the matter bluntly, out of his mind. He began to claim that he was no less a personage than Prince Alexei, the Czars son and rightful heir...! Goliniewski never persuasively explained how Alexei cured his internal bleeding, or the EXTERNAL bleeding he no doubt underwent at Ekaterinberg. Nor did he explain how the Prince somehow became a leader within the intelligence apparat of a Communist country. (Youd think Polish spooks would do a better background check...)”

None of this mattered to Angleton or to the John Birchers who essentially certified his claims to being the rightful heir to the Russian Czarist Romanoff throne. This was in all likelihood done to appease Anastase Vonsiatsky who worked for the Romanoff Caviar Company and felt he needed some quasi-legitimate reason to encourage other White Russian expatriates to rally around him and his cause. It was almost as if raising Prince Alexei Romanoff from the dead would make him a Christ-like figure and spontaneously cause millions of dollars to flow into their coffers. It worked to an extent.

“At any rate, Goliniewski (like other defectors) caused much mischief by telling dark tales of KGB penetration of both the American and British intelligence services and governments. His claims were baseless, but for a while they did much harm.” In fact James Angleton used Goliniewski as one of the major justifications for his Honetel 10 purge attempts within the CIA. Angleton, who also was considered by most well placed observers to be out of his mind as well was Goliniewski’s main and sometimes only supporter because it supported Angleton’s delusional claims from previous years.

“As is usually the case in these realms, anyone in a Western governments service who espoused anything less than a full-scale attack on the Soviet Union (never mind the nuclear consequences) was damned as a Soviet ‘penetration agent.’” “The CIA soon learned not to take Goliniewski seriously. But his demented world-view fit right in with the ideas held by the Knights, Willoughby, Corso and company. So these ‘Knights’ became the chief propagandists for Goliniewski in the United States. Ive read a few of Goliniewskis latter-day screeds -- he used to publish a rag called ‘Double Eagle.’ It was filled with wild, quasi-fascistic conspiracy theories, which usually had to do with occult powers driving the inexorable Communist drive to world domination. A lot of what he wrote struck me as thinly-disguised anti-Semitism, making use of the usual euphemisms for powerful Jews (e.g., ‘the Dark Forces,’ the ‘International Bankers,’ and so on). And THIS was the man whose world- view was pushed heavily by the Shickshinny Knights -- Corsos group.” (as well as by the John Birchers and Angleton within the CIA.

) “Corso also was instrumental in pushing disinformation about the JFK assassination, labeling Oswald a tool of an alleged ‘KGB ring’ within the United States.” Of the three persons most responsible for promulgating this “deliberate disinformation” about Oswald, Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith and Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, only Corso managed to elude Richard Condon’s direct or indirect identification in the late 1950’s. Senator Strom Thurmond was not so fortunate, however, being identified as Senator Thomas Jordan, as both the paradigm for Senator Jordan and an almost perfect anagram for the letters in Thomas Jordan. A remarkable feat to say the least on the part of Richard Condon. James Angleton was reported feeling out one of his comrades at the CIA regarding The Manchurian Candidate, by his biographer David Mangold who quotes this exchange between Angleton and Kisavalter inside a CIA elevator:

Angleton: “You’ve got to see this new movie that just came out.”

Kisavalter: “Which movie is that, Jim?”

Angleton: “The Manchurian Candidate. It bears out my thinking.”

Of the four Generals on the Military Affairs Committee of SKOM, only Marine Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd was American born and he is the only one of the four who is not a suspect in the murder of JFK. Stratemeyer on the Board of Policy of The Liberty Lobby and Wedemeyer, also German- born, have been listed by several authors and JFK researchers as having more in common with the Third Reich than with the welfare of the United States of America along with Fellers and Willoughby which would explain why they would pick an ex-Nazi like the former British Admiral, Sir Barry Domville to serve with them on SKOM as their Honorary Grand Admiral. Domville who had been jailed by the British during WW II as a Nazi agent, and was later listed as a Contributing Editor of Willis Cartos Western Destiny, in November 1965, when Dr. Roger Pearson, from Washington DC, was the Editor. Pearson was the British Fascist who was perhaps one of the largest beneficiaries of The Pioneer Fund grants and former leader of The World Anti-Communist League during its most blatantly pro-Fascist periods. There is no way that Dr. Roger Pearson’s influence and contributions to this nexus of groups surrounding the JFK Assassination can be overestimated. Pearson worked directly with James J. Angleton of the CIA at the H. Smith Richardson Foundation on MK/ULTRA related projects.

Perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs in conclusively identifying how the MK/ULTRA Research on Programmed Assassins could have been leaked from within the confines of the official CIA based H. Smith Richardson Foundation projects involving Dr. Hans J. Eysenck to the realm of the conspirators within The Pioneer Fund where Eysenck was the recipient of multiple Pioneer Fund grants comes from this quotation from “The Un-Americans” by Frank J. Donner (Ballantine Books, New York, 1961, p. 52). This volume is an excellent overview about the fascist influences within the membership of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) from the person who also wrote “The Age of Surveillance” a few years later, an indictment of both the McCarthy Era and the illegal FBI and CIA snooping and COINTELPRO operations in ensuing years. H. Smith Richardson made his millions with Richardson-Vicks the maker of Vicks Vapo Rub. I can still almost remember the precise smell of a jar of Vapo Rub sitting next to my bedside during periods of illness.

The common linkage among HUAC, The Pioneer Fund, MK/ULTRA and Henry Smith Richardson himself was none other than Richard G. Arens, the Immigration control expert from the McCarthy Era who was a full-time paid consultant for Wickliffe Draper while he worked for both Draper Committees, the HUAC based Immigration Committee run by Rep. Francis E. Walter of Pennsylvania and the SISS based “Genetics” Committee which was really the Pioneer Fund “Eugenics” Committee of Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi which had been named harmlessly to be more socially palatable and acceptable. This double-dipping eventually cost Arens his job with the House Committee and sent him into shrill yelling and screaming tirades against the reporters, like Ronald H. May, eventually responsible for his dismissal. Doubtless he remained on the Draper payroll and helped both Morris and Draper on their upcoming campaigns against the Liberals, the Communists and later against JFK directly.

“Arens refused to tell (Ronald H.) May (Washington correspondent for the Madison Capital Times and the York, Pa Gazette) what work he did for the Draper project, except that it consisted of finding beneficiaries for research grants in the fields of ‘immigration and genetics.’ May also discovered that Draper made grants to ‘patriotic’ anti-Communist organizations and that Arens had given advice to other wealthy men (such as H. L. Hunt, the Texas oil man, and Smith Richardson, North Carolina pharmaceutical magnate) on grants of funds to patriotic organizations.

” H. L. Hunt made his original fortune in the Korean Soybeans Futures markets shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War. Professor Bruce Cumings in “The Origins of the Korean War” (Princeton University Press - 1994) directly attributed this incredible stroke of good fortune to inside information and advanced notification about the precise timing of the upcoming outbreak of war from none other than Major General Charles A. Willoughby, MacArthur’s Head of Intelligence during World War II and Korea. H. L. Hunt returned the favor a few years later by giving the recently sacked Willoughby with a high paying job with the then growing Hunt oil empire in Mozambique, looking for suitable oil lease locations. This close association with the Hunt family continued over the years until 1972 when Willoughby and Draper both finally died.

The Associate Chief of International Intelligence for SKOM listed was Herman E. Kimsey, a high-ranking CIA operative who had worked with the Army CIC during the war. Kimsey was very close to Spas T. Raikin, who greeted the Oswalds as they got off the boat from Minsk, Russia. Raikin and Willoughby served together on the American Friends of The Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations (ABN) along with the Urkainian fascist Yaroslaw Stetsko. Some still insist that Raikin’s role with the Oswalds was something unimportant or coincidental. Raikin knows a whole lot more than he ever admits.

In my opinion, the majority of General Douglas MacArthur’s entire former Korean War team joined The Shickshinny Knights of Malta in order to retain their powerbase, their sphere of influence and their unified sense of purpose which was to defeat Communism once and for all despite the efforts of either Truman or Kennedy or Carter to thwart their violent, anti-Democracy and anti-Constitutional propensities much like the later efforts of the Iran-Contra crowd and the World Anti-Communist League.

Professor William Tucker found General Pedro del Valle important enough to include in his recent book on the topic of Wickliffe Draper, The Pioneer Fund and The Funding of Scientific Racism.

One of the coalitions official spokespersons who presented its resolutions to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs was General Pedro del Valle, a member of the Liberty Lobbys advisory board, who professed ‘the instinctive distrust which is natural in all Christians for all Jews, diluted or pure’; Jews ‘cannot also be good Americans,’ he wrote to a fellow officer, because ‘all Jews are hostile to the kind of America that anybody but a Jew desires.’ Del Valle was also a co-owner of the biweekly paper Common Sense, which claimed that Mao Zedong was a ‘front ... for New York Jews,’ and del Valle was considered a member of ‘our ... inner circle of top people’ by George Lincoln Rockwell, ‘Commander’ of the American Nazi Party, one of the faithful few who donated to Rockwells campaign to ‘nail the n and Jew LEADERS’ behind ‘Martin Luther Coon.’ The linkages among The John Birch Society of Robert Welch, The Pioneer Fund of Wickliffe Draper and The Liberty Lobby of Willis Carto were legion and are just now coming to the surface. For example when Carto announced a sixteen-man Advisory Board for his new Liberty Lobby operation, later to be renamed the Board of Policy, it included Judge Tom Brady (White Citizens Councils), Generals Pedro del Valle and George Stratemeyer, and W.L. Foster of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who was active in “We, the People” and “Congress of Freedom” (another Willis Carto organization where assassination plots against 200 American liberals were openly discussed at the annual meeting of The Congress of Freedom on April 4, 1963 in New Orleans attended by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver and Joseph A. Milteer of Senator J. Strom Thurmond’s National States Rights Party). Foster was also a financial supporter of veteran anti-semite Gerald L.K. Smith, who appeared by name in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon as well a financial supporter of Billy James Hargis of Tulsa, and his Anti-Communist Liaison Committee of Correspondence. Later in 1958, Colonel Eugene C. Pomeroy became Liberty Lobbys Washington Secretary, operating out of the offices of his own organization, “Defenders of the American Constitution” (later taken over by General Pedro Augusto del Valle).

Richard Condon appears to have been one of the very few persons who recognized the native duplicity and outright propensity for violence and espionage emanating from these foreign-born pro-fascist Generals from the far right. For example you can read the relatively benign and perfunctory descriptions proffered by Arnold Forster and Benjamin R. Epstein, Cross-Currents (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1956). In reviewing the descriptions of some of the more powerful right-wing Generals involved with the Shickshinny Knights of Malta like Pedro del Valle, George Stratemeyer, and Bonner Fellers no where do we see the warnings or danger assessments as described by Condon. Only Russ Bellant, in Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party seems to have the benefit of hindsight in describing their possible threats. A number of figures named in Charles Thourot Pichels History of the Order of St. John were instrumental in setting up the Liberty Lobby of Willis A. Carto, the second publisher of White America by Earnest Sevier Cox. Edward von Rothkirch, a member of the SKOM Order, helped set up Truth-in-Press, a Liberty Lobby 501©3 tax exempt group.

Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer also part of American Security Council and The John Birch Society and the supra-isolationist pro-Fascist America First groups before and during World War II. Wedemeyer was born in Germany, attended the German War College and was a closet anti-Semite who maintained relationships with German Staff Generals during the war. Wedemeyer was suspected as the source of the leak of American War Plans to Senator Burton K. Wheeler which appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Bonner Fellers was featured in The Manchurian Candidate, by Richard Condon as early as 1958. It is significant that these foreign- born Generals were considered staunch allies of General Douglas A. MacArthur and Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby (who was born in Heidelburg, Germany in 1892).

Do not forget that the name General Douglas MacArthur does NOT even appear ONCE in the novel, The Manchurian Candidate, but by 1961, the movie rendition of the novel BEGINS with a closeup of an oil portrait of General of the Armies, Douglas MacArthur and later includes another picture of him in the troops barracks tent during a poker game. The movie ends when the Presidential Candidate, Benjamin K. Arthur, attends a rally in Madison Square Garden where he is supposed to be the target of an assassin using a high-powered rifle from a lighting booth high above the convention floor. What caused Richard Condon and John Frankheimer to make this editorial adjustment to the novel, by adding references to MacArthur, when the movie was being made? Why did they also include half-dozen references in the movie to the other President assassinated by the cotton plantation and textile mill interests from the Deep South, Abraham Lincoln when the novel, The Manchurian Candidate, has absolutely NO references to Abraham Lincoln that I was able to uncover? In the movie, I counted several Lincoln busts, a Lincoln picture and an Abraham Lincoln costume at a Halloween party worn by James Gregory. What other information has recently come to light that might support my contentions regarding the almost uncanny foreknowledge exhibited by Richard Condon in his novel as it relates to the then pending JFK assassination? Confirmation and corroboration has been provided by these 2 independent sources in recent months: From Dr. Revilo P. Oliver himself, even though he has been dead for several years. A friend suggested that I listen to the tape recorded speeches of Dr. Oliver himself on the Revilo P. Oliver shrine and website which I had been avoiding for a few years now. Reluctantly I did and was amazed to discover that Oliver mentions at least half of Richard Condon’s Dirty Dozen himself as being close friends and trusted associates of his including Judge Robert Morris, Major General Edwin Walker, Senator Strom Thurmond, Dr. Edward Hunter, General Bonner Fellers, Major George Racey Jordan, etc.

From Jerry P. Shinley in a posting he made on the Usenet JFK Conspiracy region as follows under the title: Ed Scannell Butler’s INCA, William Kintner, the New Orleans Cold War Seminar and the Institute for American Strategy (IAS).

The Fulbright Memorandum documents the Senators concern with a series of Cold War Strategy Seminars conducted jointly by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National War College, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and the Institute of American Policy. Kintner was prominently involved in these activities. Another person involved was Frank R. Barnett, research director of the Richardson (now, Smith Richardson) Foundation and the Institute of American Strategy. The theme of these seminars was a push for cold war victory and a repudiation of doctrines of co-existence. Psychological warfare played a large part in the work of Kintner and Barnett.

What Jerry Shinley was not aware of apparently, was that the primary funding source for the CIA’s MK/ULTRA program was in fact the H. Smith Richardson Foundation and that both the CIA’s James Angleton and Retired General Robert C. Richardson, III were heavily involved with this conduit along with The Pioneer Fund’s Roger Pearson according to Russ Bellant in Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party. That implies that the work Ed Butler did with Lee Harvey Oswald during the staged radio debates on WSDU in New Orleans had to have something to do with Butler’s links through INCA and into MK/ULTRA via James Angleton and The Pioneer Fund’s Dr. Hans J. Eysenck, an inveterate Nazi psychologist and Roger Pearson who worked with Angleton at the H. Smith Richardson Foundation projects.

J. William Fulbright in his Fulbright Memorandum specifically warns us about the IAS and the FPRI just as Eisenhower did about the American Security Council and the Military Industrial Complex in his Farewell Address. That means that both Eisenhower and Fulbright can be added to Richard Condon as being some of the earliest and most accurate warning sources regarding the identity of the actual persons and organizations which eventually perpetrated the JFK Assassination. The leadership of The American Security Council included a coterie of persons with expertise in psychological warfare and Soviet counter-espionage. The only problem is that all of them showed evidence of private allegiances to the fascists or Nazis involved with the Third Reich instead of to the Democracy of the United States of America. The Big Four were: Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby, Dr. Robert J. Morris, James J. Angleton and Ray S. Cline all of whom were well known to Richard Condon in The Manchurian Candidate.

There were actually 4 references in The Manchurian Candidate to members or founders of YAF, The Young Americans for Freedom started by Larrie Schmidt a close ally of Robert J. Morris and Charles A. Willoughby in the Dallas John Birch Society. They were all linked to the Bernard Weismann, Wanted For Treason Poster circulated in Dallas on the weekend JFK died. They were Senator Strom Thurmond, William F. Buckley, Jr., Robert J. Morris and Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby. Richard Condon knew who was behind the murder of JFK.

Others listed as part of the ASC in “Peace and Freedom through Cold War Victory” (ASC Press – 1964) include the following persons to give you some idea of the breadth of representation from the far right: Patrick J. Frawley, Jr. (Mindszenty Foundation), Jr., Dr. Edward Teller (Dr. Strangelove), Rear Admiral Chester Ward (Strike From Space), General Albert C. Wedemeyer, General Robert E. Wood (America First and Human Events), Henry Hazlitt (Newsweek and Chronoscope) who later shows up on the American Security Council Advisory Board, Marvin Liebman (McCarthyism and YAF), Dr. Stefan Possony (Hoover Inst of War and WACL), Spruille Braden (Birch Society) and John M. Fisher (ACPS and WACL).

The information about the relationship of the H Smith Richardson Foundation and MK/ULTRA as well as to Iran-Contra was provided by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin in their book: “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush”: “Another Harriman/Bush friend, Eugene Stetson, was an assistant manager for Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers, Harrimans New York office. He organized the H. Smith Richardson Foundation. The foundation, in the late 1950s, participated in the MKULTRA, the CIAs domestic covert psychological warfare operation. The H. Smith Richardson Foundation helped to finance the testing of psychotropic drugs, including LSD, at Bridgewater State Hospital in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, the center of some of the most brutal MK-ULTRA experiments.

” It was these brutal MK/ULTRA experiments that led to the film “Titticut Follies” which was made in the late 1960’s.

“During the Iran-Contra operations, the H. Smith Richardson Foundation was a private donors steering committee, working with the National Security Council to co-ordinate the Office of Public Diplomacy. This was an effort to propagandize in favor of and run cover for the Iran- Contra operations, and to coordinate published attacks on opponents of the program. The H. Smith Richardson Foundation also runs the Center for Creative Leadership at Langley to train leaders of the CIA, as well as another center near Greensboro, North Carolina, that trains CIA and Secret Service Agents. Almost everyone who achieves the military rank of general also gets this training.

” Here are the excerpts from Edward Spannaus’ article on IAS, FPRI, Ed Butler and the H Smith Richardson Foundation from the Executive Intelligence Review web site. It is perhaps the most important independent corroboration of the relationships among these most nefarious of organizations first warned about by President Eisenhower in 1958, then Condon in 1959 and lastly, Fulbright in 1961, all to no avail. “Six months into the new administration of President John F. Kennedy, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman J. William Fulbright (D- Ark.) was warning about the dangers of a revolt by right-wing military officers against the administration. Although Fulbright himself did not use the word ‘coup,’ others did including some who denied planning such a coup.

” Major General Edwin Walker was mentioned by Richard Condon in The Manchurian Candidate using his home address of “Turtle Creek Drive” where the alleged potshot shooting incident had occurred. Walker was also cited directly by none other than Jack Ruby in his sworn Warren Commission testimony as a suspect in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, along with other unnamed Dallas John Birch Society members which doubtlessly included Dr. Robert J. Morris and Major General Charles A. Willoughby as well who were the original founders of the Dallas John Birch Society cell and the most vociferous and prominent members of that group.

“The backdrop to the July 1961 Fulbright Memorandum was the April 1961 firing of Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker, who had been indoctrinating his troops in Augsburg, Germany, with John Birch Society propaganda. But this was only the most notorious case of a much broader pattern of political activity by military officers, which prominently included military collaboration with the H. Smith Richardson Foundations Frank Barnett; the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) of Robert Strausz-Hupé, then attached to the University of Pennsylvania; and the Institute for American Strategy (IAS). (Later, in the 1970s and 80s, Richard Mellon Scaife picked up much of the funding for these operations, along with the Smith Richardson Foundation, and the Olin Foundation.

)” Note: It was the Scaife and the Regnery interests which were behind the character assassination attempts on then President Bill Clinton during the 1990’s according to most verifiable accounts.

“The Fulbright Memorandum was drafted in July 1961 as a personal communication between the Senate and the Secretary of Defense, who was Robert McNamara. Entitled ‘Propaganda Activities of Military Personnel Directed at the Public,’ the memorandum began by noting that a 1958 National Security Council directive had made it the policy of the United States ‘to make use of military personnel and facilities to arouse the public to the menace of the Cold War.’ Fulbright reported that private organizations were preparing material that was then distributed by the military, material which was contrary to the Presidents policies. He noted that the actual programs being carried out under the 1958 directive ‘made use of extremely radical right-wing speakers and/or materials, with the probable net result of condemning foreign and domestic policies of the administration in the public mind.’” “Fulbrights allusion to a military coup, came as follows: Perhaps it is farfetched to call forth the revolt of the French generals as an example of the ultimate danger. Nevertheless, military officers, French or American, have some common characteristics arising from their profession and there are numerous military fingers on the trigger throughout the world. While this danger may appear very remote, contrary to American tradition, and even American military tradition, so also is the long twilight struggle [referring to President Kennedys characterization of the Cold War as a conflict which may not be solved in our lifetime], and so also is the very existence of an American military program for educating the public.

“Fulbright called for a review of the mission and operation of the National War College—as to whether it should operate under the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)—and also urged that the relationships among FPRI, IAS, the Richardson Foundation, the National War College, and the JCS, be reexamined from the standpoint of whether these relationships do not amount to official support for a viewpoint at variance with that of the administration. When Walker testified before the committee in April 1962, he began by asserting that our Armed Forces are paralyzed by our national policy of no-win and retreat from victory. I am a victim of this no-win policy, he stated. He said that civilian control of the military had been transformed into a commissar-like system of control. Our will to resist Communism is fast being sapped, he charged. I was a scapegoat for an unwritten policy of collaboration and collusion with the international communist conspiracy.

“One final note: After the Congressional hearings in 1961-62 on military propaganda and Cold War education activities, and despite Barnetts grandiose plan, the seminars and related activities appear to have gone underground for a period of time. But in 1965, Lansdale, by now retired from the government, proposed a revival of the Cold War seminars. He was a principal author of a proposal to the American Security Council (of which he was then an official) to create a new forum, called the Freedom Studies Center, which was established on an estate near Culpepper, Virginia. (The property was still in the hands of the American Security Council until this year.) On the planning committee for the Freedom Studies Center was one Ed Butler, who only a couple of years earlier had been a key part of the operation in New Orleans to create a legend around Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsy in the Kennedy assassination.

” “As we noted at the outset, the Fulbright Memorandum warned that the political activities being carried out by the military, and by private institutions such as FPRI and the Richardson Foundation under official military auspices, constituted a threat to President Kennedys programs and policies. To what extent Senator Fulbright was aware of the emergence of the threat to Kennedys life is not known—although it is confirmed that Fulbright warned President Kennedy not to go to Dallas a few weeks before Kennedys fateful trip. But, when taken in light of what we now know today—and the reemergence of a military coup threat today—Senator Fulbrights warnings from 1961 are indeed worth pondering.

” I would echo these sentiments precisely and request that the JFK assassination research community take much more seriously the combined warnings of President Eisenhower, Senator Fulbright and Richard Condon. It is highly probable that the Kamikaze Pilots at the end of World War II and the Suicide Pilots from 9/11 were subjected to the identical mind control conditioning programs developed as part of The Manchurian Candidate programs like MK/ULTRA, Operation Bluebird and other related operations. We have a right to know after all.

Eventually private organizations like YAF, The Liberty Lobby and The John Birch Society should be made to divulge records related to their members who were vehemently, vociferously and violently opposed to John F. Kennedys policies and Kennedy himself. From among these groups the plot to kill John F. Kennedy was most assuredly germinated and then executed.

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