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Gen. Patraeus Tries to Influence Media round back of Obama

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Guest Tom Scully

Gareth Porter is a great source. His book Perils Of Influence is an essential source on MICMC


It's a much graver problem than whatever Petraeus is up to.... the "change" candidate was a front for a status quo presidency, unless he decides to stick his neck out. His early and principle backers were and are, Lester and James Crown of General Dynamics. True "change" will only come with the collapse of the fiat script used to fund the military, and everything else, aka "the dollar". It's valuation is propped up so far, by the need of foreign debtors to buy dollars to settle dollar denominated debts "called in" due to the ongoing financial collapse, by the intent of all competing exporting nations to devalue their own fiat script to "make their exports competitive", i.e. prop up employment rates....that and the inherent unworkability of the Euro... the Spanish government was put on a "credit watch", in January...Portugal and Italy are next....Germany and France will abandon the Euro when the weakest of the ten Euro nations drag down the Euro vs. the dollar, to a level lower than a perceived "competitive" valuation....


The Rich & the Super Rich: A Study in the Power of Money Today‎ - Page 173

by Ferdinand Lundberg, Peter Wilsher - Capitalists and financiers - 1968 - 504 pages

Kennedy, even with no war providing an excuse for a coalition, awarded his chief

Cabinet posts to Republicans from the camp of big wealth


The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made‎ - Page 597

by Walter Isaacson, Evan Thomas - Biography & Autobiography - 1997 - 864 pages

When Sargent Shriver, Kennedy's chief headhunter, called Lovett about ...

heavily with Kennedy; he told Shriver to gather the particulars on McNamara. ..

In the meantime, Obama is a puppet for the MIC, IMO.... as was JFK. LBJ, Carter and Clinton were errand boys for the MIC....Carter caved on his reform of the CIA when Sorenson was rejected as DCI, he followed McCloy's advice to allow the deposed Shah into the US.....and Clinton appointed republican senator William Cohen as secretary of defense....it's just what democrats do....the bidding of the wealthy republican families in charge.


Key Bush Gitmo advisers still on job at Pentagon

2/5/2009, 10:18 p.m. ET


The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Three senior Pentagon officials tapped by the Bush administration to oversee detainee policy at Guantanamo Bay remain on the job despite President Barack Obama's order to reverse course at the Navy prison in Cuba....


Key Bush Gitmo advisers still on job at Pentagon

By LARA JAKES – 4 days ago

...Gates, the only Cabinet-level holdover from the Bush administration, told Congress last week he would look into whether political appointees have burrowed into the U.S. military work force. None of the three Guantanamo policy officials is on a list of about 150 political appointees cleared to keep working for Gates....


Despite Obama's promises, rival views are scrubbed from White House

DAVID SIROTA, Creators Syndicate

Friday, February 6, 2009

Only weeks ago, the political world was buzzing about a "team of rivals." America was told that finally, after years of yes-men running the government, we were getting a president who would follow President Abraham Lincoln's lead, fill his administration with varying viewpoints, and glean empirically sound policy from the clash of ideas. Little did we know that "team of rivals" was what George Orwell calls "newspeak": an empty slogan "claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts."

Obama's national security team, for instance, includes not a single Iraq war opponent. The president has not only retained President George W. Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates, but also 150 other Bush Pentagon appointees. The only "rivalry" is between those who back increasing the already bloated defense budget by an absurd amount and those who aim to boost it by a ludicrous amount.

Of course, that lockstep uniformity pales in comparison to the White House's economic team - a squad of corporate lackeys disguised as public servants.

At the top is Lawrence Summers, the director of Obama's National Economic Council. As President Bill Clinton's Treasury secretary in the late 1990s, Summers worked with his deputy, Timothy Geithner (now Obama's Treasury secretary), and Clinton aide Rahm Emanuel (now Obama's chief of staff) to champion job-killing trade deals and deregulation that Obama Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg helped shepherd through Congress as a Republican senator. Now, this pinstriped band of brothers is proposing a "cash for trash" scheme that would force the public to guarantee the financial industry's bad loans. It's another ploy "to hand taxpayer dollars to the banks through a variety of complex mechanisms," says economist Dean Baker - and noticeably absent is anything even resembling a "rival" voice inside the White House.

That's not an oversight. From former federal officials like Robert Reich and Brooksley Born, to Nobel prize-winning economists like Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, to business leaders like Leo Hindery Jr., there's no shortage of qualified experts who have challenged market fundamentalism. But they have been barred from an administration focused on ideological purity. In Hindery's case, the blacklisting was explicit. Despite this venture capitalist establishing a well-respected think tank and serving as a top economic adviser to Obama's campaign, Politico.com reports that "Obama's aides appear never to have taken his bid (for an administration post) seriously." Why? Because he "set himself up in opposition" to Wall Street's agenda.

The anecdote highlights how, regardless of election hoopla, Washington is the same one-party town it always has been - controlled not by Democrats or Republicans, but by Kleptocrats (i.e., thieves). Their ties to money make them the undead zombies in the slash-and-burn horror flick that is American politics: No matter how many times their discredited theologies are stabbed, torched and shot down by verifiable failure, their careers cannot be killed. Somehow, these political immortals are allowed to mindlessly lunge forward, never answering to rivals - even if that rival is the president himself.

Remember, while Obama said he wants to slash "billions of dollars in wasteful spending" at the Pentagon, his national security team is demanding a $40 billion increase in defense spending (evidently, the "ludicrous" faction got its way). Obama also said he wants to crack down on the financial industry, strengthen laws encouraging the government to purchase American goods, and transform trade policy. Yet, his economic team is not just promising to support more bank bailouts, but also to weaken "Buy America" statutes and make sure new legislation "doesn't signal a change in our overall stance on trade," according to the president's spokesman.

Indeed, if an authentic "rivalry" were going to erupt, it would have been between Obama's promises and his team of zombies. Unfortunately, the latter seems to have won before the competition even started.

Edited by Tom Scully
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Tom, I don't disagree with you on most of what you wrote there, save perhaps for an understimation of how much JFK represented the dreaded "Industrial Policy" to bankers like David Rockefeller, who were alarmed that JFK's tax credits were so tightly tied to domestic investment in modernizing factories and technology. This part clearly represented a threat to David Rockefeller which is why he balled out JFK in a famous two page talking down to in Life magazine -- or was it Time in 1962.

I did not mean to imply that this latest example of the MIC hubris was the only problem.

But it could be used as an interesting historical yardstick in a "how far we have come" sense. > Walker Fired, Patraeus becomes a talking point on CNN.

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